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    24 Little Gifts That'll Let Your Favorite People Know You're Thinking Of Them

    Kinda like sending a little hug in a box. ❤️

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    1. A cuuuuute puppy plushie they'll be forever grateful to receive every time a quick cuddle sesh turns their frown upside down.

    2. This cereal bowl candle that actually smells like a bowl of Froot Loops!!! In other words, it's perfect for the friend who still hasn't let go of their childhood love for their favorite cereal.

    3. A mug with a very sweet message that'll surely make your partner think of you every time they use it.

    4. These four pairs of pizza socks sure to make your siblings with a ~cheesy~ sense of humor fall over laughing. Plus, it'll keep their feet nice 'n warm while they jump for joy and call you to thank you for the gift.

    5. A simple, sterling silver wave ring to remind your S.O. that you love them as much as you love sharing sunsets by the water with them.

    6. This Homesick candle you can send in the mail to remind them of their beloved hometown. Warning: They might burst into tears of joy at the sentiment.

    7. A fill-in-the-blank bestie book with prompts all about your ~amazing~ best friend and the memories you have together. You can fill it out and get suuuper personal, then send it to them in mail for an ultra thoughtful surprise.

    8. This ~cheeky~ keychain sure to have your S.O. sending you text messages that read something like, "🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️😘😘" as soon as they receive it.

    9. A delicate wooden music box you can send to a loved one (there are other engravings available to suit the person you have in mind). They'll wanna keep it front and center in a place they can always see it.

    10. This iridescent plastic rose perfect for your bestie, parent, sibling, or partner who's always managed to kill the real roses and plants you've sent them in the past.

    11. A personalized greeting box from Greetabl that'll really surprise them with how much love can fit into a teeny, tiny box. Once they unfold it and read all your kind messages, they'll be grinning from ear-to-ear.

    12. This silver-toned interlocking pendant to show your best friend, grandparent, aunt, or sister that your love for them has no end — just like a circle.

    13. This pair of long-distance friendship lamps that light up every time they're touched to let your favorite person know you're thinking of them.

    14. A tortilla-inspired blanket to wrap them in the same warmth and comfort as one of your hugs (and to start the onslaught of cute human burrito selfies that are sure to ensue).

    15. A cute jewelry dish with a beautiful reminder for your dear sister.

    16. This heart-shaped waffle maker they'll use to happily ~eat their hearts out~ all while thanking you profusely for thinking of them.

    17. A Pokémon-inspired ornament that's so cute that you won't even have to choose which of your friends to send one to — you'll wanna ~buy 'em all~ for your whole squad.

    18. This personalized page holder to let your bestie know you haven't forgotten about their insatiable appetite for books.

    19. A box of mini cookies bound to be a ~sweet~ surprise for your sweetheart.

    20. Or! A box of British chocolates that'll pretty much make for a (delicious) remedy for them missing you all day.

    21. This whacky tube dude because they wouldn't mind having another reason to smile with every wave, bow, and dance this cool little guy performs.

    22. Orrrr a screaming goat figurine to lift their spirits as soon as they hear that hilarious button-induced shriek. They'll certainly pick up the phone to thank you in between fits of laughter.

    23. This box of assorted tea bags because enjoying a freshly brewed cup isn't the same as your company, but it'll be the next best thing.

    24. And a pack of organic lollipops with a beautiful surprise for the gardener in your life. They can delight in eating 'em before planting the sticks to grow herbs and flowers.

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