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    15 Marvel-Inspired Wedding Cakes That Look Equal Parts Cool And Classy

    Our wedding cake senses are tingling!

    Wedding cakes are an edible art form. And while it's sometimes hard to capture a couple's exact vision, some cake makers prove that you can turn a traditional canvas into a masterpiece fit for a superhero. A Marvel superhero, to be precise.

    1. Two-sided Marvel wedding cakes give newlyweds a classic, elegant design on the front and MCU-inspired action in the back.

    2. Maybe you both want a cake that symbolizes that your love for the superhero world is as big as your love for each other.

    3. Orrrr, maybe one person would prefer it if the Incredible Hulk stayed incredibly ~hidden~.

    4. Either way, these cakes are pretty much the best of both worlds.

    5. And I gotta say, they're GORGEOUS.

    6. Wait for it...

    7. Whether you love Captain America or have never seen a single Spider-Man movie, it's hard not to be impressed by the details.

    8. A curtain of fondant is the perfect way to make the transition appear seamless.

    9. Colored fondant also brings the characters to life.

    10. Or puts their iconic logos on full display.

    11. These cakes just seriously go ALL. OUT.

    12. And prove that not all superheroes wear capes. Some of them wear vanilla fondant icing.

    13. Or beautiful buttercream roses.

    14. Some may even sneak a DC character in there for a little extra action.

    15. In conclusion, these cakes kick as much ass as the heroes that inspired them.