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    26 Useful Products For Anyone Who Has Trouble Staying Focused

    "Sorry, can't chat. Too busy getting stuff done." — you after trying these products.

    1. This spinning door sign that sticks to your dorm room door, bedroom door, or even office door to keep potential visitors (read: annoying roommates, distracting younger siblings, or chatty coworkers) out when you really just wanna get some work done.

    2. A pair of noise-canceling headphones so you can actually hear yourself think about your math homework over your roommate's Spotify playlist.

    3. Or a pair of passive noise-isolating headphones because they'll still drown out the sound of your sibling's yelling without breaking the bank.

    4. Or even some foam earplugs for when you need just 10 more minutes of absolute freakin' silence to get through the last chapter in your book.

    5. A daily planner to keep track of your deadlines so you know exactly when you need to kick your focus into high gear to meet your deadlines.

    6. Or this to-do list notepad so you can organize any must-do tasks at the start of every day — especially if your mind tends to be a frazzled mess in the mornings and you can barely stay awake long enough to remember how to brush your teeth.

    7. An essential oil diffuser because it'll help you clear your mind and pay attention to the task at hand by creating a calm, relaxing (and wonderful smelling) environment.

    8. And, a set of essential oils to pair perfectly with your brand new, awesome diffuser!! You just might find that you get more work done when your house smells like lavender. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    9. This cellphone jail box (with an actual lock!!!) for anyone who literally needs Instagram pried out of their hands in order for them to sit down and get work done.

    10. A white noise machine so you can turn down the volume on distractions and power through your English essay undisturbed.

    11. This spinner ring for moments when an overwhelmed mind is hindering you from staying attentive and working to the best of your abilities.

    12. An elephant desk organizer that'll help you stay tidy by giving a home to those stray pens and pencils cluttering your workspace. Besides, a clear desk = a clear mind = more work getting done!! It's simple math, really.

    13. Or, little desk shelves to take care of the little things you don't know how to organize so you can spend more time attuned to your work. Again, math.

    14. A seat cushion if you get so uncomfortable while sitting down at your desk that all you can think about is how much your butt and back hurt.

    15. Orrrrrr, a foldable standing desk you'll pat yourself on the back for buying when you get bored and restless from sitting down for way too long.

    16. This fleece throw because anyone who gets cold easily knows the struggle of trying to focus when your brain is literally shutting down because it's so dang chilly.

    17. Or, a powerful desk fan to cool yourself off if your sweat glands sometimes work a little overtime and distract you from the long list of tasks your manager sent in.

    18. This monitor-mounted clip that literally puts your important tasks right in front of your face. It's perfect for people who literally need their reminders staring them down all day.

    19. A desk lamp with five different color modes and seven brightness levels to give you the perfect ambiance needed in order to race through your lengthy to-do list.

    20. This bullet journal starter set so you can practice organizing your life in a unique way that works just for you, and promote focus and attention in a way that's less daunting than picking up bullet journaling completely from scratch.

    21. A copy of Manage Your Day-To-Day — it's packed with with techniques and ideas to inspire you to lead a more productive daily life.

    22. The Fitbit Alta because it'll really get you moving when you look at your wrist and see how much time you've been wasting scrolling through Instagram instead of studying for tomorrow's exam.

    23. An adorable, itty-bitty penguin stress ball you can keep on your desk or in your bag for when you just need a little something to fidget with so you can focus better.

    24. This Pomodoro technique timer to help you stay motivated and on-task while still making time for a quick break here and there. It works by allocating intervals of 25–30 minutes for work followed by five minutes of relaxing.

    25. An aromatherapy migraine stick because when you have a killer headache, there's literally no way you'll get any work done.

    26. And some caffeinated chocolate bars (that are equivalent to a cup of coffee, BTW) for that much-needed pick-me-up when you're yawning and falling asleep during your team meetings.

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