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    21 Things You Might Want Immediately If You Have A Pool

    Including an avocado-shaped raft just makes every other inflatable raft look pitiful.

    1. This inflatable mesh hammock to help you float around your pool if you just want to have an easy, breezy afternoon kicking back.

    A reviewer floating on the inflatable hammock in a pool

    2. An inflatable avocado raft because your bland backyard pool was really the *pits* without it. Plus, the removable center can also act as a ball for tossing around while you relax.

    3. This netted skimmer if you seem to have misplaced the one you used last summer and don't want to use your hands to weed out the oncoming cluster of leaves that are sure to land in the water.

    Leaves inside the net of the skimmer

    4. Or a clip-on skimmer attachment to save you the work of going after debris in your pool every morning. The clip attaches your net to your pool ladder and uses the natural circulation of your pool to catch leaves and sticks that slowly drift into it.

    Net attached to a pool ladder using the clip-on tool

    5. This inflatable beer pong table so you and your siblings don't have to choose between chilling in the water and setting up for a round of friendly competition.

    Models in the water with the beer pong float

    6. A floating cooler to keep chilled drinks just within reach while you merrily float your way through the afternoon. Gone are the days of having to get out of the pool, throw on sandals, walk inside for a drink, and walk back out to get back inside the pool — such a process!

    A model in the water reaching into the floating cooler, which has water bottles inside

    7. This towel rack that'll keep your towels and extra clothes off the ground and on standby for when you're ready to make your exit.

    The rack holding three towels by a pool

    8. A set of drink floaties to keep your homemade frozen marg secure as you bob around the water pretending you're on a tropical island.

    9. This watermelon ball that you actually fill with water to add a little weight to it — it'll be perfect for bouncing and tossing if you and your fam are up for a game of underwater basketball.

    A model swimming underwater with the ball in their arm

    10. A pack of water blasters you won't have to leave the pool to refill at the hose — this way, you can literally keep the good, clean fun inside the water at all times.

    A kid spraying water using the blaster

    11. This pool fountain you can install on the edge of an in-ground pool to cool things down so you aren't left stuck on dry land because the pool water is annoyingly warm.

    The sprinkler on the edge of the pool creating a stream that lands back inside the pool

    12. This set of underwater rings because your kids have already gotten bored just sitting and kicking around the pool. Make a fun game out of challenging your strong swimmers and divers to capture the rings in the water.

    A kid underwater swimming toward the rings

    13. An all-purpose tarp to spread underneath your kiddie pool so your toddler can step out for a quick break without touching grass or concrete and bringing dirt back in the pool with them.

    An image of the folded tarp

    14. This adjustable one-piece swimsuit that's comfortable enough for when you want to practice swimming laps in the pool. The racer-back straps improve your range of shoulder motion, and it's chlorine-resistant.

    A reviewer wearing a dark blue one-piece swimsuit

    15. Or an off-the-shoulder one-piece swimsuit because it's so cute that you'll be forcing your sibling to help you with a poolside photo shoot all afternoon.

    Model wearing the palm tree print swimsuit with ruffles

    16. A floating basketball hoop and ball so you and your kids can really put your ball skills to the test while you move around the water.

    A kid throwing a ball into the hoop floating in the pool

    17. A pretty pool float you can give to the person in your family who isn't as strong a swimmer but doesn't want to miss out on splashing around the pool — safety first, of course!!

    A model wearing the graphic fish scale-patterned pool float

    18. This swim trainer to help your toddler learn how to lean forward and paddle through your pool while you supervise and help them out.

    A toddler and parent figure in water where the toddler is wearing the trainer vest and float

    19. A waterproof phone pouch because you'll definitely want to take all those #PoolSelfies without worrying about your phone being damaged if you accidentally drop it in the water. It doesn't interfere with the quality, so you can even take beautiful, clear pics underwater.

    An image of a turtle taken underwater

    20. These floating, color-changing pool lights to add a little flair to your pool at night. Plus, these charge up using juice from the sun during the day and automatically turn on at night.

    Colorful, balloon-shaped lights floating on the water

    21. And this floating tray to hold up your mimosa, fruit platter, and more if you've ever dreamed of having brunch poolside.

    The basket keeping a bottle of wine and two glasses afloat in water

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