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23 Things For Anyone Who Checks Their Horoscope Almost Every Day

"You might spend a little extra money today but will be so glad you did." —Your horoscope reading right now.

1. This bea-u-ti-ful artistic throw pillow to add the perfect cozy touch to your room whether you have the decorating tastes of an Aquarius or a Scorpio.

2. An eyeshadow palette made with all 12 zodiac signs in mind so you can achieve a ~mystifying~ look whether you're a Taurus seeking some dazzle or a Libra trying to smolder.

3. A copy of The Secret Language of Birthdays that'll basically become your handy guide to understanding the characteristics of everyone around you.

4. Or this sun sign tapestry that'll probably ~light up~ your mood every time you look at it — even if you're a Scorpio and don't want to admit how cool this is!!

5. A gorgeous constellation ring because it's just so darling, you'll immediately want to buy one for your sun sign, one for your moon sign, and one for your rising sign.

6. This velvet zodiac sign journal you can use to jot down notes to keep in mind after you read your monthly horoscope — trust me, you don't want to forget Mercury's retrograde dates.

7. A constellation necklace that'll leave you starry-eyed the moment you open the package.

8. This adorable enamel pin with your sign and constellation for all the Aries who really know how to get their point across.

9. A sleek dishwasher- and microwave-safe coffee mug so you can enjoy a hot cup of cocoa after a long day — besides, staying calm and relaxed is one of a Libra's greatest qualities.

10. This pretty constellation jewelry dish to hold all the astrology-themed jewelry you own.

11. A zodiac sign bookmark so you'll never lose your place in your favorite astrology book.

12. This constellation sticker (that isn't just for laptops, btw) because Leos just love pretty much anything that looks as cool as they do.

13. A copy of The Astrology Of You And Me to help you get to the bottom of why you get along so well with your Sagittarius sister but you're constantly butting heads with your Taurus coworker.

14. This sun sign crewneck that might become wildly popular as soon as a trendsetting Taurus posts a pic in it.

15. A mini glow-in-the-dark tapestry bound to bring any Cancer a comforting sense of peace when they're ready to settle down for some relaxing me-time.

16. This set of three dainty zodiac-inspired hoops because your Capricorn sun wants you to be as subtle as possible but your Taurus ascendant wants you to up the glam.

17. A beaded bracelet durable enough to keep up with an Aries' wildest adventures.

18. This constellation mobile to remind family members that they're about to enter the den of a Leo — proceed with caution.

19. A cute little plant pot because you'll certainly want to buy one to represent the signs of each of your family members. Plus, it makes a great gift for the Virgo bestie you haven't seen in a while, or the Gemini you're in a long-distance relationship with.

20. This Mercury retrograde candle you'll want to whip out to banish those bad vibes every time you feel like you're walking through a minefield during Mercury retrograde.

21. Or this birth date candle because it's uniquely made to correspond to your birthday and gives you fun little snippets of info about your personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

22. A dish towel every Sagittarius will happily have on hand when whipping up a delicious dinner for their loved ones.

23. And a sturdy constellation phone case because if you're a Capricorn, you know you're living life on the edge if you walk around with a phone without a phone case and you'd much rather live in safety, thank you very much.

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