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    26 Cheap Things That'll Solve The Problems You Haven't Thought About In A While

    For when those pesky mishaps rear their annoying heads.

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    1. An ice cream koozie so you don't get halfway through the latest episode of The Bachelor only to realize for the fifth week in a row that you haven't put down your chilly pint for a full hour (you just couldn't peel your eyes away!) and now your fingers are REALLY cold.

    2. This sauce holder that clips to your car vents because going to the fast food drive-thru is all fun and games until you have a nugget in your hand and remember just at that moment how annoying dipping 'em can get when you don't have a way of holding the sauce without spills.

    3. A cutting board with seven interchangeable mats (specifically for meats, bread, cheese, and fish) so when the extended family comes over on one of their twice-a-year visits, you don't find yourself washing the same board over and over while prepping the multi-person spread.

    4. This pack of 50 non-slip slimline hangers — which have half the bulk of normal plastic hangers — because you've managed to jam so much clothing into your closet that it's actually been a while since you've been able to just reach in, grab what you need, and go.

    5. A non-stick oven liner — even though you may have blocked that afternoon from your memory forever, you don't want to spend another three hours scrubbing out the random burnt-on bits out of the bottom of your oven because they'd started to smoke, ruining your cake in the process.

    6. This bug bite suction tool, which gently removes some of the venom that makes pesky mosquito bites itch, because you may be tired of the blisteringly cold winter now, but come summertime you'll be back to itching away at those annoying bites.

    7. A foam kitchen sponge to replace your old, gross dish sponge, which you've clearly gotten way too comfortable using since you can barely notice the putrid smell anymore.

    8. This set of bedsheet fasteners because as cringey as it might've felt at first, you're too accustomed to sleeping with your fitted bed sheets slipped out and sprawled across the mattress, and these babies will remind you what real comfort feels like.

    9. A cute 'lil brown sugar bear to keep your brown sugar perfectly moist because it seems as if your sugar is perfectly useable until you're ready to whip up some cookies and find yourself with an impenetrable rock in the jar.

    10. This ring adjuster that'll help you avoid all those close-calls from your slightly-too-big ring accidentally sliding off your finger. You're just too used to pushing it back on so you don't even notice when you're doing it now.

    11. A pack of clear, silicone-rubber earring backings so you'll never have that mini panic attack when you randomly reach up and realize that the earrings you were wearing fell off because you never replaced the original backings.

    12. A set of stove counter gap covers because accidental food droppings may not seem like a huge deal now but any buildup that may accumulate in the chasm between your stove and your countertop will not be a fun discovery the day you decide to go for a deep clean.

    13. A cable sleeve that fits snuggly around the wires attached to electronics around your home because you never really noticed how unruly they looked until your parents did a double-take while dusting around your room.

    14. This bottle of earwax removal drops because even when you think there's no wax in your ears because the cotton swabs are coming out clean, any muffled hearing you might've been experiencing lately could mean otherwise — and could actually point to impacted (aka stuck) earwax.

    15. This taco holder for stopping your masterpiece of beef, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream from tragically falling out of the shell. I mean, we love tacos but we forget how annoying they can be until we're left spooning the stragglers from our plates.

    16. A microwave plate cover because I'm sure we've all forgotten to clean our microwaves more than we care to admit, and this cover can help minimize those messy splashes.

    17. This eight-bin interlocking drawer organizer set just in case you've gotten a little *too* used to sifting around an untidy drawer for the hand sanitizer.

    18. A jewelry fastener because even though you might not always wear bracelets, it'll make the process of putting them on SO much faster when you actually do!

    19. A teeny bottle of touchup paint you can use over furniture scratches and chips in case your eyes slide right past the nicks that your house guests might actually notice.

    20. These heel protectors you'll be glad you bought when you go from smoothly walking on the sidewalk to trudging through grass. It'll protect your shoe from sinking into the grass and also keep your heels from getting dirty, unlike your ruined gold pair from that unexpectedly muddy wedding last year.

    21. A cup holder designed to fit on shopping carts because we always seem to forget that pushing a cart while sipping coffee is easy enough until you weigh it down with a month's worth of groceries and actually need both hands to push the cart.

    22. This peel-off barrier nail polish because you haven't done your own polish in years and the last time you tried, you realized you're no longer an expert at getting the edges just right — but now no one has to know you did it at home.

    23. This back zipper puller for the two dresses that wound up in the very back of your closet despite being extremely gorgeous. Unfortunately you never wear them since you just can't zip 'em up yourself, but now, you can!

    24. A pack of toaster bags because nothing would brighten up a gloomy day quite like a warm grilled cheese, but no matter how many times you pep talk yourself into just taking the extra time to make it in a pan on the stove, you still wind up craving a much more efficient option.

    25. A set of slow cooker liners so you don't run into the seldom thought about–issue of having to yank the heavy pot out of the cooker to clean it.

    26. And this ice tray with a lid because iced tea sounds absolutely divine until you remember that you're quite clumsy and might end up with a totally wet floor if you even dare touch anything like an ice tray. But this features a silicone lid that helps prevent any spills!

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