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What's The Best Money Management Tip Your Parents Told You?

Spending, saving, debt, real estate β€” we wanna hear it all.

So much of what we know about money comes from our parents β€” how to spend, what to save, and all that jazz.

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Looking back, they might've given you some *really* good pointers on how to manage your money. Maybe you're still using their tips today.


So, tell us about the best piece of financial advice your parents gave you.

Maybe you still heed their advice about limiting your credit card spending β€” and as a result, you've been able to more effectively tackle debt.

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Or perhaps they always said that you don't need to drive the newest car model β€” older models are more affordable and can still get you from point A to B.

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Maybe they once told you to stash away part of every paycheck, and doing so has really ~paid off~.


Orrr, perhaps they told you to take any opportunity to work an extra shift. The additional cash can go a long way when you need it the most.


Comment below with the best financial tip you learned from your parents! You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.