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    24 Things To Hold Your Pet's Attention So You Can Actually Get Work Done At Home

    Because it's so hard to *not* cuddle with them when you should be responding to emails.

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    1. An automatic water fountain to capture your curious kitty's attention and keep them hydrated at the same time, especially if you can't get up in the middle of video calls to refill their water bowl.

    2. This adorable stuffed duck so your pup can satiate their cuddling needs until you close your laptop for the day and can join them.

    3. A purring cat toy to help you focus on meeting work deadlines instead of worrying too much about your anxious kitty the entire time. This purple plush has a built-in purring mechanism so your cat can enjoy the sensation of curling up to another purring "cat."

    4. This cat dancer toy that'll make entertaining your feline friend so easy that even your siblings (who your cat normally never goes near) will be able to hold their attention while you respond to all those work emails.

    5. A squirrel-hiding toy that your dog will quickly become obsessed with, thus allowing you to get through your morning meeting at the dining room table without any noise from your pup.

    6. This challenging puzzle that encourages your pet to exercise their brain (while you exercise yours on those complicated work probs) and rewards them with treats.

    7. A leafy cat condo so your ferocious feline can feel like they're exploring the great outdoors while you type work reports undisturbed right in your living room.

    8. This interactive ball launcher to allow your pup to still play fetch all day long without constantly gazing up at you with sad eyes begging for a toss when you have emails to write up.

    9. This interactive cat tower toy that's simply *purr-fect* for entertaining your fuzzy feline so they won't use their paws for de-facing the furniture (and you won't have to get up every five minutes to stop them).

    10. A turbo scratcher because even though you reaaaally want to, you just can't break your focus every 30 seconds to give your kitty tummy scratches.

    11. A durable set of rope toys your doggos can chew, tug, and toss to their hearts' content even when you aren't yet able to play along.

    12. And this stuffing-less toy playful puppies can chew on without making a complete mess of your living room. In other words, you won't have to step away from your computer to clean feathers or stuffing off of your carpet.

    13. A catnip-filled fruit your cat might actually go ~bananas~ for so *you* don't have to go bananas trying to stop them from ripping your work files to shreds.

    14. And don't forget about this coco fiber ball because although your bunny could really use some playtime, you don't want them running across your keyboard and accidentally sending notes that read "sihfsifjaodjuefiejafecn" in your work messaging system.

    15. A secret hideaway with a fun ladder made of natural materials your hamster or bird will enjoy hopping up and down in. When you're done typing for the day, you can even use this to play peek-a-boo with them!

    16. A chewable carrot kebab your bunny can chew on instead of loudly pattering about in their cage, rendering you unable to hear yourself type.

    17. A Wobble Wag Giggle ball that's not your average ball — it emits funny giggle noises every time it's shaken or rolled so your dog can have fun booping it 'till they just wanna rest.

    18. Or this treat ball with adjustable difficulty levels so your smart little fluff ball won't ever get bored playing with it. Plus, you won't have to get up to give your pup a snack all the time (leaving you with enough time to check off three back-to-back video calls, 20 work emails, and an unfinished project).

    19. This piñata toy that'll keep your chatty parrot quiet while you dial into conference calls all day long. They can shred and peck at this toy to their little hearts' content.

    20. A virtually indestructible Kong toy so your pup can finally get their chewing fix without attacking your shoes (and thus forcing you to spend your lunch break prying your sneakers out of their mouths).

    21. This cat hammock you can set up under a chair so instead of forcing you to pause your work calls for soothing back rubs, your cat can pretend they're swaying in a hammock on the beach with a sea breeze wafting the smell of tuna in their faces.

    22. A stimulating activity mat, because a bored pup is bound to get into trouble — aka knock your laptop over, bark incessantly while you're on a call with your boss... you get the picture.

    23. This tunnel to help your guinea pig, ferret, hedgie, and other small pet get a little exercise while they wait for mommy or daddy to step away from the computer screen and go cuddle with them.

    24. Finally, this ~paw-sitively~ adorable pet cake kit (even if it isn't actually their birthday!) sure to turn their frown upside down because while you've been working diligently from the couch, your pooch might've felt like you've been ignoring them. 😢

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