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    People Shared The Reasons Why They Actually Regretted Buying Their Homes — And It's Really Eye-Opening

    "Everything has cost significantly more than we expected."

    Home buying is often seen as a sign of financial success, but that's not always the full picture. In fact, sometimes you may realize only *after* moving in that owning a home just isn't going the way you imagined it would.

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    So we recently asked homeowners of the BuzzFeed Community to share some of the regrets they have after buying a home — and their responses were *really* eye-opening.

    1. "We just bought a house a couple months ago. With the market the way it is, we didn’t have much time to think, and we panicked. The house seemed great when we saw it for the first time, but we’ve already put in over $1,000 of electrical work, and it’s still not done."

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    "We found a bunch of damaged asbestos. The drains need to be replaced. Once the previous owners removed things off the walls, we noticed a ton of cracks and dents. Everything has cost significantly more than we expected. And we both have a little bit of regret that we went with such a small house. We wish we could’ve had time to think about it and really look into it. It definitely hasn’t been the best experience so far. We’re just viewing it as our starter house, and hopefully in 10–15 years we can move on."


    2. "I have absolutely no regrets buying my home, BUT the process was horrendously daunting. No one tells you that."

    "No one tells you about putting in offers only for the seller to say you can only have it if you don't do an inspection. No one tells you that you're baring yourself out to everyone and they get to see every single financial decision you've made since birth. I also bought a house alone, and the unpacking along with work in the middle of the summer with no AC raked itself over my mental health. I love my house, but just prepare yourselves for a journey to ownership."


    3. "I bought a house two years ago this week. I never wanted to buy a house. I resisted it for years. However, I was having issues with my apartment complex, and I work for a financial institution that gave employees a discounted interest rate. Maybe these were all signs that I should buy."

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    "The house itself is everything I could have wanted and more, and it was a fantastic price. However, the maintenance is driving me insane. I simply don’t have the time, knowledge, interest, or patience for it. This is how I would describe my situation: Someone could meet an absolutely perfect partner, but if that person isn’t wired to want a partner, that person won’t be happy in a relationship. This house itself is wonderful, but I’m just not wired for home ownership. I think about going back to renting at least once a week."


    4. "I bought my first home in a wild sellers' market. The former owner was an electrician, so they should have done great work, right? Nah, they literally wallpapered over the wires and cut every corner possible. Thankfully, the market took off, and we had equity to remodel and fix things. But for a few years, I thought we could die in an electrical fire."


    5. "I've been a homeowner since I was 25, and the only thing I regret is not paying attention to the 'little' stuff — how much light there is during the day and how busy the roads are."

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    "I was left to choose the apartment on my own with no outside help, not even from my parents, and I honestly had no idea what the important stuff would be for me. The apartment doesn't get much light, so my plants keep dying, and there are three bus lines on the road outside my window. Not to mention tons of cars. These might seem like really little things compared to a bad mortgage or the cost of emergency repairs, but it does affect my day-to-day comfiness."


    6. "I lived with my parents, and shortly after my dad passed, I moved out of the house where I was living for FREE with my mom, who is literally an angel. Nine months in, the roof leaks. The honeymoon phase started wearing off, and I began noticing all the things the previous owners completely half-assed."

    "Less than four years in, my fence is falling, and I’m in the process of having my entire roof replaced. I was more concerned with whether I COULD buy a house; I wasn’t considering if I SHOULD.


    7. "Don’t listen to people who say you should buy because your mortgage will be cheaper than your rent. There are so many hidden and unexpected costs in home ownership that people don’t tell you about."

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    "If you're handy and know how to fix things, great, but if you're not, be warned. I bought my first house eight years ago and regretted it from day one. I bought into the whole 'American dream' of home ownership, and it was a nightmare, not a dream. It was an older home, and my inspector didn’t catch half of the issues with the house. The constant worrying about what was going to happen next was horrible for my mental health. I just sold it, and I already feel better even though my rent will be $300 more than my mortgage. 

    The only good thing that came out of buying the house was that I made money on the sale because this market is so wild."


    8. "We spent way too much on a brand-new house. Then COVID hit. We haven’t done anything to personalize it, and we only use half the space."


    9. "Love our house; hate our neighbor on one side. The area, town, house, and everything else are pretty close to perfect for what we wanted, but we have a next-door neighbor and a neighbor across the street who make so much noise! They are literally the ONLY ONES who make noise on the block."

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    "The neighbor next door works in retail sales and owns his company and only leaves for work for about five hours out of the day. When he’s home, he’s constantly LOUDLY building something in his yard. My husband and I both work from home, so there is so much noise at various hours of the day and night. On top of that, he has a loud muscle car, to look cool (he does not!), and it makes so much noise. Our neighbor across the street from us is constantly doing the most unnecessary construction in their yard/driveway all the time that lasts for months. 

    Before buying a house, check it out at different times of day, weekdays, and weekends to see how active your neighbors are and what they are up to (construction, renovations, installing a lawn, cobblestone driveways, unnecessary fountains, statues, etc.). I wish I paid attention to this before we bought because we needed a place that was pretty quiet in the daytime work hours."


    10. "I’m a single woman in my mid-thirties and was perfectly happy in my 750-square-foot studio with my dog. But my parents shoved the idea of an 'investment in a house' down my throat. Now I look around my house at all the absolutely unnecessary crap I’ve accumulated just by being in a bigger space."

    "Oh, and my furnace and water heater broke in the same month. Keep it simple; do what works for you."


    11. "We bought an old house to fix up. The first mistake was trying to live in a house we were renovating. We were sleeping in the living room for six months."

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    "My husband is in construction, and when we finished the house, there was no work, so we had to move. A pipe burst unexpectedly after we moved out before we could sell, and we got stuck with a giant bill. We had trouble selling so we had to rent, and luckily, that went OK. We eventually sold it for far below the initial asking just to get rid of it."


    12. "I don’t regret buying a house, but I do regret buying a 100-year-old one. So many little things started going wrong not long after moving in. The big one was a main sewer line break that had raw sewage (aka, crap) backing up into the basement. Not having $15K to get all the repair work done, my wife and I had to move in with my parents and let the home go."


    13. "We recently bought our first home. We do not regret it entirely; we got a good price in the school district we wanted and good taxes for the area. But our inspector missed a lot, and it is costing us."

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    "Even the things we stylistically would have waited on (like the horrible kitchen design), we now need to address due to water damage and mold. Everything we should have caught ourselves was overshadowed by their clutter and candles! I have to ration that doing this work to our home is ultimately better financially than having spent the money upfront on a house that was more to our liking/bigger/or didn’t need renovations — but it is rough right now. Buying in the past year was wild; on Long Island, a house was on and off market in a week! But nonetheless, we're excited to not be living in renovations one day and enjoy our new home!"


    14. "We regretted buying the house we did. We only had a short time to find a place. We saw five houses in a day, and put in an offer on the first one that same day. I wish I had taken 24 hours to think about it. The house ended up being in an area that we didn’t really like, and it was too small."

    "We overlooked those things because we felt so pressured to make an offer so we could close on time."


    15. "I actually love my house, but as a first-time home buyer, I was definitely taken advantage of. There were things that should’ve been fixed that weren’t, I wayyy overpaid for my inspection, and I definitely overpaid on closing costs."

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    "The most important thing is to find a realtor who will fight for you, and I sadly did not have that. I had to replace my heating system the first month I moved in — which should’ve been covered by a warranty that it turns out I did not have."


    16. "I 100% regret buying our first home. It didn’t have any of the things we wanted in a house, except that it was in our budget. It was fully 'renovated,' which we thought meant we wouldn’t have to worry about repairs. Five years of living there and we've made countless repairs because the [previous owners] went the cheap route with everything."

    "But that horrible experience taught us what to look for in our next home, which we love!"


    17. "It’s not that I regret buying a home — it’s more so I regret buying my home quickly. I was so excited to buy my first home that I bought one that I really liked. The problem was/is, I didn’t think about my future needs and the issues with the home (I was blinded by liking the home and it being my first)."

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    "So now I have an infant and no bathtub and a house that is so old it creaks, and I have to be a ninja to get out of my baby’s room without waking her up."


    18. "[It was the] biggest regret of my life. I was renting the house, and the owners wanted to sell. I wanted to buy it but needed more time to save up. I was on maternity leave after a rough pregnancy and delivery when they really started to push me to buy. I was hormonal and felt so overwhelmed by the thought of having to find a new place to rent and move with an infant that I caved."

    "Now we’ve been having trouble keeping up with payments, which impacted our credit. We’ve looked at short sale and going back to renting, but our credit is impacting our rental applications. My son is 3 now, and I feel completely overwhelmed and trapped by the debt."


    19. "I watched too much HGTV and thought we could buy a fixer-upper. (They were truly the only houses we could afford for the space we wanted, but we got way too in over our heads.) We finally gave up two years after living there and were able to sell it and use the money to buy the house we are in now."

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    "Some advice when buying your first home: Make a list of what you need, what you can’t live without, and what you wish. You won’t get all of it, but at least it will help narrow things down when speed dating houses. Also, SPEND THE MONEY ON A GOOD HOME INSPECTOR! If you find something, the seller may work with the price of the home or fix it for you. It could save you thousands down the road!"


    20. "I wished I’d done more research about the area and the impossibility of resale. The house was on the market several times, the final time for about three years. I was in the middle of a divorce, and it was impossible for me to continue to pay the mortgage alone AND a new place, so eventually I had to let it go into foreclosure."

    "The bank was actually really awesome, but I couldn’t even get anyone to look at it — in three years, there was ONE viewing. We dropped the price many times, to the point where it wouldn’t even pay off the mortgage. Turns out that the area is so depressed that they can’t give houses away, basically."


    21. "I don't regret buying our house (we bought last summer), but I really wish we'd saved up more for repairs and emergencies. Our garage got destroyed by a neighbor's tree, and while insurance is paying for some stuff, there was a lot of out-of-pocket costs we had to cover."

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    "Smaller things we *want* to do, like refinish the floors or refresh a bathroom, now have to wait because of that."


    22. And lastly, "Owning your own home is such a huge responsibility, but we felt so much pressure from family to buy. I don't necessarily regret buying, but I regret 'giving in.' I feel like we bought because we felt like we had to, not because we wanted to."


    Do you have any helpful tips for first-time home buyers? Share 'em in the comments below!

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