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    19 Things You Might Want If Your Feet Have Seen Better Days

    Goodbye, cracked heels and hello soft, supple feet.

    1. A soothing heel stick formulated with shea butter, cocoa butter, and aloe gel to help improve the look of the deep, dry cracks that have been making your heels feel rough.

    A before photo showing a close-up of a heel with rough cracks in it and an after photo showing the same heel looking smoother

    2. This anti-fungal nail pen that targets cracked, discolored, brittle, or split nails caused by fungus. In just a few months, you can say goodbye to yellow toe nails and say hello to healthier looking ones.

    3. This foot file to shave away dry skin so the next time you run your hand over your heels, they'll feel so much softer. Just be gentle or you may accidentally shave too far down.

    4. A pair of compression arch bands that'll support your feet without limiting your range of motion. Reviewers say the arch supports have helped alleviate pain from fallen arches, flat feet, bunions, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and arthritis.

    A model slipping the arch support band over their foot

    5. A tea tree oil foot soak formulated with epsom salt and essential oils that work as an antibacterial agent to alleviate athlete's foot and other fungal conditions.

    A collection of four photos showing product use spanning one day, four months, seven months, and nine months. By the ninth month, the toe nail looks less yellow and smooth

    6. And a basin you can fill with water for a convenient and easy way to drown your feet's sorrows in the relaxing foot soak of your choosing.

    A reviewer with their feet inside the basin filled with water

    7. This pack of suede heel grips to help prevent existing blisters from too-tight shoes from getting even worse.

    8. A bottle of professional grade callus-removing gel for dissolving hard dead skin in just minutes, according to reviewers. Afterward, just whip out your foot file and give the area a good scrub for baby soft heels.

    9. This foot peel mask that'll help reveal smoother-looking and softer-feeling feet in a nauseatingly satisfying way — you can literally watch the dry, dead skin slough off in sheets!

    A before photo showing feet peeling excessively and an after photo showing smooth feet with less peeling

    10. A wooden foot roller to help massage away the pain of doing multiple chores around the house all weekend.

    A reviewer running their feet across the rollers on the massager

    11. A roll of KT tape that'll help reduce pressure on your joints and muscles AND give 'em a little support so you can get tasks done around the house with less pain.

    12. This foot rocker you can use to achieve a relaxing deep stretch in your foot and leg muscles (and help reduce the risk of injury) as you gently rock your foot back and forth.

    A reviewer's foot resting on the semi-circle shaped rocker

    13. A natural, antibacterial, and anti-fungal foot odor spray you might be glad you bought if you constantly struggle with sweaty, stinky feet and haven't been able to find anything to eliminate that odor — until now, that is.

    14. This lavender pumice stone that's more gentle than a foot file but can still soften your heels if you're tired of that rough, dry feeling.

    Two purple pumice stones

    15. A pair of natural charcoal deodorizers to neutralize smelly shoes so the next time you take your sneakers off, you won't walk around the house with your toes spreading the same funk from the shoe.

    Gray deodorizers stuffed inside numerous pairs of shoes

    16. This shiatsu foot massager because sometimes you just desperately need to treat your feet to a good rub-down and this 'lil guy uses a set of firm, rotating balls to deliver the massage you ~knead~.

    A model with their feet inside the fur-lined massager

    17. A nail clipper made specifically to help you more easily trim down thick toenails. Plus, the fold-out file will let you shape your nails and clean out any build-up that's been accumulating under your nails.

    The nail clippers

    18. These toe separators to help relieve pain caused by bunions by gently separating and stretching toes. And, you can even use them to paint your toe nails without worrying about wet nails getting smeared.

    A reviewer's feet with the separators in between their toes

    19. And a jar of O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet Cream that's bound to really *crack down* on what feels like perpetually dry, rugged feet by boosting and retaining the skin's moisture levels.

    Four photos showing dry, discolored heels on the first day of use versus smoother looking heels with no visible cracks by the fourth week of use

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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