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15 Money Saving Tips That Are So Low-Effort, You Might Not Believe They Actually Work

Think of these as the sweatpants of money tips.

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Saving money is a conscious decision — but it can also sometimes be easier said than done, especially when you feel like there are just *so many* wild strategies and tips out there. So here are just a few low-effort things you can do to save a little more money:

1. Download your bank's mobile app so you can quickly make transfers without having to leave home.

2. Set up automatic transfers to your savings account for the same amount every month.

3. Or use the Digit app to automatically save random, small amounts of money each day. You likely won't miss $2 here and there, and it really adds up so you can afford that weekend getaway you really want!

Screenshot from the app showing money saved in different categories, including Christmas 2021 and grad school

4. Use an app like Drop to earn rewards like cashback and gift cards just for shopping from brands you love. Gift cards = more ways to treat yourself without spending any more of your hard-earned cash.

5. Save every $5 bill you come across.

6. Or try saving just $1 a day. It may not sound like much, but a little something is better than nothing!

7. When you get the urge to spend money on something "out of boredom," transfer an equivalent amount to your savings account instead.

8. Cancel subscriptions you don't use as often anymore. You may be surprised by how quickly $10 here and there can add up every month.

9. Sleep on a purchase before you decide to click the "checkout" button.

10. And when you do decide to make that purchase after all, use a browser extension that automatically applies coupons, so you can save on the order.

Person ordering from their laptop

11. Have water instead of alcohol when eating out.

People eating pizza

12. Buy the generic store-brand version instead of the name brand item. They're often basically the same product priced differently.

13. Pick one day a week, and make it your no-spend day.

14. And if you really want to challenge yourself, try a no-spend *weekend* once a month.

15. Lastly, ask your bank to refund any recent overdraft charges or other fees — then save the money you get back.

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