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    26 Things Almost Everyone You Know Might Ask To Borrow

    Just make sure they give it right back...

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    1. A tube of anti-blister balm that'll turn you into everyone's hero on your next hiking trip. No blisters mean y'all can hike all day long.

    2. The Revlon Infrared Hairdryer — your sister might sneak into your room to steal because it gives a shiny, frizz-free, salon-esque finish without the salon-esque prices.

    3. A leather waist bag that's compact enough for taking to your favorite music festivals, and stylish enough for your cousin to borrow for dates.

    4. These polarized sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection — your mom will want to take them for a spin since they reduce glare and protect your eyes from the sun. Plus, the oversized look might make her feel like an ~influencer~.

    5. A fancy-sounding cookbook because everyone in your family will be tempted to flip through it to learn more about incorporating wine into meals.

    6. Or, a copy of You by Caroline Kepnes because if your friends watched the twists and turns in the Netflix series, they'll definitely be begging you to borrow the book afterward.

    7. Mike's hot honey, which goes great with potato chips. BTW, you might have to pry it out of your roommate's hands because otherwise there won't be any left for you!

    8. Or, bottles of Sir Kensington's special sauce you'll definitely want to hide from your roommate so you can enjoy it on dining hall burgers in peace.

    9. Some cute cactus and llama-shaped cookie cutters that'll have your neighbors obsessed with at first sight. They might keep coming back to borrow them for their own impressive desserts.

    10. A fleece throw your siblings will practically fight over when it's extra cold outside and re-watching Home Alone sounds like a cozy idea.

    11. A waterproof 4K action camera that'll give you such great snorkeling shots that your parents will beg you to borrow it when they go on vacation.

    12. This rolling screen cleaner because eventually, every iPad, phone screen, and laptop screen in the house will be marked with fingerprints and everyone and their mother will want to use it.

    13. Some suction cup kitty cat phone holders — your friends will just straight up say "I'm keeping one of these" because they're just so dang cute.

    14. A jewelry cleaning stick that reviewers say restores your rings condition to as good as new so your dad can have his class ring looking spiffy and shiny again.

    15. Bottle cleaning tablets because they'll become your best-kept secret for never having to replace your Hydro Flask, and everyone you know will be asking you to put these in their stocking this Christmas.

    16. These super warm mittens that your siblings will swipe from your drawer when they have to shovel the snow in the driveway.

    17. A durable 15-inch cast-iron skillet — your aunt will sneakily try to slip it in her purse so she can go home and cook for years to come without having to buy a replacement anytime soon.

    18. This foldable, waterproof travel duffel bag because reviewers say it's actually durable enough to hold a surprising amount of items. Your partner will want to use it on all their business trips, so you might want to get on Amazon and order a replacement bag for yourself.

    19. And an easy-to-store knit travel blanket your brother will want to bring along the next time he wants a little extra comfort on the plane.

    20. A pair of microwaveable fuzzy slippers so you (and your sister, and your mom, and your dad) can keep your feet nice and toasty.

    21. This metallic maxi skirt that'll make your sister promise to do all your chores for a month just so she can borrow it for a Friendsgiving dinner.

    22. A set of nine pretty acrylic earrings — your friends might borrow a pair for a night out and then "forget" they still had them on the next morning.

    23. This professional-looking double-breasted blazer your roommate might snag for their next job interview — just make sure they give it right back.

    24. A fabric shaver because your parents are gonna steal this from you anyway to de-pill last year's holiday sweaters for family photos.

    25. Wood polish to make your siblings jealous because of how incredibly well it'll restore your hand-me-down dressers.

    26. And a cocktail shaker set that your cousins will be lining up to borrow for ladies- night-ins.

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