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    26 Photos Of Food That’ll Make You Angry, Then Happy, Then Angry Again

    Sometimes people and food just don't mix.

    1. Look at this atrocious pie slicing that just screams, "I don't give a fuuuck."

    @FelicityIsn'tEmo / Via

    Now take comfort in knowing that some people put love, care, and symmetry into their pies.

    @warface25 / Via

    2. I'm so sorry you had to see this savagely eaten pizza.

    @poopdadooplaloop / Via

    So just for you, I present these leftover pizza slices that fit perfectly in the corner of a smaller pizza box.

    @paulandrewsct / Via

    3. This sandwich could only have been created by a monster.

    @cipherium / Via

    But at least this scoop of peanut butter looks prettier than I ever will.

    @moudine / Via

    4. Unfortunately, not everyone gets an equal slice of this poorly cut sandwich.

    @habstraktgatts / Via

    But fear not, 'cause this lucky person gets two whole perfectly sized sandwiches!

    @rubiks_pubiks / Via

    5. I know, I know, WHY THE HELL DID THEY WET THE SPOON?!

    Hopefully this perfectly compacted sugar won't meet the same fate.

    @Zombie_murderess / Via

    6. Whoever made this sub is a master of illusion.

    But there's nothing more magical than the way this perfectly sized piece of meat covers the bread.

    @horseradishfistfight / Via

    7. Biting into Hubba Bubba is a crime in all 50 states.

    @merkerberker / Via

    But you know what isn't criminal? This impressive gum sculpture!

    @witenry / Via

    8. Bagels may be carbs but that doesn't mean you can slice them like they're loaves of multigrain bread!!!

    @AlekKrautmann / Via Twitter: @AlekKrautmann

    Now take a deep breath as you enjoy this GIF of bagels being made.

    @-ev / Via

    9. Quick — look away from this photo of a cake slice that met an untimely fate.

    @lyndajlopez / Via

    Now marvel at the skunk baked into this marble cake slice.

    10. Is this cereal killer raising your blood pressure yet?

    @Fish-Cakes / Via

    The good news: you can chill out by appreciating this smart cereal box design.

    @A_LittleBirdieToldMe / Via

    11. This was done for the sole purpose of pissing you off.

    Don't give that person the benefit! Look at the way this wrapper epically broke off instead.

    @moonblooms / Via

    12. This poor, defenseless avocado was mistaken for an apple.

    But these clean-cut, perfectly opened avocados will make you forget all about the disrespect.

    @nevenym / Via

    13. And finally, start a petition against this disrespectful Reese's.

    @Sphax137 / Via

    Because this is obviously the gold standard.

    @jacobmherl / Via

    H/T Reddit's Mildly Infuriating and Oddly Satisfying