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    These 49 Cool Things People Created While Quarantined Prove That Staying Home Doesn't Have To Be Boring

    "I started a podcast with my 99-year-old aunt. She is feeling pretty scared and isolated. It helps us learn new things!"

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    It might be a serious understatement to say that we could all use a little positivity right about now. Which is why we recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us cool projects they've been working on while staying home, and all we can say is *sniffle* — we're deeply inspired.

    Here are just some of their incredible creations:

    1. "I finally have time to finish this quilt. Almost there!"

    2. "I tried a paint-by-number kit! I've ordered two more."


    BTW, you don't need to be a painting pro to create ~gorgeous~ masterpieces like the one above (though if you are, then more power to ya!). The kits include an illustrated, colorless canvas with numbers, an acrylic paint set with corresponding numbers, and a set of three paintbrushes — you don't even need to order them separately! Your finished masterpiece makes for ~lovely~ home decor.

    You can order your own kit from this Paint by Numbers site for $14.99. Use the kits to create anything from a gorgeous Venice canal view to an icy winter cottage scene, a courageous-looking lion, and more.

    3. "I have been making paper peonies."


    If you'd like to try your hand at making these beauties to light up your living room, here's an easy-to-follow YouTube tutorial for paper peonies.

    4. "I started a podcast with my 99-year-old aunt (I am 30). She lives in New York City and is feeling pretty scared and isolated."

    "We started this to help take her mind off the ongoing crisis, keep us occupied, and learn new things! It's been so fun."


    5. "I gave my 1970s kitchen a facelift with painted white cabinets, new hardware, a new backsplash, and a new vinyl countertop!"


    Adding a fresh coat of paint ($9.98/gallon) is just one way you can revamp your kitchen's look. Try adding some peel-and-stick backsplash tiles ($3.48/square foot) for an eye-catching pop of color, or use a counter refinishing kit ($125; all from Home Depot) to update dull countertops for an extra-glossy, brand-new look.

    6. "I created this set with a cardboard box and used it to photograph my guinea pig."


    Calling all my fellow photographers who are dying to get behind the camera again! If you're tired of using the stark, white walls in your bedroom as a background for photos, here's a list of creative (and mind-blowingly simple) DIY backdrops you can try.

    7. "I made my first-ever keepsake bunny for my son out of his old baby clothes."


    If you don't want to just toss some of your former favorite pieces of clothing, here are some useful ways you can repurpose your clothes.

    8. "I've been doing some machine embroidery ready to take on the world (once we're allowed back out)."


    An embroidery machine is just a small part of this incredibly beautiful craft. Check out this comprehensive YouTube video (aimed at beginners) on 10 machine embroidery essentials you need to get started. Or you can try your *hand* at a hand embroidery kit from 55tree on Etsy for $16.90+ that includes everything you need to get started as a beginner.

    9. "I'm trying out new twists in the kitchen. Here are squash-and-carrot buns."


    If you're envisioning yourself having one of those buns alongside a heap of mashed potatoes, then, honestly, same. If you want to try your hand at a tasty, carb-filled homemade roll or bun, check out our recipe for bakery-quality dinner rolls. It's a great base recipe for any delectable twists you'd like to try on your own.

    10. "After five previous attempts at learning, I finally got the hang of knitting and made my fiancé this scarf. Every stitch was knitted with love. ❤️"


    If you want a fun way to keep your hands busy while you watch TV, try your hand at knitting! Here's a step-by-step tutorial for beginners who want to learn how to knit a scarf. You'll need some super-bulky yarn ($6.99) and knitting needles ($8.79; both from Michael's) — go for size 15 needles to get started on this particular tutorial.

    11. "I finally had time and energy to make a sourdough starter from scratch, and I baked my first loaves of sourdough bread!"

    "It was easier than expected and so delicious!"


    Wanna give bread-making your best shot? Check out our Tasty recipe for homemade sourdough bread. And if sourdough doesn't float your boat, you might find a loaf you'll love in our post on 24 simple bread recipes.

    12. "I made the window pretty."


    In case you're now inspired to show off your own art skills to your neighbors walking (socially distant) by, you can buy a pack of washable window markers from Michael's for $4.75. Or, if they're sold out, get a different set from the Home Depot for $6.53.

    13. "I taught myself how to embroider! I also made my own hoop using a round piece of plastic and paper clips, since I can’t go to the store to get one.

    "It’s pretty time-consuming, so it’s perfect for quarantine."


    If you've always wanted to get into embroidery but just never knew where to start, Bluprint is offering FREE online embroidery classes until April 9, so now's your chance to get in on the fun! And you can purchase a kit with a similar design from 55tree on Etsy for $16.90+ (includes everything you need for the project, including a hoop, fabric, thread, and a needle).

    14. "I created this painting because even through uncertain times, each of the four seasons will still transition to the next. Life goes on."

    15. "These are some coasters I'm working on. Working with polymer clay is really fun — I recommend it!"


    There's so much more fun to be had with polymer clay! You might like these incredibly gorgeous craft ideas you can try (think bracelet charms, refrigerator magnets, figurines, and more!). Or you can check out this YouTube video on marbled clay DIYs (including how to make some gorgeous coasters). And you can get a polymer clay kit with 42 colors and modeling tools and accessories from Arteza for $28.99.

    16. "I set up an indoor garden. It's not as organized as I want it to be, but it brings me joy."


    If you want to grow your collection of tiny green babies without spending too much time outdoors, here's a super-organized guide to indoor gardening.

    17. "I've been forcing myself to draw every day and have finally been putting together a graphic design portfolio, since my other job as an event consultant does not exist anymore."

    18. "Never mind love in the time of corona, what about Harry Potter in the time of corona? I developed a new collection with my partner."

    19. "I bake when anxious, and I’m so anxious!"


    Psst! Check out our Tasty recipe on how to make ah-mazing homemade cinnamon rolls for some inspiration. Pro tip: Once you smother 'em in icing, add a little crunch by sprinkling some walnuts or snickerdoodle cookie pieces over the top!

    20. "I wood-burn, so I wood-burned this and then painted them."


    Wanna give this craft a shot? You can get a compact wood burner from Blick Art Materials for $51.18.

    21. "Cross-stitching is helping to take my mind off of the fact that I still have to work with the public."


    Elizabeth Lilly, an editor here at BuzzFeed, put together this suuuper-handy guide for people who want to learn how to cross-stitch — if that's you, you may wanna take a quick peek!

    22. "My husband and I made this rendition of a piggy bank together. He did the woodwork and I did the staining and design work."


    For more super-cute and creative ways to save money (that you can totally DIY right at home), check out these 40 cool piggy banks for kids and adults.

    23. "I’ve been baking like crazy. I made these homemade donuts the other day."


    If y'all are like me and have a HUGE sweet tooth, then you're probably craving those donuts right about now. Luckily, I found us this homemade donut recipe (that doesn't involve dealing with super-finicky yeast) so we can be on our way to indulging in a sweet treat.

    24. "I'm sewing tote bags and face masks."


    You can actually learn how to make face masks right at home with some help from a former Project Runway winner. Or you can follow instructions from the New York Times.

    25. "I'm making my dream Harry Potter edition of Monopoly."

    "I teach classes virtually, and I can't wait to show my students when it's finished."


    26. "I've always loved the look of spray-painted book edges, so I decided to give it a try."


    If any of you bookworms out there want a fun way to spruce up some old favorites that have your bookshelves looking a little bland, here's a helpful tutorial for neatly creating spray-painted edges.

    27. "I was laid off last Friday and have been doing a lot of acrylic paint pouring. I made five pieces in the last three days."


    If you want to learn how to create *stunning* pieces like the one above, check out this YouTube video on acrylic paint swirling techniques. You can actually purchase paint pouring kits from Arteza ($55.98 for a set of 32 paints) that already have the proper ratio of pouring medium mixed in, which means SO much less work for you!

    28. "I’m crocheting a throw blanket for grandparents. Oddly enough, this pattern is called a virus blanket!"


    If you're in need of something soft to make staying indoors feel so much cozier, you can try making this easy chunky ribbed crochet blanket for yourself. You'll need some chunky yarn ($9.99) and a crochet hook ($3.49) — both from Michael's — to get started.

    29. "I'm building a giant entertainment center!"


    For more fun, hands-on ways to work with wood, check out these 34 wood craft projects you can complete at home (all for under $10).

    30. "When I ordered this Baby Yoda puzzle, I didn’t realize how most of it is the same dark color. It was tougher than I thought!"


    You guys, this is NOT a drill!! You can get this 500-piece Baby Yoda puzzle from Barnes & Noble for $10.99.

    31. "I learned to pipe buttercream roses! I've always wanted to learn how, and finally had the time."


    There's nothing cooler than a masterpiece you can eat! Plus, you most likely have everything you need to create scrumptious piping detail right in your kitchen. Cupcake Jemma has an easy-to-follow buttercream recipe you can use. Then happyhappycake teaches you not one, not two, but THREE methods for piping buttercream roses. But here are some other ways you can use buttercream to pipe your heart out.

    32. "I've been going through my craft supplies and making craft kits for anyone who is stuck at home right now. Each bag is a whole project.

    "The painting coasters kit includes coasters, paint, and brushes. The embroidery one has frames, cloth, patterns, needles, and thread. It's a double win because I get to clean out my craft room/WFH office while doing something nice for my community."


    33. "I’m dabbling in painting with acrylics on slate. I started with Hogwarts house mascots as inspiration."

    34. "I’ve been working on amigurumi, which is the Japanese art of crocheting animals and creatures.

    "I made so many and even have polls on my Instagram for my followers to vote on their favorites."


    If you're squealing with excitement as much as I am, you can learn more about how to try your hand at amigurumi with this beginners post from All About Ami. And when you think you've done enough research and are ready to actually try making a creation of your own, you can opt for a beginner amigurumi kit featuring an adorable little penguin from thewoobles on Etsy for $20+.

    35. "I made my first pie!"


    Instead of giving you just one pie recipe (because there are SO MANY delicious ones out there), here's a roundup of 29 droolworthy pies you can make at home.

    36. "I decided to do a fundraiser where I make custom portraits for just $25 and donate the proceeds to local businesses and employees affected by closures. We raised over $1,000! ❤️



    For more beautiful portraits, check out @Artistcalledlo on Instagram or at this website.

    37. "I’ve been learning how to bead-stitch! Right now I’m working on a whale loom bracelet. It’s a great way to pass self-isolation time."


    Sure, bead stitching isn't the same as stringing together those gorgeous, colorful beaded bracelets we all used to make in middle school, but that doesn't mean you can't learn the craft! This jewel loom kit from Beadaholique ($16.29) takes the stress out of figuring out what you need to get started.

    38. "I have been doing so much crafting, from sun catchers to watercolor to knitting. But the biggest thing is the elephant on my wall. It's still a work in progress."

    39. "I painted this in about three days. It's the best thing I have ever painted, and I’m giving it to my grandma."

    40. "I made applesauce. I always thought it must be hard, but SURPRISE! It's super easy!!"


    If you haven't thought about applesauce in a looooooong time but are suddenly inspired to break out those apples, here's a super-easy applesauce recipe you can follow. And here's a three-ingredient, sugar-free version that may also suit your fancy.

    41. "I'm painting denim! It’s been super cathartic, and I love finding new homes for them once I’m done!"


    In case you now have the urge to rifle through your closet for all the denim jackets, jeans, shorts, and skirts you no longer wear and give them a much-needed revamp, here's a step-by-step guide to painting denim using acrylic paints.

    42. "This is a granny square blanket I've been trying to finish for YEARS and kept putting off!

    "When it's finished, it's gonna be GIANT!? I WILL finish it with my time off!"


    43. "I’ve been tie-dying everything."


    No, you haven't been noticing more tie-dye patterned clothing out of pure coincidence. The trend is making a comeback just in time for warm weather! Here's a helpful tutorial on how to tie-dye shirts. If you wanna relive this nostalgic childhood art project, a tie-dye kit from Michael's ($21; available in six color combos) might make DIY time a lot easier.

    44. "I made a new sign for our front door! Humor is so important during times like these."

    45. "I cosplay and I’m currently working on a new character. I made this excessively tall top hat out of cardboard!"


    BTW, here are some super-easy cardboard crafts that are also kid-friendly, which means you can get the little ones involved!

    46. "I’ve wanted to buy the Lego Stranger Things set for months. I figured quarantine was the best time to splurge! I loved every second of it!"


    You can get this pretty spiffy set from Lego for $199.99 (currently backordered and, at time of publication, will ship by May 11).

    47. "I’m a stay-at-home mom, so being home isn’t any different for me. But now that my husband works from home, I get a few more breaks throughout the day. Yesterday I used that time to make bagels from scratch."


    Even if you can't go to Starbucks for your morning bagel, you can make your own at home with this homemade bagel recipe. I promise it's not as daunting as you may think, and it'll be totally worth the work!

    48. "I'm learning how to do cool makeup."


    If you'd also like to stretch your ~fabulous~ makeup skills, Be Beauty offers a wide variety of tutorials ranging from special effects makeup to mesmerizing lip art.

    49. "I did these nail designs for the coronavirus outbreak."


    It's also a really important reminder!!! Stay safe, y'all.

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    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.