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    18 Things For Anyone Who Wants To Go Out But Doesn't Want To Be Around People

    Because sometimes an hour is all it takes to drain your social battery.

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    1. This perfect pair of socks for when you're at a sleepover but your social battery is starting to hit 10% after all those pillow fights and gossip sessions.

    2. A mug to remind your friends to keep brunch short and snappy because you love a mimosa as much as the next person but you prefer your breakfast alone and in bed, thank you very much.

    3. This escape manual that was literally made for you so you can learn how to handle situations with family members, friends, and strangers when you reaaaally just don't want to socialize.

    4. A set of wireless headphones for moments when you find yourself trapped at a house party (that's going wayyy longer than you thought it would) and just want to drown everyone else out.

    5. This enamel pin that perfectly explains why you'd much rather sit inside with a book instead of mingling with your extended family outside at the barbecue.

    6. Or this pin — you can display it on your favorite denim jacket to warn people at house parties not to stay too close for too long.

    7. A shirt that totally explains why you got to the bar at 10 p.m. when your friends specifically told you to meet them there at eight.

    8. Tiny magnetic stress relief balls — they'll occupy your mind and time when the one coworker you know leaves you alone at the company party and you don't really feel like mingling with anyone else — or leaving just yet.

    9. A personality type bracelet because it's pretty much a conversation starter you can wear. Basically, you'll be able to actually have a pleasant conversation without painfully racking your brain for interesting topics.

    10. This useful vinyl sticker you can display on your laptop while you work in your favorite coffee shop — extroverts who happen to sit across from you will be careful not to strike up a conversation.

    11. A New York Times bestselling novel because IMHO, a good book can rescue you from even the most awkward social interactions. You can catch up on your Goodreads goals, and people may be less likely to approach you if you've got a book in your hands.

    12. And this bookmark that is 1) honestly a mood, and 2) perfect for marking your place in your novel when the clock strikes six and you feel like it's OK to head home from your friend's picnic.

    13. These super dark, oversized sunnies because they might make you feel lowkey and pretty much invisible, which is how you like it when you're at an annoying backyard party.

    14. A portable charger to always keep your phone fully charged so you can scroll through Instagram all night long instead of talking to people at the party.

    15. These foam earplugs because they'll muffle loud noises just enough to make the concert you somehow got looped into just a liiittle less annoying.

    16. And a baseball cap that you'll want to wear to the aforementioned concert because maybe — just maybe — it'll help prevent people from breathing down your neck and pushing to get you to move.

    17. This book of crossword puzzles — you can have them all to yourself while you sit through family reunions with the cousins you don't really want to talk to. You're kinda just there because you have to be.

    18. And a self-explanatory t-shirt you'll wear every time you're forced to go out and be friendly but really just hide behind your two best friends the entire time.

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