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We Found All The Best Places For Chicken Wings In Every State So You Don't Have To

For when you gotta satisfy those wing cravings.

Nothing hits the spot quite like a plate of finger-licking chicken wings. But there's nothing worse than the utter betrayal of biting into bland-tasting meat or dry, overcooked chicken.

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To help you avoid this travesty, we reached out to Yelp to help determine the most popular chicken wing spot in each state (and DC), which the site measured using an algorithm that ranks its reviews.

Soooo, here are the 51 best places for chicken wings across the US.

1. Saw's Soul Kitchen, Birmingham, Alabama

Mae R. / Via

"These are the best chicken wings I've ever had. Their white sauce is so addictive and goes well with everything. I'm from out of town and every time I make the trek to Birmingham, this place is a must-stop." —Yelper Abhirup D.

2. Moose's Tooth, Anchorage, Alaska

Candace L. / Via

"The wings were quite amazing, and the beer was great. They didn't even need the sauce that came with them, but that Korean sweet-and-spicy sauce was fantastic. I was kind of disappointed that there wasn't a traditional Buffalo sauce option available, but like I said, the wings didn't really need a sauce at all. They were bomb." —Yelper Tony V.

3. The Rail a Pizza Company, Rogers, Arkansas

Mark L. / Via

"We ordered a dozen wings — half Louisiana hot and half spicy BBQ. These were nice and crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. They drizzled the sauce over the wings, so the chicken wasn't completely tossed in sauce, but they were still very flavorful." —Yelper Ty Y.

4. Valley Wings, Phoenix, Arizona

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"These crispy wings will delight any picky wing lover. They use quality chicken that's fried perfectly to a crisp and dredged in your choice of sauce! Ahhhh, the sauce! You must try the Korean BBQ and Valley sauce — those were outstanding! We also tried the Buffalo, mango habanero, and honey hot sauces! They were all super good!" —Yelper Karina G.

5. Oh Mama Kitchen, La Mirada, California

Eric H. / Via

"I ordered the chicken wings, which they fry as soon as you order. After a short wait, I was blessed with some of the most bomb-diggity wings I have ever had in my taste repertoire of fried chicken wings. I ordered half regular wings and half in a special garlic sauce, which was very sweet, salty, and savory. Despite being very well battered and fried, the wings did not feel heavy at all and there was a nice crispiness that came with every bite." — Yelper Kody D.

6. Walter's303 Pizzeria & Publik House — Bow Mar, Littleton, Colorado

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"The wings? Nailed it!! Turns out they actually bake their wings, and they’re full of flavor, seasoned just right, and absolutely perfect. The company I work for is headquartered in northern New York — home to Buffalo wings. The wings at Walter's would not only hold their own in northern New York, but I think they would stand out and make people scratch their heads and say, 'Why are these as good as ours??'" —Yelper Dunkin W.

7. Dew Drop Inn, Derby, Connecticut

Christian Y. / Via

"Since they are known for their wings, we ordered those along with some cheesy loaded tater tots that were full of bacon-y goodness. Dew Drop Inn has such a huge list of wing flavors — it's crazy! There are at least 30 different ways you can have wings. There are even sweet versions of wings, like Nutella! We tried Buffalo, Parmesan butter garlic, and taco-flavored wings. For me, the Parmesan butter garlic wings were hands down the best and VERY addicting. They had great flavor and you could actually taste the garlic — nice and hot. I am salivating now just thinking about how good those wings were." —Yelper Lindsey B.

8. Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza, Pike Creek, Delaware

Kellie D. / Via

"The chicken wings are to die for. The new dry-rub wings have a kick, but they are delicious and well worth a try. Their regular wings are unlike any I've had before. They just fall off the bone and melt in your mouth." —Yelper Katie O.

"Their wings are baked in the pizza oven with onions. The taste is exceptional. I don't even normally like wings, but theirs are so good that I get them every time." —Yelper Catherine H.

9. V Pizza, Jacksonville, Florida

Emily S. / Via

"The oven-roasted chicken wings were a bonus to an already delicious meal. The wings came with caramelized onions on top and added a sweet flavor with the herb-infused wings." —Yelper John L.

"The wings were very flavorful and almost didn't even need your average dipping sauce of ranch or blue cheese. I'll be back very soon." —Yelper Terron B.

10. The Local Wood Fired Grill, Alpharetta, Georgia

Michelle G. / Via

"From the moment I took my first bite of the chicken wings. I knew my bank account was going to be in trouble. The chicken wings have some kind of lemon pepper seasoning on them, I believe. My taste buds definitely thanked me after every bite! The wings and brussels sprouts have a nice smoky flavor due to the wood-fired grill, which just enhanced the overall enjoyment of my entire meal. It's a taste that is well-deserving of five stars ALL DAY!!!!" —Yelper Kaleb E.

11. Karai Crab, Honolulu, Hawaii

Amy Y. / Via

"Their Thai chicken wings are solid chicken wings. I never would have expected to find delicious chicken wings at a crab spot! Order this and you will thank me." —Yelper Mark H.

"I would totally go back for the honey garlic chicken wings — those were bomb AF!" —Yelper Lucia N.

12. Bittercreek Alehouse, Boise, Idaho

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"These are the best wings I've had in town — and I'm a huge chicken wing enthusiast! I will definitely be going here again when I need a wing fix!" —Yelper Julian L.

"I ordered the wings and they were crisp and so tasty! The burgers were great too." —Yelper Sophia G.

13. Landbirds, Chicago, Illinois

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"The wings were great and really juicy. A lot of other places really overcook Korean chicken wings so the outside ends up being pretty tough and the inside sometimes doesn't have that much meat to it, but Landbirds does this well. " —Yelper Lihan C.

"Do one thing and do it well. Landbirds has taken this to heart and has focused on sharing the expertise of sweet, spicy, and savory Korean fried chicken wings. They're cooked to order and come with a side of jasmine rice." —Yelper Anthony T.

14. Ale Emporium, Indianapolis, Indiana

April T. / Via

"These wings were delicious and unexpected. They were charred, spicy, and a little sweet. I would highly recommend them. They have Hermanaki wings, which means that they have a blend of spices and teriyaki sauce on them. If I had known how good these wings were going to be, I would've just placed a larger order of them for dinner. They were super good." —Yelper Josh R.

15. The Salty Dog Bar & Grill, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Matt M. / Via

"The wings are a showstopper and might be the best wings I've ever had. I ordered the BBQ charred wings extra dry and extra crispy. The sugar in the BBQ sauce caramelizes, which makes them taste like candy. They were heaven. I will absolutely be back!" —Yelper Laurel R.

16. Q39 South, Overland Park, Kansas

Marcella P. / Via

"I tried a few different things and two things stuck out to me the most: One, the chicken wings were MIND-BLOWINGLY good. They had the perfect amount of sauce, where they weren't drenched but were still so flavorful. Second, the ribs were delicious — they're legit so tender that they fall off the bone." —Yelper Alison W.

17. Momma's Mustard, Pickles & BBQ, Louisville, Kentucky

Joel W. / Via

"I truly have never had wings this delicious. They cover the wings in a dry rub, fry them, and then add more dry rub! There are two choices of BBQ sauce: hot and regular — both of which I loved." —Yelper Eden S.

"Let me tell ya, GET THE WINGS!!! No sauce needed, but if you MUST have sauce, they have regular and hot BBQ to choose from. However, I suggest you just revel in the amazing flavor of the wings." —Yelper Taylor B.

18. Fharmacy Nola, New Orleans, Louisiana

Anthony N. / Via

"I LOVED the wings. The texture was thick, almost like an eel sauce. The taste was like a honey sriracha combo, and the color was a dark reddish brown. I kept dipping my carrots in the thick, yummy sauce. You get about eight wings, and they come with ranch, carrots, and celery." —Yelper Jamie B.

"I literally cannot stop thinking about the Vietnamese lemongrass chicken wings. That's all you need to know. Get them. Eat them. Repeat." —Yelper Rachel C.

19. Tomaso's Canteen, Portland, Maine

Kev M. / Via

"The bartender was super cool and knowledgeable, and told us to order the hot wings, which were honestly so amazing! They were extra crispy, packed with flavor, and coated in Buffalo sauce." —Yelper Stephanie E.

"This place is an absolute hole-in-the-wall with the BEST WINGS I'VE EVER HAD!!! My friend brought me to Tomaso's and I decided on the Pooh wings (they contain lemon, honey, and garlic). They were absolutely incredible. The chicken wings were meaty, and the sauce was absolutely killer." —Yelper Isabella D.

20. Full On Craft Eats & Drinks, Rockville, Maryland

TJ B. / Via

"I found the Thai wings to be little on the Western side with a slightly spicy kick, which is how I want my wings." —Yelper Andy P.

"They have such a great variety of wings, and I couldn't settle with just one type. I asked for half Buffalo and half spicy Thai. The wings had their initial crispiness and then all tenderness. Sooo yummy!" —Yelper Rita W.

21. Cafe Paprika, Norwood, Massachusetts

Alison P. / Via

"The crispy wings covered with garlic, spices, olive oil, and just a hint of lemon are probably the best wings I've ever had. I will be back and will quite possibly have two orders of them for my meal — they're that good." —Yelper Snigel P.

"The grilled chicken wings were soooooo good. The sauce that it came drenched in was amazing. It was tangy with just the right amount of salt to balance." —Yelper Kim T.

22. Detroit Wing Company, Eastpointe, Michigan

Mark D. / Via

"This place has the best wings in town. They have excellent sauces, and their carry-out orders are always accurate, fresh, and hot! They also have the best blue cheese in the game for dipping." —Yelper Dan A.

"We ordered 24 boneless wings in garlic Parmesan, Cajun, Buffalo, and whiskey BBQ flavors. My favorite is the whiskey BBQ. I also enjoyed the Buffalo-flavored wings, but they're a little spicy for me." —Yelper Shardae R.

23. Casper's and Runyon's Nook, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Carrie H. / Via

"They have AMAZING big, fat, juicy chicken wings smothered in hot Buffalo sauce with lots of blue cheese and ranch dressing." —Yelper Catherine C.

"They have seriously good wings. We tried the Minnesota wild spice level. Our waiter told us that was probably the most popular choice for the wings. I don't think I've ever had wings coated in just the dry rub instead of a sauce. They were pretty spicy, but totally flavorful and delicious and not too hot." —Yelper Carrie H.

24. Murky Waters Blues & BBQ, Gulfport, Mississippi

Matt B. / Via

"They have the best BBQ wings on the coast!!! Hands down!! Every wing flavor is outstanding and cooked to perfection every time I go." —Yelper Adam K.

"The smoked chicken wings were good — very good, actually. I opted for the Parmesan garlic and honey BBQ flavors, and I could tell both had been smoked! I enjoyed the hint of smoke flavor in my wings!" —Yelper Mika N.

25. Q39 — Midtown, Kansas City, Missouri

Coco C. / Via

"Obviously we got the 'world's best chicken wings,' and they were freaking good. Sauce and spice married to the thick, chunky wings — I must've licked my fingers about 20 times by the time I finished my half. " —Yelper Graciela C.

"We sat at the bar, and I'm pretty sure everyone around us got the wings. Can y'all please make the sauce on the wings available for purchase?!?! It is SO good." —Yelper Danielle T.

26. Gallatin Riverhouse Grill, Big Sky, Montana

Elizabeth W. / Via

"This place is really, truly as good as it gets as far as BBQ is concerned! I would NEVER ever typically rave about fried chicken, but OMG, this fried chicken is so good!" —Yelper Denise S.

"I visited here this past summer twice because it was that good. The fried chicken is as good as you'll find anywhere, Nashville included." —Yelper GS

27. Oscar's Pizza & Sports Grille, Omaha, Nebraska

Oscar's Pizza & Sports Grille / Via

"You've got three decisions to make here when you get wings: 1. How many wings you want. 2. The sauce flavor you want. 3. How you want them cooked. Traditional wings are fried then tossed in your choice of sauce. Char-buffed wings are traditional wings finished on the grill to give your sauce a baked-on taste. And double-dipped wings are char-buffed wings re-tossed in your choice of sauce." —Yelper Nikki W.

28. Brother's Pizza, Las Vegas, Nevada

Nicholas G. / Via

"Let me tell you, they have definitely perfected their lemon garlic–flavored wings! They're extra crispy and meaty. They brought out some medium-flavored wings too. The medium is always the test for me. If you can make good medium wings, I will take it that you know wings. These didn't disappoint, either. They were crispy and extra saucy, and I enjoyed each bite." —Yelper Antonio M.

29. Granite Tapas & Cocktail Lounge, Hooksett, New Hampshire

Bridgette J. / Via

"The wings are AMAZING. They're so crispy and perfectly cooked. They come in several tasty, creative flavors — the salted caramel wings were surprisingly delicious. Plus, wing Wednesday comes at the sweet price of 75 cents a wing." —Yelper Sarah K.

"We ordered the salted caramel wings based on other reviews, and they did not disappoint. I'll admit that we were a tad skeptical on the flavor combo, but it was delicious." —Yelper Kristi B.

30. Peck Peck Korean Style Chicken, Teaneck, New Jersey

Rachel L. / Via

"I say this without any exaggeration whatsoever: These are the BEST wings I have ever had in my life. I got a small order of each: salt and pepper, sweet and spicy, and soy garlic. They were all amazing. They were perfectly crispy and the sauce did not take away from that." —Yelper Becki R.

"The sweet and spicy wings are delicious!! The place looks like a hole-in-the-wall from the outside, but the wings are perfectly crispy and aren't dry on the inside. They're also nice and spicy, which is how I like them!" —Yelper Brittany O.

31. Bruno's Pizza & Wings, Raton, New Mexico

Shawn M. / Via

"This place is an absolute gem! It's a small place in a small town, but the food has major taste! The pizza was outstanding. The wings were small, but the sauce was packed with flavor." —Yelper David E.

"This is one of our favorite places to eat in Raton with some of the best pizza and wings that you'll find anywhere. Try the spicy Asian wings." —Yelper Bunny B.

32. Wingnutz, Buffalo, New York

Brian C. / Via

"My wife and I ordered 10 wings each. I got medium and she got mild. They come with celery and a little blue cheese. You will wait for about a half hour. Why? Because everything is FRESH. It's all cooked on the spot using huge, meaty wings, and their own excellent sauces. The difference in quality is amazing!" —Yelper Stan R.

33. The Kill Devil Grill, Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

Heather O. / Via

"When you sit down, you don't even need to look at the menu — just order the wings and prepare for deliciousness. If all you ordered were wings and a basket of fries, you'd be in for a major treat." —Yelper Donnie S.

"The chicken wings were amazing, and as someone who hails from Buffalo, New York, that is a big compliment, since Buffalo is known for their wings. Kill Devil Grill's wings had a nice spice to them, and they were very juicy and tender. I like that they are grilled instead of deep-fried like normal chicken wings tend to be." —Yelper David F.

34. Parrot's Cay Tavern, Grand Forks, North Dakota

Fatima C. / Via

"These are the best wings in town by far! The wing sauce heat ranges from 5 to 40. The15–20 range has the best heat-to-taste ratio if you're a connoisseur of spicy hot wings!" —Yelper Julio B.

"The wings are AMAZING! They are so saucy, and I'm never disappointed. I've also ordered a quart of their sauce, too, which is so delicious! You can put it on everything! I highly recommend this place." —Yelper Tanika C.

35. Midwest Best BBQ & Creamery, Loveland, Ohio

Brian G. / Via

"Be aware that ribs and wings are only sold on weekends until they sell out, so plan accordingly. After reading all the reviews on these, I went back today for the wings. The G-Funk wings are AMAZING. They have great smoke and crispiness coupled with the flavor of the seasoning. These are some of the best wings I've ever had!" —Yelper Brian G.

36. Gorō Ramen, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Cathy V. / Via

"I definitely recommend their wings! I know it's a ramen shop, but it's some of the best wings I've had." —Yelper Yin Y.

"The best item on the menu has to be the chicken wings. The wings are double-fried and coated with an Asian marinade that has a hint of fish sauce, chili sauce, and some sweetness to it. The wings are perfectly sized, and the portion is just right." —Yelper Toan N.

37. Mando's, Portland, Oregon

Ginger T. / Via

"The wings were delicious! They were crunchy and topped with a sauce that was smacking good! I didn't make it out of the parking lot before I ate all six pieces! A guy warned me while I was waiting that after I ate the six-piece wings, I would want more. He was right!" —Yelper Adrienne M.

38. The Greyhound Cafe, Malvern, Pennsylvania

Rosalie U. / Via

"I ate a lot of food. As a passionate carnivore that could eat two triple-pound burgers and 12 chicken wings at the age of 11 in one sitting, I was surprised to learn that the food was all vegan." —Yelper Jachin P.

"I ordered the wings. They were amazing. Get them. They were crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, and the Buffalo sauce was tasty." —Yelper Laura H.

39. The Shanty, Warwick, Rhode Island

Maryam A. / Via

"To start, the wings here are probably my favorite. They are perfectly crispy and doused in a sweet and salty soy glaze that makes every bite loaded with flavor. I've also tried the hummus nachos, which are a refreshing and delicious take on nachos, and the lobster roll is nothing short of excellent." —Yelper Chris I.

40. Swig & Swine, Charleston, South Carolina

Michael Q. / Via

"The smoked wings have a great rub so they don't need any sauce, but if you choose to add one, I would recommend the sweet red." —Yelper Nicole M.

"This place has some of the absolute best sauces and, in my opinion, the best dry-rub wings that I've ever had. The dry-rub wings are what blew me away. I'm not even a big fan of dry rub, but these are absolute perfection." —Yelper Daniel J.

41. Taphouse 41, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Nou C. / Via

"Happy hour at this place is amazing! You get two drinks, wings, and fries for like $20. If you get the wings, you have to get the bourbon flavor!" —Yelper Heather B.

42. Brother Z's Wangs, Nashville, Tennessee

Natalie R. / Via

"I ordered 12 wings with a side of Cajun fries. I asked for six garlic pepper, which was a dry rub, and six honey mustard wings. When I tell you these were the best wings I've ever had in my life, I am not being forceful enough with my words. Any frustration I'd had melted away as I bit into these plump, flavorful wings. The garlic pepper had a slight crunch, distinct garlic flavor, and a slight bite from the pepper. The honey mustard was a sweet, tangy, sopping wet rub." —Yelper Johnny T.

43. Keeks Eggrolls & Wings, North Richland Hills, Texas

Khoa V. / Via

"The wings I had were nice and crispy, just the way I like it. I had the soy garlic and honey butter flavors. I don't think I've ever tried those flavors before, but I'm a fan." —Yelper Raymond S.

"This is a great little find for delicious Asian-style wings! It reminds me of Korean wings. Our favorite sauce so far is the honey butter. The chicken wings are big, too!" —Yelper Linn P.

44. Bumblebee's BBQ & Grill, Midvale, Utah

Kim A. / Via

"This is the best place for chicken wings. This is the best Korean BBQ in the state of Utah. Five stars." —Yelper Johnny M.

"We ordered the wings and fries. The wings aren't as spicy as they smell. They're sweet and, as funny as it might sound, the green onions tasted good too." —Yelper Hsingshu Y.

45. Long Trail Brewing Company, Bridgewater, Vermont

Brian S. / Via

"This place has the best wings in Vermont. They also have a great beer selection, and the employees are awesome. I would recommend this place to anyone." —Yelper Joe C.

"Without hesitation, order some Jonas wings — you will not regret it one bit. I've had many different items on the menu and they were all tasty and came in pretty big portions." —Yelper Andrzej K.

46. My Mama's Kitchen, Norfolk, Virginia

Mike S. / Via

" I ordered the shrimp po'boy, and my friend ordered jerk wings and some new specialty wings. I forgot the name of them, but it was something with lemon pepper and garlic. OMG!! The wings were sooo good! The best I've had in a while." —Yelper Keenah M.

"The wings were juicy, had a great size, and were a little crispy on the outside. The Gangnam-style ones were my favorite. They have sort of like an Asian-style sweet-and-sour sauce that I think would go great with white rice." —Yelper Erica V.

47. Chan Seattle, Seattle, Washington

Jessica K. / Via

"The chicken wings were fire! You can't go wrong with spicy Korean wings. They were crunchy, sweet, and savory all in one bite!" —Yelper Min L.

"They have perfectly fried, crispy chicken wings — I'm going to guess tempura batter was used. And the inside was cooked perfectly! The wings also have a great flavor balance from the sauce." —Yelper Sebastian T.

48. Federalist Pig, Washington, DC

Flo S. / Via

"I'm not all about wings, but these were fantastic! I loved the seasoning and char. The wings were very tender and juicy." —Yelper Laura W.

"The chicken was my favorite. The seasoning was awesome! Plus, the chicken was juicy. No sauce was necessary, but it paired well with all of them." —Yelper Matt B.

49. Pies & Pints, Charleston, West Virginia

Alma C. / Via

"The char-grilled wings are a must!!! They're some of the best wings I have ever eaten." —Yelper Allison S.

"This place has very good pizza, but the wings are also very yummy. The sauce that comes with it is so amazing. I don't know what it is, but omg, YUM." —Yelper Gwen K.

50. Mai's Deli, Appleton, Wisconsin

Matt R. / Via

"The stuffed chicken wings are quite spectacular." —Yelper Elaina B.

"The stuffed wings were interesting. They're filled with noodles and cabbage, and the skin seasoning was good, with just enough chicken to add a nice flavor. It's crispy on the outside and provided a nice contrast to the noodles, which made it an enjoyable appetizer." —Yelper Weldon W.

51. The Bird, Jackson, Wyoming

Fawn S. / Via

"I have not found wings that even come close to a true Buffalo wing until I came and ate at The Bird. These wings were the bomb! The medium Buffalo sauce had the perfect kick and was so flavorful! My boyfriend and I ordered it extra crispy and they were phenomenal! We were very impressed." —Yelper Kiley S.