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How Do You Save As Much Money As Possible When You Don't Have A Big Salary?

Tell us all your genius money-saving tips.

When you're on a really tight budget, it can be tough to divvy up your paycheck amongst bills, necessities, and, of course, savings. But putting aside some money can seriously pay off when it comes to future goals or expenses — like planning a wedding, paying for college, or taking the vacation you've always wanted to go on.

So, tell us your tips for saving money even when you're not earning a lot.

Perhaps you resist the impulse purchases you reaaaaally want to make and just transfer the equivalent amount into your savings account instead.

Or maybe you use the Digit app to automatically pull small amounts of money from your checking account — literally a dollar or two a day — and put it into a digital savings bucket for a specific goal.

Orrr maybe you automate your transfers so as soon as you get paid, a portion of your paycheck goes straight to your savings account — and you never even see it.

Spill the tea on all the creative ways you've managed to bulk up your savings account! You could help inspire others to try a method they've never used before, and, as a bonus, you might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.