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    30 Things To Buy When You Finally Decide To Update Your Kitchen

    Appliances and tools that'll make you feel like your kitchen just has it ~all~.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A KitchenAid stand mixer because it's about time you trade in your dusty hand mixer for a long-lasting mixer that'll help you expedite the process of whipping up cakes, cookies, fillings, and more. This thing'll thoroughly mix your ingredients while you go off and prep for another part of the recipe.

    The stand mixer in a candy apple red

    It has 10 speed settings, comes with a flat beater, dough hook, and a wire whip.

    Promising review: "First off, I gotta say... wow. The KitchenAid mixer really lives up to the hype. I'm a self-proclaimed semi-amateur chef and baker, but I've only ever worked with hand mixers. This thing is the real deal, though. My cheesecakes in the past have been notoriously laborious, having to scrape the sides before adding the eggs and after adding the eggs to avoid unmixed cream cheese. That's a thing of the past now. I can mix my filling ingredients whilst intricately leveling and perfecting the sides of my graham cracker crust, cutting five to 10 minutes off of prep time. If you've never owned a KitchenAid stand mixer before, like me, you'll be surprised at how dang heavy it is! The entire structure is metal, and it's a hefty piece of at least 25 lbs. You're getting a solid piece of machinery. I'm starting to realize just how much of an all-in-one small kitchen appliance this is. It's very easy to use. If you enjoy baking as a hobby like I do, you gotta get yourself one of these artisan mixers. You'll feel like a pro and with the color options, it can accent any kitchen." —Chasetopher Robin

    Get it from Amazon for $459.99 (available in 20+ colors).

    2. This plant-based cleaner to breathe new life into your stainless steel appliances that are marred by streaks, marks, and fingerprints.

    Reviewer's before/after of their kitchen stainless steel (fingerprinted before, shiny after)

    Promising review: "If you have a Sub-Zero fridge, you know the struggle is real when it comes to keeping it clean. It's a different type of stainless steel and shows all product residue. Then I found this stuff. Oh wow! A few seconds of polishing and it looks amazing!! it has never looked this good, this shiny, and this clean! Best product ever!" —Katerina

    Get the set of cleanser and polish from Amazon for $16.99.

    3. A panini press that'll completely change the way you make sandwiches in the kitchen. Get ready to only have ham and cheese sandwiches with crispy, golden brown ridges and gooey, thoroughly-heated ingredients.

    The panini press with a floating lid and a grilled sandwich inside

    Promising review: "It is quite compact but can easily do two panini sandwiches. Easy to clean. Cooks the paninis nicely. No temperature control, but I don’t need it for most sandwiches. Great value for the price!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (also available in two colors).

    4. This cabinet paint kit because you're sick of looking at tired, brown drawers in your kitchen and you think it's time for a (much more affordable) remodel. It doesn't even require stripping, priming, or top coat or sealer, and there's no need to remove your cabinet doors.


    The kit comes with two cans of cabinet paint, a roller arm, two roller covers, and an angled paint brush.

    Promising review: "Amazing! Amazing! Amazing. Did take more than one coat though. My cabinets were bare wood and I still needed a couple of coats. (Five to be exact, but that was just me being extra.) My kitchen is medium-sized, not too big, and it only took up one can. But I still went over a couple more times just to get a nice coating. I also let it sit for some days and saw the wood was sucking up the paint in some areas so I went over it again. The project ideally does take one day like the promotion video says, but one day as in 24 hours. This took my kitchen from looking like a cheap rental apartment kitchen to a high-quality kitchen with just this paint and new knobs. The paint is perfect for cabinets — it's not too thick, so you still see the wood grains. It comes with EVERYTHING you need. I didn't have to buy a thing. The project is super easy, paint dries fast, and I did it at first by removing the cabinets but it wasn't necessary at all. Just make sure you don't leave any dripping because it would make your cabinets look cheap. I would recommend EVERYONE to purchase this and give your cabinets a chance before making a big investment in new cabinets. Wood is wood and it can be refinished." —Brandon Moronta

    Get it from Amazon for $69.95 (also available in gray, deep brown, mint, black, and white).

    5. An Instant Pot so you can create delicious dishes with basically no effort — with just the press of a few buttons, you can automatically adjust the temperature for your meals and have them cook perfectly. It also does the job of five appliances all in one: a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, a steamer, and a warmer.

    A reviewer's instant pot and the dinner they made with text "instant pot butter chicken did not disappoint"

    Promising review: "I can't believe that I love this thing. All my friends were getting them and raving about it. But I absolutely hate my slow cooker, and I figured this device would be much the same. I finally decided to get one when my friend posted that she had made amazing carnitas in it. My husband is Mexican and carnitas are his favorite food, so I thought I'd get one to try it out and hope everyone was right. The first thing I made (after the water test) was the carnitas and they KNOCKED OUR SOCKS OFF. Then I made rice and it came out better than my old rice cooker. Tonight I made ribs and the entire family went wild. I've had this Instant Pot for roughly 48 hours and I'm already using it for a fourth time right now to make oatmeal. Get one. You will not be sorry." —Regina Croskey-Corcoran

    Get it from Amazon for $59+ (available in three sizes and the option to include a silicone lid).

    Still wondering if this is right for you? Check out I Tried The Instant Pot That Everyone's Obsessed With for an in-depth look.

    6. This odor-neutralizing trashcan with a step-on opening mechanism so your kitchen won't smell like thrown-out leftovers anymore.

    A model stepping on the front pedal to open the stainless steel trash can

    You can get three-packs of odor filters for $15.71. Each filter lasts about three months.

    Promising review: "Easy-to-use foot pedal. Doesn't hit the wall and can be pushed all the way against the wall. Trash bag when put on can be tucked in between pull out and outer can so you don't see it when its closed. Great size and I love the slow close lid. Seems very well made and looks great. Highly recommend." —Amber

    Get it from Amazon for $68.96 (available in 10 sizes and finishes).

    7. A Nutribullet for anyone who loves smoothies, hummus, soup, and other blended meals but are always on the go and want to take their morning smoothie on their walk without having additional dishes to clean.

    The blender set whipping up a smoothie

    It comes with a regular large blender container and two travel cups.

    Promising review: "I’ve been using my NutriBullet every day, usually multiple times a day, to make smoothies using frozen fruit, frozen veggies, fresh veggies, and other ingredients. By using frozen ingredients I don't need ice, just cold water. This thing works great. I had an older model for years. It still worked. But I wanted one with a faster motor. Everything has been improved since the last one I bought. It is so easy to use, and it is so easy to clean. It is noisy, but it’s so efficient that you don’t need to leave it on long. I love that when I press the ‘extract’ button it goes ahead and does its thing and a minute or so later I have a smoothie. I have only positive things to say about my NutriBullet. I gave the old one away and it’s still working for the person I gave it to." —LaurieJay

    Get it from Amazon for $133.99.

    8. This acrylic block and 17-piece set of sleek black knives because it'll make your kitchen look like a pro chef cooks in it. Plus, the knives are sharp and sturdy and have a nonstick coating on the blades.


    The set comes with 13 knives, a pair of kitchen scissors, a peeler, and a two-stage knife sharpener.

    Promising review: "These knives are great! They stay super sharp, they’re comfortable to hold, and I love how much counter space it leaves as opposed to a big bulky knife block. Fits perfectly in my minimalist kitchen!!! And it looks great on my counter being one of the few things that I keep on my countertop! It is the perfect amount of knives without being too many knives (I don’t like things in excess)! I have never had a cheese knife before, and this baby is my favorite one in the whole set! LOL! It slices through hard cheeses like butter! Have not tried on soft cheese, but I’m sure it’ll be great because it is super sharp! I can’t say enough about how much I love these knives!!" —Sadie Allen

    Get a 17-piece set from Amazon for $49.99 (also available as a seven-piece set and a set of eight steak knives).

    9. A Nespresso Vertuo so you can whip up delicious, cafe-style cappuccinos right from your kitchen countertop — this thing also comes with a milk frother. It's also compact enough to not take up too much space, and as a bonus, it'll eventually save you lots of money since you'll be making all your coffees at home.

    The espresso machine and milk frother on a counter

    Promising review: "We are impressed! I am on my second cappuccino as I write this review. The coffee is rich, creamy and so flavorful! The machine is very easy to use, convenient, and gives you an aromatic and very delicious cup of coffee in just a couple of minutes. It's a great value too. Each cup of coffee costs less than a dollar, saving you money over the competition! The milk frother is wonderful addition. Works great and adds depth and creaminess to your coffee! I just love this machine!" —Renee Beckman

    Get it from Amazon for $178.99+ (available in five colors/finishes and four styles).

    10. This set of five stainless-steel mixing bowls because it's time to swap out the bowls you've had for 20 years with these sleek ones. This set of bowls even has silicone non-stick bottoms to prevent your bowl from sliding around while you toss a pasta salad or whisk eggs.

    A model whisking eggs in one of the bowls, with other ingredients in the others

    They also come with lids.

    Promising review: "A VERY outstanding set of bowls. They are built to last a long, long time, very attractive stainless steel, inside measurements and a protective bottom to save your countertops. Very well though out, great sealing lids. I gave 4 stars for weight but that is a good thing!!!! These bowls are heavy duty and the 4-star rating is deceiving because these are not cheap, thinly made.... they are sturdy and robust!!!" —Richard A Norman

    Get a set of five from Amazon for $32.99.

    11. An air fryer so you can cook up fries and wings and reheat leftovers to a crispy, crunchy, DELICIOUS finish. It circulates air to create a perfectly browned exterior, without the hassle of cleaning up a giant pot of oil.

    An air fryer with it's pull-out compartment filled with chicken nuggets

    This particular model comes with a rack, nonstick baking dish, and a cookbook with recipe ideas.

    I have an air fryer and now I use it for cooking almost anything — salmon, tilapia, chicken, fries, CHEESECAKE, potatoes, and more. It's faster than an oven and has less cleanup to deal with compared to frying on the stove.

    Promising review: "Was interested in an air fryer and after a little research I decided on this brand. I am not disappointed! Seemed like it offered the most bang for your buck. They all cook in basically the same way, so it came down to price (this one is slightly less expensive than other brands), size (didn't need to cook for more than four to five people at a time), and accessories (which this comes with!!). Easy to operate, just set your temperature and turn the timer to how many minutes you want to cook. The first thing I made was chicken wings — cooked for 25 minutes at 360 degrees and they were perfectly juicy, thoroughly cooked, and crispy on the outside. Did not make the house seem smoky (like frying or cooking wings in the oven can do)! Clean up was also very easy, just a little soapy hot water and all done! I can't wait to try additional foods and recipes!" —Kiki L.

    Get it from Amazon for $84.74.

    12. This nonstick mini griddle to have you taking your single-serving breakfast and lunch game to new heights (without the stress of cleaning up multiple appliances).


    Promising review: "I LOVE this little gem. The portion size is perfect for one and you can get creative. It cooks stir-fry-size meats quickly and perfectly. It makes a grilled cheese on a small bun perfectly and cooks an egg perfectly. Clean up is so easy and quick; I love not messing up a pan and the stove. I like to eat, but for me, cooking for one is not especially fun. This is almost fun and so easy. All I really use now is this, the microwave, and a coffee pot. The kitchen stays immaculate!" —Jaiyen

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in six colors).

    13. A granite countertop paint kit so you can give your countertops a beautiful faux granite look that'll make your space feel super chic and modern. The best part is, you won't have to spend a fortune to totally replace your countertops.

    Promising review: "I found out about this kit a few weeks ago. I redid my mother's countertops first and was so pleased with the results, I bought a second kit and did mine this weekend. I am not a crafty person, so if I can do it, anyone can. Just be sure you follow the step-by-step instructions on the included DVD. They came out great!" —Sarah W. Fallon

    Get it from Amazon for $79.95 (available in four colors).

    14. This soft serve machine you'll want to keep front and center on your countertop for transforming frozen fruit into delicious soft serve.

    The machine which has a chute for placing fruit and a bowl of strawberry soft serve under the chute

    The chute, plunger, and blade are all dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

    Promising review: "Easy, fast, and works amazingly well. LOVE this product! Now I have something to do with all my bananas. Also, it makes really good Acai bowls (packets from Costco). It's easy, fast, relatively quiet and cleans up easy. What else can be said. If you have kids, they will love helping you make soft serve ice cream. We made pineapple last night — so yummy." —Cheryl Anderson

    Get it from Amazon for $48.18.

    15. This peel-and-stick faux-gel tile backsplash because it'll give your kitchen a new look that's so chic you might wonder if it's really the same dull kitchen you've had for years. The peel-and-stick backsplash is also mold-, heat-, and moisture-resistant.,

    Promising review: "We did a kitchen facelift this summer, repainting and making everything look fresh. We were looking at The Home Depot version of these, which are more than double the price. We decided to go for these instead and they are amazing!! I put them up myself in about two hours. I did buy the adhesive spray just in case but it wasn’t needed, even for the few I had to peel off and re-stick to center correctly. These aren’t too difficult to apply but definitely require patience. 100% worth the buy for a DIY affordable update!" —Hope Consilvio

    Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $34.99 (visit the shop page for more colors, including a multi-color one, a white marble one, and a brown one).

    16. A rapid egg cooker so you can make hard-, medium-, or soft-boiled eggs to your heart's content (and make them perfectly every time). It's sure to make your kitchen feel egg-cellent.

    The cooker which looks like a pod with a cover holding six eggs

    Just fill it with water (according to your chosen level of egg doneness), add up to six eggs, and turn it on. When the eggs are done, it'll automatically shut off. The removable parts are also dishwasher-safe.

    Promising review: "If hard-boiled eggs are at all a part of your life, this device will change everything. Reclaim lost hours, catch up on missed TV, reconnect with old friends and family — anything is possible with the free time you'll find at your disposal as you drop six eggs into this beast, press a button, and then walk away. What will you do? High-intensity exercise? Model building? Learn a second language? I hear your concern. 'What if I become so engrossed in my newfound love of taxonomy that I forget about my eggs?' Fear not, efficient chef. Like the trump of Gabriel himself, the unmistakable tone of this technological marvel could rouse the dead and will bring you running to your fresh-and-ready ova's side. The Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker is what mankind has been working towards since the first roundish stone was shaped into a wheel. Witness the apex of human innovation!" —J. Mercer Crenshaw

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in five colors).

    17. This four-in-one 12-speed immersion blender to expedite the process of making soups, sauces, smoothies, or milkshakes. No hard feelings to your blender, but this thing is super compact and won't take up much counter space.


    It also comes with a 600-ml mixing beaker, a 500-ml food processor, and a whisk attachment, too.

    Promising Review: "This is my first immersion blender, and I wish I had purchased it sooner! I'm loving this, especially for smoothies. Plus, I can cook faster because I have help chopping veggies and garlic and onions, you name it. I live in a small place, so I don't really have room for a full-size blender, and this is perfect and easy to tuck away." —Marlowe Primack

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in two colors).

    18. A pendant lighting conversion kit that'll add a gorgeous, modern twist to your kitchen while also adding a pop of color (if that's your jam).

    A display showing recess lighting that has been converted to pendant style lighting with red light shades

    Remember!! This is just a conversion kit and pendant lights aren't included.

    Promising review: "As a new homeowner, I am learning things as I go along. I bought a condo that has very outdated recessed light fixtures (not to mention CFL bulbs!). I bought my pendant lighting before I realized I can't just easily change them within an hour. Thankfully, after watching YouTube tutorials, it led me to this amazing product and I was able to install my pendant lights without having to pay an electrician hundreds of dollars to do it for me!" —Erika B.

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $33.14+ (also available as packs of three and six).

    19. This automatic can opener if your current manual can opener is a little finicky and for some reason, you can never get it to work properly without the fear of accidentally slicing your finger.,

    Promising Review: "My wife has some hand issues and was really struggling to open cans with a traditional hand opener. When we got this, I was concerned about the short power cord — UNTIL I REALIZED the cord is HIDDEN inside the case. Just PULL it out however far you need it. D'oh! Sure, it's in the manual but who reads those, eh? Anyway, my wife LOVES this thing, and it works perfectly every time. A+++." —UW85

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99.

    20. A set of replacement drawer handles because it may seem like a small change, but replacing your cabinet handles will make you feel like you've got a whole new kitchen. Plus, if you've had a few too many broken or loose cabinet handles, these new ones'll save the day!


    Promising review: "These handles are great! I love the look of the cup drawer handles but did not want to spend $5/handle at the big box home improvement store. At this price for 10, you cannot beat the price of these — I did have to purchase longer screws in order to install them though. Otherwise, this is a great product!" —Nelly and her Nerd

    Get a pack of 10 from Amazon for $24.95.

    21. This mountable jar opener to put an end to your days of struggling for 10 minutes to open one dang pickle jar — this baby'll open up like 15 pickle jars in that time. BTW, it'll also work on everything from tiny nail polish bottles to super wide jar covers.

    A reviewer placing a mason jar lid into the disk-shaped opener, which is mounted under their cabinet

    Promising review: "I bought this last year and have used it many times on many different lids, even use it to open gallon milk jugs when those pesky plastic attachments just won't seem to give. I haven't found anything I try that it won't open for me. No more banging on the counter, just hold it under my cabinet and slid it in the V-shaped opening, give it a little twist to open, hardly any effort at all. It was easy to attach under the cabinet, I put mine so the wide opening faces forward. I personally think every house should have one of these." —Addie

    Get it from Amazon for $12.95.

    22. An electric indoor grill — just because the weather's getting colder and doesn't mean you can't enjoy mouthwatering, perfectly charred burgers, veggies, and meats., Amazon

    Promising review: "Seriously, I love this grill. Recently moved into the city and can't use my grill so thought I'd give this a try. Man, it's amazing how well this works considering what it is and what it costs. I really can't see why anyone would have ANYTHING negative to say about it. The first two meals I cooked on it looked fantastic and tasted even better. Seriously, if you've been on the fence about this grill, get off and just buy it. You won't be disappointed." —AdventureChuck

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99 (available in four styles).

    23. This heavy-duty juicer so you can put all those fruits and veggies to good use before they go bad — and have delicious, fresh juice stocked into your refrigerator at all times.


    Promising review: "I've been caught by the juicing bug, and I looked into which ones had the best performance. This one has been great, and I've already made several gallons of juice from it in only a couple of days. It's relatively simple to dismantle and clean, plus it's dishwasher-safe, so you can get it especially clean if you want to. I'm glad we went with the Breville. I can't think of anything about it that I would change. The base is solid, the whole mechanism snaps together tightly with the metal bar. The separation of juice from the pulp during operation is very efficient. Most of the pulp left over is dry, so you know you're getting your money's worth out of the produce you put into it." —D. Villella

    Get it from Amazon for $143.99.

    24. A sink caddy to keep your favorite scrubbing tools handy and in one neat place instead of strewn all over the sink. This caddy even has a handy drip tray so you can empty out any moisture.

    The small rectangular holder with a clear drip tray in the bottom, two sponges and two scrubbers inside

    Promising review: "I love all OXO products and am also happy with this purchase. I place my dish sponges in this and there is enough room for a brush as well. I like also the vent insert which keeps the sponges separate. The compartment at the bottom is a great idea in the design to allow for emptying water rather than letting it pool at the bottom. It is a separate compartment which is of clear plastic and allows you to visibly see if it needs emptying. Great product. Very satisfied." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $26.24 (also available in two finishes and with a brush).

    25. This under-cabinet drawer with a shelf on top so you can double up your storage space — especially if you have reaaaally small cabinets.


    Promising review: "These are nice pieces that helped me organize underneath my bathroom sink! They fit perfectly! After organizing everything, I was so surprised I had so much more room that I grabbed more items out of the linen closet to fill it up. I still have a lot of room left. I bought these based off the high ratings and they hold true. (This is Brad's wife.)" —Brad J. Leahy

    Get it on Amazon for $23.97 (also available in two colors).

    26. A set of hook screws (or Command hooks!) and some cute decals because when combined, they're an adorable and genius way to maximize storage space and give yourself quick references for conversions (no need to keep your phone nearby to google those conversions).

    Reviewer image of measurement decals pasted inside a cabinet with measuring cups underneath, and six measurement conversions (gallon, quart, pint, cup, 1/4 cup, and one tablespoon)

    Promising review: "Put them on my cabinet and my friends/relatives think I am a genius! So handy, just open the door and there they are, no thinking involved! Don't know that my baking taste will be any better but I can't blame it on incorrect measurements anymore!" —Toady

    Get it from Amazon: the decals for $13.99, and an 80-piece screw hook set for $8.99, or 16 of the Command Hooks and strips for $9.99+.

    27. This 12-piece cookware set if you've had your current set for well over 15 years and you're in dire need of replacements for your nonstick favorites. This set is also dishwasher-safe.

    The pot set

    The set includes two frying pans, a saucepan with a lid, a Dutch oven with a lid, a stainless-steel steamer basket, a sauté pan with a lid, a griddle pan, a bamboo spoon, and a bamboo turner.

    Promising review: "This set of cookware is so chic looking! The pan sides and bottoms are red as well as the rubber handles. You can pick them up without a potholder. They have holes if you want to hang them from a pot rack. All the pots and pans you need are in this set. The nonstick coating really is nonstick. Foods clean off easily. It comes with a steamer pan and wooden utensils as well. I only use silicone utensils in my nonstick cookware. It really helps to protect the surface. These say you can put them in the dishwasher. I hand wash them to help protect the nonstick surface. We have very hard water and it tends to destroy the finish. These heat up quickly. They aren't real heavy either. Really, really nice cookware." —Deborah Price

    Get it from BuzzFeed's Goodful Collection on Amazon for $119.99 (available in two colors).

    28. An anti-fatigue mat that'll keep your feet comfy while you're standing for prolonged periods of time. It's perfect if you've got a huuuuuge pile of dishes to wash and dry and you'll be standing by the sink for a while, or if you'll need to stay comfortable by the counter while you meal prep for the week.

    A model standing on the black rectangular mat

    Promising review: "I bought one for the kitchen sink area; it was so comfortable I purchased a second one a week later for the stove area. These mats ARE THE BEST. They stay in place, clean up with just a damp cloth, do not smell nor are they sticky after a little use. I find I love standing on them (not necessarily because I like to do dishes) but because they are so comfortable. I truly believe that for the price you can not match these mats for their comfort. And they do have tapered edges so no tripping or stumbling over them. They are heavy and well-made and do not slip at all. If you know an elderly person who stands by the sink, stove or even at the bathroom sink for any length of time, this would make not only a great gift but a great surprise gift once they realize what it does for them." —PJH

    Get it from Amazon for $37.89+ (available in seven sizes and 17 colors/designs).

    29. This Aerogarden because not only will it look super sleek on your countertop, but it'll give you quick and direct access to fresh herbs in your kitchen without having to start your own outdoor garden.

    A reviewer's Aerogarden, which is a base with plant pods growing out of it and a light stand over it

    It includes nine pods with basil (two pods), Thai basil, curly parsley, Italian parsley, thyme, chives, dill, and mint.

    Promising review: "We have really enjoyed growing our herbs with the AeroGarden bounty basic. Set up took 'basil'-cally five minutes, and our herbs were sprouting in no 'thyme.' We have never had a garden of our own, so it has been a big 'dill' watching our herbs grow. The size is great for our medium size kitchen. It fits like it was 'mint' to be! In all seriousness the AeroGarden has been a treat to have. It’s amazing how easy it was to set up, maintain with the digital reminders, and watch the herbs grow quickly!" —JJ

    Get it from Amazon for $199.99+ (available in four colors/styles).

    30. And a sous vide cooker that might put all your pots and pans to shame when it helps you make a perfectly cooked steak fancily and right from your phone! Yup, you can connect this to your phone via Bluetooth so you can select how well done you want your food, and let the gadget cook it to your heart's desire.

    A sous vide chute in a pot of water with food inside a sealed bag

    Promising review: "Did quite a bit of research regarding sous vide devices and was nervous purchasing any one of them — but I got a real winner with the Joule! The software app is a snap to work with and the unit has really delivered! So far I've cooked steak, chicken, pork, and salmon with the Joule and everything has come out better than ever! Cooking salmon with the Joule is just the BEST — you'll never overcook fish again! We have been using the unit two to three times a week and look forward to expanding our cooking experience." —CoastalRick

    Get it from Amazon for $198.56.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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