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    15 Current Food Trends We're Deeeeefinitely Gonna Cringe At In A Few Years

    "Seriously, who wants to eat food off a snow shovel?"

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share which current food trends they think will be super cringey in a few years. Here's what they're suuuper fed up with seeing:

    1. "Plateless" foods:

    2. Freakshakes:

    3. Rainbow foods:

    4. Spaghetti donuts:

    5. Cotton candy burritos:

    6. Avocado on everything:

    7. Sushi everything:

    8. Maple bacon doughnuts:

    9. Over-the-top drink garnishes:

    10. Edible glitter:

    11. Dyed lattes:

    12. Foods "in disguise":

    13. Charcoal foods:

    14. Anything birthday cake–flavored:

    15. And unicorn foods:

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