17 Money Podcasts That Might Just Help You Get Your Finances In Order

    Calling all investing newbies and budgeting amateurs — you might wanna take notes while you listen.

    1. Yo Quiero Dinero

    Jannese Torres-Rodriguez, host of the Yo Quiero Dinero podcast

    2. Mo' Money Podcast

     Jessica Moorhouse, host of Mo' Money podcast

    3. His & Her Money

    Talaat and Tai McNeely, hosts of "The His & Her Money Show"

    4. So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

    Farnoosh Torabi, host of So Money podcast

    5. BiggerPockets Money

    BiggerPockets Money podcast hosts Scott and Mindy

    6. HerMoney

    Jean Chatzky from the HerMoney podcast

    7. Investing For Beginners

    8. The Financial Confessions

    9. The College Investor

    10. Real Estate Investor Goddesses

    illustrations of four women ant the title "Real Estate Investor Goddesses"

    11. DIY Money

    12. Minority Money

    podcast host Emlen Miles-Mattingly with text reading "Minority Money — changing the complexion of wealth"

    13. Bad With Money

     illustration of a confused looking woman with title "Bad With Money"

    14. The Graham Stephan Show

    host Graham Stephan wearing a shirt and suit jacket

    15. You Need A Budget (YNAB)

    16. Financial Freedom

    host Grant Sabatier with the title "Financial Freedom"

    17. Afford Anything

    host Paula Pant looking thoughtful text reading  "Afford Anything; build a better life"