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We Wanna Know Which Cities Flight Attendants Enjoyed Exploring Most

Tell us what parts of the world we reaaaally need to see!

Being a flight attendant is no easy feat. They go through EXTENSIVE training, have erratic flight schedules, and, of course, deal with their fair share of annoying passengers.

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But one of the greatest perks of the job includes meeting interesting people and exploring the cities they stop in. So, flight attendants of BuzzFeed, we want to know your favorite cities to travel to.

Maybe you found peace in Amsterdam's calm canal waters.

Or perhaps exploring Rhodes' breathtaking, ancient ruins was the ultimate outdoor adventure.

Or maybe Fukuoka, Japan, gave you the perfect balance of marveling at architecture and getting up close to nature.

Tell us which city was your favorite to travel to and why. If you have photos, upload them via the Dropbox below. You might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.