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    15 Charts That'll Make Going Keto Sooo Much Easier

    From keto-friendly substitutes to a guide on correctly customizing your Starbucks order.

    1. Understand the symptoms that show that your body is in ketosis. / Via

    It's totally normal to feel more tired than usual when starting the keto diet. And don't be surprised if you're suddenly taking more trips to the bathroom — you are making a major change in what you eat, after all.

    2. Quickly bounce back from a case of the "keto flu."

    3. Create a hassle-free, keto-friendly grocery list.

    4. And make sure you know how to read the nutrition label for keto-friendly items. / Via

    Products that contain natural sweeteners, like stevia, are fine to have while you're on the keto diet.

    5. Enjoy the foods you love with some easy swaps.

    Ketogenic Lab / Via

    No need to say goodbye to your favorite foods! Substitute Parmesan crisps for salad croutons and go bulletproof with your coffee.

    6. And don't feel like you have to completely skip happy hour. / Via

    Some alcoholic beverages — like vodka and gin — are actually low in carbs. Wine lovers should opt for drier varieties, like the pinots.

    7. Keep enjoying the creamer in your coffee.

    8. Keep your Starbucks order keto with just a few easy-to-remember tips. / Via

    Some sugar-free syrups, like vanilla and cinnamon dolce, contain just one carb per pump. Always remember that the beauty of Starbucks is that you can always ask for less!

    9. Continue ordering your fast-food favorites with just a few minor modifications. / Via

    You can still enjoy a double cheeseburger minus the ketchup and buns. And the bacon egg bites from Starbucks are already low in carbs — no adjustments needed! There are more swaps than you think, and you can find them on the @ketohackershop Instagram account.

    10. Make sure you're reaching for the right condiments. / Via

    Good news for guac lovers: You don't have to cut this from your order. Sour cream and cheese sauce are also A-OK.

    11. Opt for the dairy options that are low in carbs. / Via

    Some dairy products contain more carbs than others, so make sure you choose wisely!

    12. And keep in mind that not all fruits are keto-friendly. / Via

    Stay away from dried and canned fruits since they're high in added sugar and therefore not keto-friendly. Instead, go for fresh berries.

    13. Same goes for veggies. / Via

    Not all leafy greens are made equally — spinach tends to be lower in carbs than lettuce and cabbage.

    14. Snack on nuts that are lower in carbs. / Via

    Though highly addictive to snack on, cashews are actually much higher in carbs than pecans or hazelnuts.

    15. And munch happily on high-fat, low-carb snacks. / Via

    Chocolate lovers don't have to give up their favorite sweet snack! The complete chart has even more yummy, keto-friendly snack options like pork rinds and coconut chips.

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