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    20 Cute And Useful Things I Can't Believe I Don't Own Yet

    Probs gonna go broke from all these purchases, but I'm surprisingly okay with that.

    1. Some satin pillowcases because I'm convinced that my hair goes from soft and sleek to rat's nest overnight because my current cotton pillowcases just suck.

    2. A pair of sparkly star earrings so I can up the glamour on all my holiday party outfits without shelling out too much cash.

    3. Oversized pearl hair clips because sometimes I get tired of my bland ponytails and want a stylish way to upgrade my 'do. Plus, why haven't I hopped on this trend yet???????

    4. And these pearl-studded fabric headbands since I'm currently re-watching Gossip Girl for the fifth time and feeling the need to unleash my inner Blair Waldorf.

    5. An anti-chafe body balm that I should've ordered YEARS ago because 1) chafing is part of the reason why I literally never wear skirts and dresses, 2) I'm tired of dealing with blisters from otherwise cute shoes, and 3) the package is so convenient that I have no excuse to not carry it with me everywhere I go.

    6. This set of 10 colorful silicone straws to help me kick my plastic straw habit *and* down ice-cold beverages without triggering my sensitive teeth. These straws are reusable and come with their own cleaning tools and carrying bag.

    7. An acrylic tiered cupcake display because the holidays are coming and as an avid baker, I need an appealing way to present my sugary creations.

    8. This collapsible water bottle so I can stay hydrated during flights without feeling like carrying the bottle is a huge hassle. I can fold it up and stow it in my handbag while going through the security checkpoint, then expand it and fill it up when I've reached my gate.

    9. And a super cute 20-inch hardshell carry-on with multi-directional wheels because the bigger my suitcase, the more clothes I'm going to be tempted to pack and I definitely don't need seven different outfits for a three-day trip. Plus this suitcase passes the carry-on sizing chart with flying colors.

    10. This password book so I can keep track of the info for all of my accounts and never have to live in fear of "exceeding my number of login attempts" again.

    11. A makeup spatty to help me get the very last, hard to reach–bits out of all my cosmetic and product bottles because I paid good, hard-earned money for my moisturizer and I'll be damned if I let another week's worth of product go to waste.

    12. Some cuticle oil containing jojoba and sweet almond oils because I, like many other people, am tired of growing my nails out only to have them split within weeks and become an uneven base for nail polish. Plus, with the oncoming icy weather, a hydrating oil is just what my nails need.

    13. A pack of BAGGU reusable nylon bags that fold up small then expand to the size of a shopping bag when you need it most. So when I'm heading home from work and randomly decide to stop by Trader Joe's, I can just whip this baby out and have a convenient, eco-friendly way to carry my purchases.

    14. Black out curtains because as beautiful as the sun may be, I hate waking up to a massive headache thanks to the light pouring in through my curtains.

    15. Colorful wool-blend socks that'll really keep my feet warm when I'm trudging through the snow for a toasted white mocha, or even when I'm cuddled up on my couch binge-watching the new season of You.

    16. These high waisted fleece lined–leggings because even 20-degree weather can't stop me from wearing leggings on a daily basis.

    17. A Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 so I can fill my travel journal with photo prints of so many of the experiences I've had.

    18. These adorable reindeer tea light candle holders that'll add a little extra holiday cheer to my desk in a unique way.

    19. A super accurate kitchen thermometer with over 8,000 five-star reviews so I can finally stop overcooking my meals "just in case" they aren't done enough.

    20. And the famous egg poaching cups because I love me a slightly runny egg with my toast, but accidentally ending up with a fully cooked egg kind of takes the fun out of ripping off pieces of bread to dip in the egg yolk.

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