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    25 Graduation Caps That Deserve A Degree In Awesomeness

    "What, like it's hard?"

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us how they decorated their graduation caps. While they all deserve an A+, here are just some of their masterpieces.

    1. This cap inspired by The Office is, like, every graduate ever.

    @shannyg / Via

    2. This ~unique~ cap spared no rhinestone.

    @rahashleyshere / Via

    3. This cap was a clever nod to the TruTV comedy Impractical Jokers.

    @sarahp46d7e8aa4 / Via

    4. And this cap deserves a double round of applause.

    @uniquelydivine / Via

    5. This cap made a classic quote even more beautiful.

    @savannahlynnb / Via

    6. This cap honors the late singer Selena.

    @samanthan4f1bd9a22 / Via

    7. This punny cap could only belong to a psychology major.

    @currieke96 / Via

    8. And this Ariana Grande-inspired cap is exactly how we all feel about graduating.

    @racheldanielled / Via

    9. This cap definitely didn't miss its shot.

    @saraj4417ba6ed / Via

    10. This cap is a straight-up mood.

    @emilyu3 / Via

    11. This cap is literally everyone waiting for their diploma in the mail.

    @karaf4c6899a1d / Via

    12. This cap's One Republic shoutout is so true it hurts.

    @preshusm / Via

    13. This cap speaks volumes for anyone who studied speech pathology.

    @heatherm42c166bc1 / Via

    14. And this cap just really turns heads.

    @eeaves / Via

    15. This cap is music to the ears of every graduate ever.

    @alyphant / Via

    16. This cap is equal parts extra and relatable.

    @kellys108 / Via

    17. And this sassy cap just makes it official.

    @saucy828 / Via

    18. This cap goes out to all the nursing majors out there.

    @melaniem4137d4b73 / Via

    19. This cap knows exactly what matters most.

    @kp0123456 / Via

    20. This cap is honestly just too #relatable.

    @lindsayb4af69b6da / Via

    21. This cap clearly knows some things.

    @lindseydianer / Via

    22. And this cap wants you to read all about it.

    @cgc0705 / Via

    23. This cap slays all day.

    @alexissimonek / Via

    24. This cap would do Elle Woods proud, but, like, NBD.

    @kirstenm4e09f2960 / Via

    25. And this Backstreet Boys-inspired cap is every graduate leaving campus for the last time.

    @juliac4d3f34f16 / Via

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