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Tell Us About The Little Money Habit That Changed Your Life In 2020

Whether it's a budgeting trick or a savings hack, we wanna hear all about it.

TBH, 2020 inspired a lot of change — especially when it came to money management. The year-that-shall-not-be-named was an eye-opener for many. The way we spend and save has shifted (possibly for the long haul).

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So, tell us about the money habit you adopted last year that was seriously a game-changer.

Maybe consistently checking your account balance has helped you avoid overdraft fees. Now, you never accidentally spend more money than you actually have.


Plus, unfamiliar charges are brought to your attention sooner rather than later!

Or perhaps creating a budget has shown you've been spending way too much on services that you don't even use anymore.


And you're now able to put that money toward something more important.

Maybe automatically saving a chunk of your paycheck — before you make any purchases — has been an effective way for you to grow your savings each month.


Paying yourself first can seriously ~pay off~ in the long-run!

Orrr, perhaps setting up autopay for your credit card bills helped you avoid missing payments.

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And as a result, your credit score has improved.

Big or small, let us know what money habit has helped you get a handle on your finances. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.