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14 Hilarious Posts From This Week I Won't Blame You For Laughing At

*When your ex start dating that person they said was just a "friend" after y'all breakup*

1. This dude who really thought he was ordering at a drive-thru machine:

The funniest thing you will watch all weekend 😂😂😂😂

2. This Tinder date gone wildly wrong:

I don’t know who’s group chat this is but if this isn’t the funniest story 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

3. This person in an Elsa costume who heated things up real quick:

reply to this tweet with the funniest video or picture in you’re camera roll ill start

4. This girl who tried, but still failed:


5. This post that can only be described as accurate:

*when your ex start dating that person they said was just a “friend” after y’all breakup

6. This straight-up fact:

All He Does Is To Give You Problems🤔 My Sister You're Dating A Mathematics text Book 📖😪✋🚶🏻‍♂

7. This punny tattoo:

@Magulla / Via

8. This number neighbor "prank" that went the whole nine yards:

my number neighbor pranked me and it has to be the best thing to happen all day

@DcairraoD / Via Twitter: @DcairraoD

9. This number neighbor who wasn't having it:

@@whatevssss__ / Via Twitter: @whatevssss__

10. This passive-aggressive work of art:

@ctrlaltdelete285 / Via

11. This road sign that's so ironic it's laughable:

@Menzoya / Via

12. This trek back in time:

#ImOldEnoughToRememberWhen this was Tinder.

13. This person who gave their word choice a second thought:

@esjaydee / Via

14. Finally, this dude who was thiiis close to fooling us all:

...this would've been an award winning Prank 💯