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    31 Things That Are So Cute You'll Probably Want Them Immediately

    *Adds everything to cart*

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    1. This dachshund ice tray because it'll make serving drinks a doggone good time. The tray is made of silicone so you can pop out doggy-shaped ice (or chocolates!!!) with ease.

    2. An egg bun makeup sponge guaranteed to make you start the day off with a fresh-faced look and a giggle.

    3. This ladybug dish brush so you can finally make dishwashing fun again — and maybe get the little ones to give you a hand! It even comes with a dish to make sure your ladybug has a nice leaf to land on when it's not in use.

    4. A simple, sterling silver wave ring that'll go with everything in your closet, and remind you that life is best lived when you feel as ~free~ as the ocean.

    5. This set of cat pens for anyone who's already thinking of adopting their third feline friend.

    6. A vegan birth date candle inspired by astrology and tarot cards to really add a personal touch to your home. There are 365 types of candles — one for every day of the year, so there really IS a unique scented candle for everyone.

    7. A fall-inspired fleece blanket that's best paired with a warm, pumpkin spice latte.

    8. These zodiac constellation rings because now you can literally wear your ~Aries energy~ on your sleeve, er, finger.

    9. The "Whatever" palette from Colourpop because it features a mix of vibrant matte and shimmery shades that add the perfect amount of drama to your fall eye look.

    10. A teeny, tiny MacBook-inspired compact mirror that's so quirky and functional you'll treat it like your real laptop and take it everywhere you go. Gone are the days of wishing you had a makeup mirror on you for quick touch-ups.

    11. This vintage-looking travel journal so you can record every memory you make while exploring the world. The cute cover really gives a bland, marble notebook a run for its money.

    12. These fluffy slides for those days when you don't know if you'd rather wear sandals or bedroom slippers. P.S., while these are perfect for wearing around the house, the sole is hard enough that you can wear them outside, too.

    13. An AirPod case inspired by bubble tea because it'll protect your precious babies from damage, and save so much money when you don't have to buy replacement airpods that you can buy yourself, like, A HUNDRED bubble teas!!!

    14. This Mean Girls magnet set that can totally sit with us at the kitchen table because they're, like, really pretty.

    15. A mermaid makeup brush set because it'll leave you feeling like the queen of the sea. Your makeup look is about to make some serious waves.

    16. Cactus tealight candles to remind you to keep calm...then make you promptly squeal with joy as you light one of these beauties.

    17. These slip-proof socks that'll help coffee lovers communicate their deepest desires without ever saying a word.

    18. A set of cat-shaped teaspoons because they'll make you spit out your tea from laughter when you realize how dang cute they are!!

    19. This magnetic bear in a boat that'll actually help you find a gosh darn paperclip when you need one because it's beary adorable!!!

    20. An incense holder inspired by a witch's hat because, honestly, every season is spooky witch season if you believe it is. Its cuteness just might leave you in a trance.

    21. This frayed puff sleeve top that'll be your new favorite versatile piece. Early morning brunch? This top screams "ready for mimosas." Night on the town? Kill 'em with the sexy V-neck.

    22. A vintage-inspired flower pendant to add a little sparkle to any outfit. It's probably the only thing better than an actual bouquet of flowers.

    23. Coffee bean-shaped soaps that'll give you yet another reason to look forward to bathtime. The orange mocha scent might actually make you wonder where these have bean all your life.

    24. This faux leather belt bag that goes with any outfit and literally lifts a weight off your shoulders when you start carrying your phone, money, and other essentials around your waist instead.

    25. A pack of adorable cable protectors because they may look like toys cute enough to distract even an adult, but they're actually here to put an end to frayed charger cables.

    26. This dill pickle piggy bank for anyone who loves food puns and saving money. How could anyone have a sour face while looking at this 'lil guy???

    27. A tantalizingly gorgeous and sturdy tree-shaped jewelry holder so you can finally stop losing your rings and earrings under your bed.

    28. A scarf hair tie because it's versatile enough that you can instantly dress up an otherwise plain hairstyle. Your French braids and buns have never looked cuter!

    29. This hilarious cat-shaped wine stopper that may stop your wine from spilling, but certainly won't stop you and your guests from laughing all night long. Hey, at some point cats get tired of your friend's fifth dad joke in a row, too.

    30. A pair of s'mores and coffee ankle socks because they'll warm your feet and your heart when you realize they're the dynamic duo you never knew you were missing.

    31. And a Harry Potter-inspired coffee mug meant only for magic folk — sorry, muggles. After all, you're the baddest witch you know after you've had your espresso.

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