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    15 Charts That'll Make Going Keto Sooo Much Easier

    From keto-friendly substitutes to a guide on correctly customizing your Starbucks order.

    1. Understand the symptoms that show that your body is in ketosis.

    2. Quickly bounce back from a case of the "keto flu."

    3. Create a hassle-free, keto-friendly grocery list.

    4. And make sure you know how to read the nutrition label for keto-friendly items.

    5. Enjoy the foods you love with some easy swaps.

    6. And don't feel like you have to completely skip happy hour.

    7. Keep enjoying the creamer in your coffee.

    8. Keep your Starbucks order keto with just a few easy-to-remember tips.

    9. Continue ordering your fast-food favorites with just a few minor modifications.

    10. Make sure you're reaching for the right condiments.

    11. Opt for the dairy options that are low in carbs.

    12. And keep in mind that not all fruits are keto-friendly.

    13. Same goes for veggies.

    14. Snack on nuts that are lower in carbs.

    15. And munch happily on high-fat, low-carb snacks.