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Landlords, Share The Wildest Thing A Tenant Has Ever Done On Your Property

Tell us about the wildest, weirdest, grossest, most annoying you've seen a tenant do.

Being a landlord is no easy feat. You have to maintain your property, handle tenant concerns, and foot the bill for insurance, taxes, and often utility bills. So the job of being a landlord is *doubly* difficult when you have tenants who just make everything a nightmare.

So if you're a landlord with a cautionary tale, tell us your wildest tenant story.

Maybe you had a tenant who signed a lease for just one person but had a "guest" who long overstayed their welcome and basically began living there rent-free.

Or perhaps you ended up having to evict a tenant and they completely trashed your unit out of spite.

Or maybe you once had a tenant who was loud and extremely unpleasant — and their attitude caused your other tenants to leave.

Share your tenant horror stories in the comments below (and feel free to share what you did to remedy the situation). You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.