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    24 Things That'll Help Add A Pep In Your Step Because It's Finally Fall

    Pounce on those cheetah print slip-ons and thank us later.

    1. A pair of leopard print perforated slip-ons so your feet can look as fierce as your love for crunching those fall leaves.

    A reviewer standing on grass wearing their slip-on shoes with leopard print and white sole

    2. This pack of five crew socks with a fall-esque color palette — it's almost time to put those sandals away, so these'll definitely come in handy.

    Crew socks in beige, dark green, mustard, burgundy, and black

    3. A pair of canvas sneakers literally designed to help you ~fall~ in love with the colors of autumn.

    White canvas sneakers with yellow, pink, and blue fall leaves on the sides

    4. An anklet that's just as pretty as the golden orange leaves that'll soon fill all the trees in your neighborhood.

    A foot wearing the gold anklet with a large leaf and a small leaf with an initial "J"

    5. These heeled ankle-length rain boots to help you take on those cold, rainy days with as much style as possible. They're even cute enough to wear when it *isn't* raining out.

    A reviewer wearing the ankle-length rubber boots in gray with a zipper on the side

    6. These classic low-top Converse because they're so easy to pair with any of your favorite fall outfits — flannel + leggings + Converse = all-day comfort and cuteness!

    7. A pair of stylish faux leather leggings that'll effortlessly up your outfit game by adding some extra texture alongside a cozy knit sweater.

    8. These wedge booties to preserve the style of stilettos while they keep your feet nice 'n warm.

    9. A pair of comfy joggers that'll have you #twinning with the golden leaves on the trees every time you wear them outside.

    A model wearing the cognac colored joggers, which have a drawstring waist and are gathered at the ankles

    10. These edgy heeled booties with decorative buckles because it's time to take your fall fashion to new ~heights~.

    11. A pack of three super cute boot cuffs to make your boots look extraaaa warm and cozy as you trot around town. Plus, it'll protect your legs if you're wearing a dress and the tops of your boots keep scraping your bare legs.

    Knit cuffs in gray, white, and black with two buttons on the sides

    12. A pair of fluffy slippers for keeping your piggies nice 'n warm while you shuffle around your home on those chilly fall mornings.

    A reviewer wearing the peep-toe furry slippers with criss-cross straps

    13. Or these socks that pay homage to your favorite sweater weather latte.

    A person showing the bottoms of the pink socks that say "If you can read this bring me a pumpkin spice latte"

    14. A pair of thigh-high socks for when you want to pair your ankle booties or sneakers with a dress but don't want your legs to bear the brunt of the crisp fall air.

    A person wearing long gray socks that hit above the knee

    15. These lace-up ankle booties that'll seriously ~up~ your outfit regardless of what you wear — jeans, leggings, a dress with stockings, and more!

    16. A jar of pumpkin spice-inspired hand and foot cream so your feet can smell like a coffee shop in the fall when you prop them up on your ottoman and enjoy your Halloween movie marathon.

    The container of lotion styled with fake pumpkins and open jars of lotion

    17. These fur-trimmed lace-up sneaks to add some extra comfort and warmth to your ankles, especially when you wear cropped jeans or leggings.

    18. A pair of faux leather zip-up boots that'll help you effortlessly put together an outfit that's cozy enough for frolicking through the park.

    A reviewer wearing the boots, which have a very low heel and a decorative buckle on top and by the ankle

    19. These riding combat ankle boots because they're perfect for mastering that moto chic look while staying comfy.

    20. A pair of black tapestry creepers to give your fall sweater and leggings combo some goth-y flair.

    A model wearing the ankle sneakers, which have a large platform and floral print

    21. These duck boots that'll come in handy when you want to enjoy leisurely fall hikes through messy terrain. The anti-slip rubber sole adds some traction and the cotton lining keeps your feet warm.

    The lace-up leather boots with rubber soles and front

    22. A beautiful 14-karat gold wire toe ring with a goldstone detail that'll remind you of October every time you glance down at it.

    The ring with double hoops for double brown gemstones

    23. This pair of Dr. Martens leather lace-up boots that's sure to add an edgy flair to any outfit — jeans and a sweatshirt, a skater skirt and a sweater, or leggings and a dress shirt. The ideas are endless!

    The high-top leather boots in black with black laces, yellow stitching, and a slight heel

    24. And these basic leggings because you can never go wrong with pairing these with a cozy, oversized sweater no matter where you go. Fall, here we come!

    A model wearing solid black leggings

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