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    22 Valentine's Day Gifts They Can Actually Eat

    Because the key to almost anyone's heart is basically through their stomach.

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    1. A box of British chocolates that'll make them want to book the two of you a flight to London ASAP.

    2. These milk chocolate covered Oreos because honestly, who wouldn't fall head over heels for a box full of sandwich cookies?

    3. An actual bucket of cookies and brownies that might have your best friends fighting over who loves you more.

    4. A box of assorted Ferrero Rocher chocolates because it's a classic your loved one will go *nuts* over.

    5. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey they can use to really ~spice things up~.

    6. Or this set of spice seasonings so you can add some heat to your romance (and your Valentine's Day dinner, obvs).

    7. A beef jerky bouquet they won't need to worry about accidentally killing, which might honestly make these meat flowers better than actual flowers.

    8. Or! This donut bouquet that'll honestly be a ~sweet~ little appreciation gift for your single roommate.

    9. An order of personalized M&M's you can gift with their name or even a photo of the two of you because your love is as sweet as one of the most popular little candies of all time.

    10. This nine-inch chocolate chip cookie cake they'll hold near and dear to their own heart...right before they devour the entire thing.

    11. A box of assorted chocolate covered pretzels they'll hope is never-ending — kind of like your romance.

    12. These rosé jelly beans the two of you can pop open a bottle of while you snuggle on the couch.

    13. A box of Valentine's Day-themed cupcakes to ~sprinkle~ a little extra joy on an already-romantic day.

    14. This Sriracha flavored bacon jerky because it'll make their love for you grow three times bigger. Pro tip: Fill up a heart-shaped chocolate box with strips of this jerky to really give 'em a sweet surprise.

    15. This mailbox filled with assorted popcorn flavors you can sign, seal, and deliver with a kiss.

    16. A super cute tin that's full of delicious-looking cookies and a whole llama love.

    17. These fortune cookies you can customize with your very own ~sweet~ fortune on the inside.

    18. This fruit basket (that also includes crackers, nuts, and cheese) for the apple of your eye.

    19. A hot sauce sampler set to remind your spicy food lover that they're really the hottest person you've ever met.

    20. This tea variety box that the two of you can sip through together alongside a hearty, romantic breakfast.

    21. A cookie pop making kit that'll make for quite the romantic night-in by allowing the two of you to unleash your inner bakers and whip up something that's truly sweet.

    22. And a box of macarons to remind them that no one stacks up to them.

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