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    23 Fun Board Games You Might Actually Be Bored Enough To Play

    Plus a few card games that might spark your fancy.

    1. Beeropoly lets you crack open a cold one while you participate in fun, hilarious challenges (that may or may not get you completely buzzed).

    2. Pucket makes your adrenaline soar in a high-speed race to successfully launch all your wooden pucks to your opponent's side of the board. There's no way you'll play just one round.

    3. Classic Monopoly grinds a few gears and may or may not destroy a few relationships as you and your family members compete against each other to rake in the cash. Fair warning: One round can literally last hours.

    4. Pug-opoly follows a similar idea but with fewer friendships winding up as casualties by the end of the game — plus, who doesn't love a good, wholesome game filled with dogs?

    5. Double Bananagrams lets you show off your ~vast~ word knowledge (finally, a reason to brag about the plethora of vocabulary quizzes you passed in middle school) as you race to finish in first. Turn your coffee table into your game board for rounds and rounds of fun.

    6. What Do You Meme? forces you to and other players to put your creativity to the test to come up with the most LOL-worthy captions for the selected meme. You'll be begging your roommates to play "one more round."

    7. And New Phone, Who Dis? follows a similar setup, but with hilarious, wild, weird, and embarrassing "incoming" text messages you need respond to.

    8. Scary Bingo provides a fun, not-so-terrifying twist on a classic game. The adorable illustrations make it the perfect game for killing some time with little ones at home because the only thing scarier than the made-up monsters are the tantrums of a bored 7-year-old.

    9. Katamino stretches your brain as you obsessively play round after round of trying to fit all the wooden shapes perfectly into the game board without leaving a single empty space. Wow, would you look at that — it's almost bedtime!

    10. Yeti in my Spaghetti racks your nerves in a similar way to Jenga, except there's a cute little yeti you have to save from plunging into the bowl below him. Before you know it, you've eaten up about three hours in your day.

    11. Colorku relies on a well-thought-out strategy to match the game board to one of the 104 the puzzle cards — sorry, there's only one way to solve each puzzle, so no shortcuts! Looks like you'll be preoccupied with this for a while.

    12. Checkers, chess, and backgammon bring back some classic fun you might not have thought about in almost a decade. The board allows you to play all three games in one convenient little package. It's time to put those high school chess club skills to the ultimate test against your roommates!

    13. Tabletop Cornhole tests your aim (and sometimes even your patience) as an indoor take on a fun backyard game (except, these bean bags are about one-tenth of the size of a normal one and wayyyy cuter). My, how time flies when you're having fun!

    14. Candyland: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory invites you on a sweet, sweet journey to the Wonkavator while dodging classic Candyland obstacles. While the game may seem docile, don't underestimate how far back one wrong move can take you.

    15. Aristotle's Number Puzzle puts your math and logic skills to the test because you'll literally have to make sure your victory adds up with this frustratingly fun game. Sure, it may take you the entire day to solve it the first time, but you might honestly come back for more.

    16. Risk! sends you on a mission of world domination as you work against (and at times, with) other players to form alliances and avoid attacks. You might wanna gather all the snacks because this could take some time.

    17. Where in the World? helps you learn the names, locations, and fun facts about the 196 ~wonderful~ countries in the world — all through six different levels of play, which means six levels of endless fun!

    18. Parcheesi takes you on a nostalgic trip back in time as you race to make it back "home" before the other players. Time starts flying when your adrenaline starts going.

    19. Settlers of Catan encourages players to use their imagination and pretend they're settlers on the new island of Catan. You'll get the chance to explore mountains, hills, and forests and claim territory — just watch out for your cunning fellow settlers! Fans of Monopoly may find a few similarities between these two games.

    20. Ticket to Ride also induces a little imagination for the most adventurous players, except the object of the game is to use "train tickets" to ride the rails to as many cities around North America as possible.

    21. The Golden Girls edition of Clue keeps players on their toes as they try to solve a mystery that's bound to *eat up* a good chunk of their day.

    22. Heads Up! puts your guessing game skills to the test as you and your roommates take turns feeding each other clues about what the heck is written on your card — all with the pressure of beating the timer.

    23. And, Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter edition lets you find out once and for all which of your roommates is the biggest HP fan. Finally, all those hours of re-watching the movies will pay off!

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