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    23 Gifts For Anyone Who Always Has Wine On Their Mind

    "Rosé all day" has never been truer.

    1. A mounted wine rack to make wine-loving visitors swoon while also storing wine bottles, holding glasses, and collecting bottle corks in the ~secret~ compartment on the side.

    2. A stemless wineglass with a cute, silicone sleeve that *might* come in handy when you've had one glass too many and you're a little, er, clumsy.

    3. Orrr, a wineglass that puts an age-old debate to rest once and for all. I don't know who needs to hear this, but here ya go.

    4. A rubber spatula with a very important PSA all you water drinkers need to hear.

    5. A set of wine condoms because something as sacred as a bottle of cabernet sauvignon should always be well-protected.

    6. A handy pair of socks that'll ensure you always have a glass of rosé in your hand.

    7. Orrr, some floofy slippers because they'll be the envy of every wine-lover at your next slumber party.

    8. A travel wine bag that'll make you wish it were summer already so you can pack this baby up and sip while you sit in the grass.

    9. An adorable bumblebee wine stopper you're sure to get *buzzed* with.

    10. A package of rosé gummies for when you can't decide if you should treat yourself to candy or a drink — life is full of decisions, but this will no longer be one of them.

    11. A sheet mask infused with red wine that reviewers say actually helped minimize the look of pores. Plus, the smell alone is enough to give you your wine fix for the day.

    12. A jar of WineBlock balm so you can say GOODBYE to stained lips and HELLO to another glass of merlot.

    13. A winemaking kit for any amateur vintners just brave enough to try their hand at making their own wine. And the kit comes with enough supplies to make 15 1-gallon batches of wine!!!

    14. A wine aerator that reviewers say makes their vino taste much smoother. It works by adding oxygen to the wine in order to improve the aroma, texture, and flavor. All you have to do is pop it on an open bottle and pour yourself a glass!

    15. A red wine stain remover for anyone who's all too familiar with the crushing feeling of spilling wine on their favorite sheet or pillow. If magic really does exist, this is it.

    16. An electric wine opener (that opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge!!!) because we all know that person who struggles way more than they should with the cork.

    17. A set of kitty cat wine markers so when the guests arrive, you'll always have the purrr-fect way to remember whose glass is whose.

    18. Orrr, a set of actual wineglass markers to really personalize your glass. It's like being transported back to the third grade, except you're old enough to drink.

    19. A handbag that hides up to two bottles worth of wine inside a secret compartment so you can look ~extra~ fashionable while you discreetly drink your "not-wine" from a glass. 👀

    20. A wineglass pendant so you can literally always keep a bottle close to your heart.

    21. A set of six wine lip tints — reviewers say actually smell like wine (!!!) — for lips as bold as your love for the drink.

    22. A "wine-stained" notebook that'll have you drunk-giggling every time you open it up.

    23. And, a set of wine-inspired stickers you can use to decorate your notebook or your wineglass. So even if you tend to make pour decisions, this won't be one of them!

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