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Millennials, Tell Us About A Debt Mistake You Wish You Hadn't Made

Student loans, debt repayment, car and personal loans, credit cards — we're all ears.

Debt can be a little intimidating. And while it's important to know the right way to do things, it can be equally useful to know what not to do. So, millennials, we could use your help...

Tell us about the debt mistakes you've made that you hope Gen Z'ers avoid.

Maybe you wish you'd realized sooner that running up your credit card without a game plan for paying off the balance wasn't always worth the rewards points you received.

Or perhaps, looking back, you would've applied to more scholarships before resorting to student loans to pay for college; now, it feels like you'll be spending decades making those payments.

Or maybe, if you could do things differently, you'd skip the car loan for the latest model and just get yourself a more affordable older, used car; those high interest rates and insurance premiums might've sounded bearable at the time.

Give us your wise words of wisdom! Comment below and tell us what debt mistakes Gen Z'ers should avoid at all costs. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.