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What's The One Thing You Wish You'd Known Before Buying A House?

Because buying a home is equal parts exciting and scary.

Becoming a homeowner is always a huge and exciting accomplishment.

Think back to when you bought your first home. Maybe you patted yourself on the back for an incredible find at the right price. Or maybe there were a few things you wish you could've done differently.

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You can't turn back time, but you can help future homeowners avoid some of the mistakes you made. So, tell us about the things you wish you knew before buying a home!

Maybe you would've kept saving for an additional year to accumulate a 20% downpayment and avoid tacking private mortgage insurance onto your expenses.


Or, perhaps you wish you'd more carefully considered your home's location so you didn't up near an eternally noisy intersection.


Orrrrr, maybe you would've picked a newer home because you underestimated the time and money you'd spend renovating an old property.

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The home-buying process isn't always as easy as we think it is. So tell us what you wish you knew before buying a home! You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.