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    21 Things To Gift The Person Who Can't Wait To Start Traveling Again

    We may not be able to catch flights just yet, but they'll still appreciate these beauties.

    1. A keychain with collectible engraved tokens so they can have a physical representation of all the places they've traveled.

    A brown keychain with a keyring holding several engraved tokens; one is engraved to say France

    2. A set of three hard shell spinners so for your next future family vacation, you can all easily evade other travelers (thanks to the multidirectional wheels) while you race to your gate in style.

    Three pink hard shell suitcases in small, medium, and large

    3. A mini cocktail kit they can even enjoy while they sit in the backseat on their next road trip adventure.

    The kit styled with a Moscow mule up, mini barspoon, and small bottle of mixer

    4. A travel wallet with enough compartments to hold their passport, boarding pass, cash, ID, credit cards, and more so they can have easy access to all their essentials at any given moment (when they're able to start safely traveling again, of course).

    The purple wallet folding out to show compartments for a passport, ID, seven credit cards, a boarding pass, and cash

    5. A Dagne Dover duffle bag that may seem small but can actually hold a ton of their getaway essentials — whether next year will find them in another country or just a few dozen miles away.

    A model holding the army green duffel

    6. A scratch-off travel map to inspire their first post-quarantine adventure.

    A person scratching off a circle to reveal travel locations

    7. Or a larger scratch-off map so they can mark off all the places they've already been (and continue doing so as they travel around more in the future).

    The world map hanging on a wall

    8. A compass-inspired necklace because they'll always ~find their way~ toward a new, fun experience.

    The gold necklace with a cut-out compass design

    9. A travel journal (with blank pages) they can fill with photos and jot down experiences they want to remember from past and future trips. I have a similar one, and flipping through the memories is always a joy!

    The journal with a brown leather cover engraved with a compass illustration and tie cords with charms around it

    10. A custom illustration of them and their favorite travel buddy, because the couple who travels together stays together.

    An illustration of a couple holding hands and rolling suitcases

    11. A vacation fund money box so they can start putting their spare cash toward that trip out of the country they marked their 2021 calendar for.

    A wooden shadow box that says "Vacation Fund" and has money inside

    12. A decal to remind them of their all-time favorite activity.

    A wall decal in script that says "travel" and has a plane silhouette

    13. A workbook they can fill out when they visit a new state in the future and want to remember details about their experience.

    14. A travel-inspired Starbucks tumbler to combine the two things they love equally: adventure and iced coffee.

    A starbucks cup with travel illustrations

    15. A pocket-sized restaurant journal for the foodie who can't wait to get back to traveling the world with their stomach in mind.

    16. A couples' travel diary for the most adventurous duo in your life.

    A person holding the book, which says "The Life, Love, & Adventures OF Brianna & Charlie"

    17. A charm bracelet so they can quite literally wear their heart on their sleeve.

    The silver bracelet with passport, plane, globe, and camera charms

    18. A map of the US for the person who has soooo many photos from their travels across the states. You can even have it customized with their name printed on it.

    Two people holding a large frame of the U.S. map with some photos shaped to fit the states

    19. A set of Middle Earth postcards even if the only traveling they intend to do is to the world of Lord of the Rings.

    The illustrated post cards

    20. A travel bucket list journal so they won't forget about all the adventures they're cooking up while they're waiting for it to be safe to travel again.

    The book with fill-in-the-blank prompts

    21. And, a pretty marble passport holder they'll definitely reach for as soon as they can hop on a plane again.

    A reviewer holding the white marble passport holder in their lap

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