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    24 Things To Help Get You Out Of An Unorganized, Unfocused Funk

    Why get up to make yet another cup of coffee when you can just have an energizing breath mint instead?

    1. A pair of passive noise-isolating headphones to drown out the sound of your sibling's Spotify playlist while you're trying to study or write a blog post.

    A model wearing the headphones

    2. Or a set of foam earplugs for when you need just 10 more minutes of peace and quiet to get through the last chapter in your book.

    A photo of the earplugs, which come with a small carrying case

    3. This to-do list notepad so you can organize any must-do tasks at the start of every week — just take 20 minutes every weekend to file through your brain for any major obligations you might have coming up.

    The planning pad with space to jot down tasks for Monday through Friday and the following week

    4. An essential oil diffuser that'll create a calm, relaxing (and wonderful smelling) environment that'll help clear your mind enough to let you focus on what you're typing.

    The diffuser on a table top emitting steam

    5. And a set of essential oils to use alongside your brand new, awesome diffuser!! I don't know about you but surprisingly, I seem to get more work done when my room smells like lavender.

    A photo of six oil bottles in a box

    6. This glammed-up notebook you'll want to keep front-and-center on your desk to quickly jot down ideas and spur-of-the-moment tasks you'd otherwise forget throughout the week.

    A black notebook that says "Boss Babe" on the cover styled on a surface

    7. A cellphone jail box (with an actual lock!!!) because sometimes you need to literally have Instagram pried from your hands in order for you to sit down and finish that book or finish writing that essay.

    A model looking at their electronic devices inside the cage-inspired lock box

    8. This spinner ring in case an overwhelmed mind is hindering you from staying attentive and working to the best of your abilities.

    A reviewer photo of a band-inspired ring on their finger

    9. An elephant desk organizer that'll help you give a home to those stray pens and pencils cluttering your workspace. Besides, a clear desk = a clear mind = more work getting done!! Plus, wouldn't it be nice to be able to quickly grab a pen to jot down notes when you need one?

    The elephant-shaped organizer holding a phone and several pencils

    10. Or, little desk shelves to help you tuck away the books and magazines you might be tempted to flip through — instead of getting work done — if you were to just leave them laying all over your desk.

    The shelves on a desk organizing books and magazines

    11. A foldable standing desk you'll pat yourself on the back for buying when you get bored and restless from sitting down for way too long. Plus, if you're desk is just too cluttered for words, this handy, dandy contraption can help you literally get away from the mess and still give you a stable place to rest your books and laptop.

    12. This bullet journal starter set if normal planners just don't help you get as organized as you would like to be — a bullet journal lets you organize your life in a unique way that works just for you. And, this set with everything you need can help promote focus and attention in a way that's less daunting than picking up bullet journaling completely from scratch.

    13. A Pomodoro technique timer to help you stay motivated and on-task while still making time for a quick break here and there. It works by allocating intervals of 25–30 minutes for work followed by five minutes of relaxing.

    A photo of the timer with a side for timing breaks and a side for timing work

    14. These caffeinated chocolate bars (that are equivalent to a cup of coffee, BTW) for that much-needed pick-me-up when you're practically falling asleep in front of your laptop but still have quite a few hours' worth of work ahead of you.

    A photo showing that one chocolate bar is equal to one cup of coffee

    15. A mesh desk organizer with a slide-out drawer so you can not only stow away folders and paperwork but also keep your sticky notes and small office supplies in one convenient place — when ya need 'em, you've got 'em, and you won't have to spend 30 minutes looking for 'em right when you were getting into the zone.

    A photo of the organizer with the slide-out drawer and cubbies for notebooks and folders

    16. This mousepad to help you keep your daily tasks right where you can see them. As long as you go to use your laptop, you'll be reminded of what you have to tackle each day.

    The to-do list underneath a mouse pad

    17. Or a daily tear-off planner pad that's so cute you'll actually want to use it every day of the week. Plus, it'll be soooo satisfying to rip off the pages and crumple up the paper once you complete all your tasks and appointments for the day.

    The planner pad with space for notes and reminders

    18. This digital reading log print you can add to your binder to help motivate you to finish the five different books you're reading all at once. Plus, when you look back and see how many books you've read this year, you'll be super impressed with yourself.

    The book list with space for book titles, author names, start and end dates, and review ratings

    19. A colorful pack of good old Post-it notes so you can leave yourself important reminders literally anywhere. Plus, they can help you be more of an active participant in any task by allowing you to take thoughtful notes on every page you read or write.

    20. This habit-tracking calendar because sometimes you decide to develop a new routine with various tasks — exercising, stretching every morning, reading daily for an hour, etc. — and managing them all can be daunting. This helps you organize all those new habits and track your progress with them.

    21. An adjustable bamboo book stand with page clips so you can be more comfortable studying in random places that may be too cramped for you to fully lay your book flat. (Ah, the lengths you go to in order to get away from your family long enough to finish outlining this textbook chapter.)

    22. These sticky note dividers so you can take chapter-by-chapter notes and easily find what you're looking for in your text book, notebook, or planner. Plus, a more organized notebook might make the task of reviewing each page feel less daunting.

    The brightly colored dividers sticking to the corners of notebook pages

    23. A pack of energizing mints for a super convenient little boost during the day — you were just finally starting to make headway on your to-do list when a wave of sluggishness hit you.

    A hand holding the slim pack of mints

    24. And this expanding file folder that'll help you organize your important papers for work, school, and other obligations — you'll actually be able to find the papers you need when you need them. Each file contains five pockets to organize papers across different categories.

    A photo of the files leaning against one another

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