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    25 Petty College Roommate Stories That'll Make You Say, "How Do People Like This Exist?"

    "I told them to clean up their mess, and when they didn’t, I put the entire rotten, smelly turkey on their beds."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the pettiest thing a college roommate has ever done. Here are some of the cringey — and even downright disgusting — stories they shared:

    1. This gross revenge:

    "My old roommate got mad at me for using her blanket so when I went out of town, she let her friend have sex in my bed, and didn’t even change the sheets."


    2. This REALLY shitty situation:

    "One of my roommates would always eat everyone else's food, or let her boyfriend go to town on anything in our kitchen. So one night, the three of us got fed up and made brownies with laxatives in them. We found out that our roommate had swiped a bunch of the brownies as snacks for an upcoming six-hour bus ride."


    3. This disgusting surprise:

    "My sophomore year, one of my roommates claimed that she didn’t cook or eat in our apartment at all because her sister lived next door so she did everything over there. However, she still kept fruit and vegetables in our apartment. One day while my other roommate and I were cleaning, we found a rotten banana with MAGGOTS in it. We threw it out, but a few months later, we found another rotting banana. My other roommate was so fed up that she left the banana on the counter so the first girl would have to walk by it and see it every day."


    TeenNick / Via

    4. This squeaky clean getaway:

    "My first college roommate did terrible things — she'd lock me out of the room and throw my stuff on the floor. I only lived with her for three weeks before I decided to transfer rooms. I was going to leave the clear part of the shower curtain for her so she could still shower, even though it was mine. But, I ended up taking both curtains with me after all that."


    5. This fresh way to get someone's attention:

    "I lived in a suite with three other girls. One of them would leave toothpaste spit all over our shared mirror and sink. My roommate finally got so annoyed that she circled each dot of toothpaste with a dry-erase marker. We think the girl got the hint because oddly enough, it magically got cleaned up overnight."


    6. This selfish act:

    "I bought all the toiletries for the apartment my roommate and I shared without ever asking her to chip in. The week before break, we ran out of toilet paper and I was working a lot and didn’t buy any for a couple of days, so she finally caved and bought a roll. When break rolled around, I stayed in the room but she went home, and I found that she PUT THE TOILET PAPER IN HER ROOM so I couldn’t use any of it."


    7. This not-so-sweet deal:

    "My roommates and I had gotten to the point where everyone needed to write their name on every food item they bought. I once forgot to write my name on a tub of frosting that I was going to use on some cupcakes. One particularly petty roommate ate the entire tub of frosting while I was in class — just because I hadn’t labeled it."


    Fox Broadcasting Company / Via

    8. The old switcheroo:

    "My boyfriend's college roommate was a major twat and constantly ignored him, would leave the door open, and, in general, was an ass. Right before they left for summer break, he reported my boyfriend for having a bottle of champagne in his room as a minor. My boyfriend managed to avoid getting in trouble since it was a graduation gift from his parents, and he hadn't even opened it yet. So, he exposed his roommate's piracy downloads using the college internet. Oh, and he won't be coming back this year. #thatsafelony."


    9. This rude awakening:

    "One weekend during my freshman year of college, I set my alarm clock so I could wake up to go to Wal-Mart. I must not have gotten up fast enough, so my roommate got up, picked up the alarm clock, and threw it on me. She later asked me if she actually did it or if she 'dreamed it.'"


    10. This bold theft:

    "Our roommate kept using and breaking everyone else's belongings. One of my other roommates finally told her to stop, but one night while we were hanging out in our living room, this girl came out of our room, walked into the kitchen, and came back holding our blender. She made direct eye contact, and then just walked out of the apartment with it. It took us days to get it back."


    11. This low-key pettiness:

    "I moved in with my best friend senior year, and quickly realized we were not meant to live together. By October, we started arguing and she essentially moved out. She kept her products in the apartment, so whenever I was in the shower, I would pump her facial wash three times, just to waste it."


    ABC / Via

    12. This watery welcome:

    "My freshman year roommate and I shared a kitchen and bathroom, and I quickly noticed that she wouldn't flush her toilet paper. Every time I brought it up, she got angry about it. Eventually, I became the petty one when her boyfriend started smoking cigarettes in our dorm and I would pour water in his shoes every time he was over."


    13. This small taste of her own medicine:

    "One of my college roommates didn't get along with the rest of us, and refused to provide her portion of shared necessities. At the very end of the semester, we ran out of toilet paper and it was her turn to replace it. She refused, so she purchased a pack for herself, hid it in her closet, and carried a roll with her when she needed to use the bathroom. So, I told her she wasn't allowed to use ANY of the cooking supplies that belonged to me, which was basically everything in our kitchen. After catching her using a frying pan the next day, I took every piece of cookware and moved them into my room. She had nothing to cook or eat with for the rest of the semester, and she was pissed!!"


    14. This pettiness times 100,000:

    "My roommate made a HUGE deal about us using her '$150 vacuum' in a post on Twitter. So, that same day, I went out and bought a $400 vacuum, which also happened to be 100,000x newer and nicer than hers. Now, every time I hear her vacuuming, I vacuum at the same time to be sure she notices."


    NBC / Via

    15. This early Christmas gift:

    "I had two HORRIBLE roommates when I was in college. I went on a trip to Colorado during Thanksgiving break and returned around December 5. I found a smelly, rotten Thanksgiving turkey on our coffee table. I told them to clean up their mess, and when they didn’t, I put the entire rotten, smelly turkey on their beds."


    16. This sneaky revenge:

    "My sophomore year roommate and I were pretty passive-aggressive to each other because we both didn't like direct confrontation. It had recently been my birthday and another friend had gotten me a bouquet of flowers. I kept them in a vase on the edge of my roommate's desk, which was between our beds, since it was my 'nightstand' and she didn't really use her desk anyway. One time, we apologized to each other for something else and she said, 'I'm sorry I've been poisoning your flowers.' I had no idea they were poisoned because they had endured a reasonable lifespan. She was a chem major and looked up ways to poison flowers and even had to think of a plan B because her first pick of poison would've corroded the glass vase and the bathroom pipes when going down the drain. I wasn't even mad; I was so impressed at her level of petty."


    17. This plan that belongs in the trash:

    "My roommate was mad that I didn’t make my friends do their own dishes in my apartment, so she stopped talking to me, blocked me on everything, took the pots, pans, shower curtain, shower head, microwave, kitchen table, and chairs, and LOCKED them in her bedroom so I couldn’t use them. She also didn’t want me to sit on her furniture, so instead of selling them like a normal human being, she took them to the dump because it was faster. She also threw away the garbage can so I couldn’t use it."


    Freeform / Via

    18. This never-ending pettiness:

    "In my first year at my university, I lived with seven other people, and one girl thought it was hilarious to wrap everything in my cupboards in tin foil. A day later, I got my revenge, only to find that she had retaliated by hiding my food, pans, and plates in random places throughout the flat. The day I moved out a year later I was still finding things."


    19. This potty-trained scheme:

    "This isn't my proudest moment, but my roommate once brought home a guy I really liked and hooked up with him while I was still in the room, half-asleep. I also overheard her tell the guy that 'I didn't care' when he asked if this might bother me. So, I dunked her silverware in the toilet while she was in class, and I watched her eat with it later."


    20. This enlightening plan:

    "My roommate left the water on while she brushed her teeth. The next day, my other roommate put up a sign that explained how much water got wasted during the minute-and-a-half that she left the faucet running. It included pictures of desert lands, carcasses, and starving children. The college got its water from a local aquifer."


    21. This sneaky lock-up:

    "My housemate never ever did the washing up. He would cook using ALL of my pans and utensils, so I'd have to wash up to be able to eat the next day. I decided to move out, but I didn't tell him. My landlady told me to lock my room and deliver the key to her place. So, I took all of my stuff out of the kitchen and locked the rest of it in my room — all the plates, cups, and knives — thus, ensuring that he had no way to cook or eat for over a month. I had no regrets."


    Vertigo Entertainment / Via

    22. This ultra satisfying finish:

    "During my first year of college, I lived in shared housing with other students. When one of the girls got a boyfriend, they regularly had loud midnight sex — complete with screaming, dirty talking, and headboard-banging. The problem was, her room was right above mine so I could hear EVERYTHING. I talked to her about it and she gave me a snarky reply. So I taped a Bluetooth speaker to the ceiling and started playing hymns and kids' music during their sexy time. They got quiet real quick after that."


    23. This mountain of trouble:

    "My roommate was addicted to online shopping, but would never take her boxes to the recycling area, which was right down the hall. She always left them sitting in front of our door until it was my day to take the trash out. One weekend, she was out of town, so I took every single box and stuffed them inside her closet. When she opened her closet on Monday morning, they all came tumbling out."


    24. This sour situation:

    "My sister and her roommate fought constantly, so much so that her roommate would lock her out. For winter break, her roommate left before she did, so my sister left out food and milk in her room so that the place smelled really bad when the roommate got back."


    25. Finally, this perfect way to kill 'em with kindness:

    "My roommate changed our Wi-Fi password and wouldn’t tell us the new one. So after a day of arguing, I got a new router and gave her the new password."


    The WB / Via

    Some of these responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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