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    17 Money Tips That May Come In Handy If Your Goal For 2021 Is To Get Your Finances In Order

    New year, new money goals.

    I think it's safe to say that we're ALL ready to leave 2020 behind.

    One thing I'm walking into 2021 with is a set of new, improved financial habits. There's nothing like a new year with a new slate to make you feel motivated to put your best (financial) foot forward. Here are some money tips that'll help:

    1. Get as specific as possible when it comes to creating your money goals.

    Jars of money for retirement, house, vacation, and college

    2. Create a simple budget to avoid overspending.

    3. Check your accounts regularly to make sure there aren't any unfamiliar charges eating up your money.

    Person checking a bill

    4. Set designated "no-spend" days so you can curb your spending in small ways.

    5. Automate your bills so you never miss a monthly due date (and get charged those money-munching late fees).

    6. Pay a little more than just the minimum payment on at least one of your debts.

    Me holding credit cards

    7. Start building an emergency fund β€” even if you just start by setting aside $100 a month for unexpected expenses.

    Me holding money and saying "Emergency money can really come in handy"

    8. Learn as much as you can about saving for retirement.

    Person putting money into a piggy bank

    9. Invest in yourself.

    A person using exercise equipment at home in their living room

    10. Think about the items you'd like to spend more on β€” and budget for them.

    11. Keep your bank info in a safe place so you won't have to stress about forgetting your credentials.

    12. Take a long, hard look at all the services you're subscribed to and cancel the ones you don't need anymore.

    13. Come up with creative ways to save money to make the process feel less daunting.

    Me holding a penny and saying "Day one of the 365 penny challenge = 1 penny saved"

    14. Sell unwanted items so you can declutter your life AND make some extra cash for savings or new purchases.

    Me showing a dress and saying "Getting rid of things I don't wear and getting some cash for it"

    15. Dump the pressure of keeping up with the Joneses.

    16. Work up the courage to have some of the difficult money conversations (that you usually sweep under the rug).

    A couple sitting down to talk about bills

    17. Be open to learning more about managing your money.

    What are your money resolutions for the new year? Share 'em below, and you could be featured in an upcoming post.

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