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Here's The Best Latin Restaurant In Every State, According To Yelp

Get ready to salivate uncontrollably.

It's kinda hard to not crave Latin food once in a while (read: every single day). Sure, usually your order's full of flavorful seasonings and juicy meat and has that nice, spicy kick. But every once in a while you get that plate that just falls flat. How do you find the best place to go?

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That's why we reached out to Yelp to help determine the best spot for Latin food in each state (and DC), which the site measured using an algorithm that ranks its reviews.

Try not to salivate as you read through the 51 most popular Latin eateries across the US.

1. Antojitos Izcalli, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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"I go to school in Texas, so it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to Mexican food. However, considering the very bland choices of Mexican food offered here in Tuscaloosa, this place stands out! I think it could even compete in Texas. I got the huarache with chicken and a carne asada taco. I would compare the huarache to a large tostada — a hard, corn tortilla with beans, meat, lettuce, sour cream, and Oaxaca cheese. The carne asada is DELICIOUS! I highly recommend getting that as your choice of meat. The salsas at the bar are good and I personally enjoyed the salsa verde. It tasted super fresh and authentic!" —Yelper Suzy B.

2. El Green-Go's, Anchorage, Alaska

Alana C. / Via

"This is excellent food, and you can taste that it's local and made from scratch! I've eaten here four times now and have meant to write a review each time because it's absolutely phenomenal! I've had their breakfast sandwich, rancheros, tacos, and burritos. Every plate is the best Mexican you will have in Alaska, hands down. However, my favorite is the wet burrito. The flavored rice is amazing and all the sauces and garnishes are to die for! Eat here and you won't regret it!" —Yelper Taylor E

3. Cocina Madrigal, Phoenix, Arizona

Diego S. / Via

"We found this place based on the great Yelp reviews. We were looking for the best Mexican food in the Phoenix area and this place lived up to the hype. We had to drive quite a ways to get there. There were four of us and we got seated immediately. We got the trio appetizer — a variety of tacos, a burrito, and pork enchiladas. Everyone loved their meals, and the service was great. The prices are on par with Mexican restaurants. For dessert we had the churros and they were the best we have ever had." —Yelper Sarah R.

4. Buenos Aires Grill & Cafe, Little Rock, Arkansas

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"This is a great Argentine restaurant in the heart of the River Market district of Little Rock. The empanadas were amazing — flaky, yet melted in my mouth, and the beef filling was perfectly seasoned. The meat and cheese tray was filled with fresh cheeses, prosciutto, peppered salami, and much more. I finished the meal with cuatro leches cake. Orgasmic." —Yelper Douglas H.

5. El Primo Tacos, Venice, California

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"I've lived in LA my whole life and have tried 'the best' taco spots from all over LA and nothing even comes close to El Primo Tacos. I've been here a few times and I usually get the asada tacos, but this time, I got the asada burrito and OMG was it amazing. They throw the beans, rice, meat, and cheese on the tortilla then hand it to you to add your toppings (onion, cilantro, habanero mix, and salsas). Then you give it back so they can wrap it for you. This is a pretty big burrito that's very filling, so be very hungry before you show up! Burritos are $5 (a dollar more for cheese) and tacos are $1. They're small tacos so you can order a few. Don't forget your tasty $1 horchata." —Yelper Nancy B.

6. Xicamiti La Taquería Bistro, Golden, Colorado

Jenna M. / Via

"The hubby and I came here with my cousin for brunch this past weekend and wow, the reviews are spot-on with how delicious this food is! I ordered the cactus, corn, and soy-rizo tacos. The cactus was so good and was really well-seasoned. The tacos were overflowing with ingredients and I had to eat some of the taco filling with a fork before I could pick up the tortilla to eat it in the standard taco way. Service was really friendly and super fast. My cousin also enjoyed a margarita that she ordered with her breakfast burrito. As a side note, the breakfast burritos are absolutely enormous, and it is a nap situation after one of them!" —Yelper Heather T.

7. Los Garcia Mexican Fusion, Waterbury, Connecticut

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"This is the best taco food truck around! I was not expecting it to be so yummy! On top of that, it was super affordable and had friendly workers. Their sauces were very delicious, too! They have little buzzers so you can wait in your car until the food is ready or you could also sit in the indoor sitting area behind the truck. I had gotten the taco combo with two al pastor tacos, one pollo, and rice and black bean tacos. My boyfriend got the chicken burrito. Both were very delicious. I would definitely come back the next time I'm in the Waterbury area!" —Yelper Chintan S.

8. El Pique, Wilmington, Delaware

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"This place is fire. I come every Tuesday for lunch for Taco Tuesday and get their five for $5 taco deal. You can choose chicken, pork, or steak and either American, Mexican, or Tex-Mex toppings. I usually go for the pork and Tex-Mex combination and can never finish all five tacos because they're so filling (and admittedly heavy). They also do caramel churros, which I had never had before coming here, and when they come out fresh and warm they are absolutely delicious." —Yelper Angela Y.

9. Los Bocados, Parkland, Florida

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"Okay, real talk: We came by and didn't end up going inside the first time because it was a gas station with a convenience store and I was skeptical ... so we drove off and went elsewhere. I wish we hadn't! This time, we were on a mission. The menu is best described as a Mexican/Latin American fusion. There are tacos, quesadillas, and more, but with a South Florida twist. We decided to try a bit of everything, so we ordered the BBQ brisket tostada, three different tacos, elotes, and a spicy pork quesadilla. The quesadilla was fantastic — smothered in cheese and had great flavor. The tacos were also very enjoyable; each different protein came with complementary toppings (i.e., the spicy pork came with a spicy slaw). I think my favorite protein between the chicken, carne asada, and the pork would be the pork just for the flavor." —Yelper Chris S.

10. Tacos Del Chavo, Kennesaw, Georgia

Shane M. / Via

"The stars are definitely well-deserved. I stopped here for lunch with the hubby and they did not disappoint. If you had a really good friend who made bomb tacos, this would be like coming to their house to eat Mexican food on their porch. I had the flautas and the hubby had the carne asada burrito. The service was on point. The flautas were fabulous. They were crisp on the outside but had tender chicken on the inside smothered in guac, sour cream, lettuce, and tomatoes. My husband loved his burrito and said that the steak was tender and juicy. The food was so good we ordered second dishes to go. I will definitely come back here again." —Yelper Kirsten P.

11. Acevedo's Hawaicano Cafe, Kahului, Hawaii

Maria P. / Via

"When you walk in, you're immediately hit with a bouquet of beautiful smells, and the owner is maybe the most welcoming man on this side of Maui. They have tacos, ceviche, tortas, burritos, and many types of plates. Everything tastes good and that's not an exaggeration. My party ordered the carnitas torta, ceviche, a quesadilla, the carne asada plate, and chicken and al pastor tacos, all of which rocked. Seriously, do yourself a favor and eat here. If you're looking for the authentic Hawaiian food, it might not be here, but if you're looking for delicious food with strong flavors and an enjoyable atmosphere, do yourself justice and eat here." —Yelper Christopher N.

12. Cafe Carambola, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

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"Amazing, amazing. amazing!!!! The owner is amazing — so nice and so sweet. He has you try things before you buy them, and he comes and checks on you and gives you samples of new items he is selling. Every time I go to Coeur d'Alene, I come here and eat at least once or twice. I even spent $100 on a carryout order and took it with me back to Reno. It's definitely a good place to go if you ever visit Idaho. I can't say anything else except how amazing it is." —Yelper Jeana R.

13. XOchimilco Mexican Restaurant, Chicago, Illinois

Jeff D. / Via

"What a treat. I know it's Chicago and we have a glut of excellent options for Mexican cuisine, from top-of-the-line restaurants to inexpensive little taquerias, but this place really delivers as something in between. We went for breakfast on a Saturday and ordered chile relleno with a quail egg and guajillo sauce, AND huevos divorciados, which had some chilaquiles in the middle. It was stunningly delicious from the first bite to the very last. It's an excellent Mexican restaurant in a great neighborhood, and the service was quick and very friendly. We are so happy to have this new kid on our block!" —Yelper Jodi K.

14. Don Juan V's Sandwiches, Indianapolis, Indiana

Niki B. / Via

"We traveled to Indiana for DCI Finals and stumbled across this Peruvian sandwich shop. It was amazing! We had the lomo saltado and chicharrones sandwiches. The meat and veggies were juicy, tender, and flavorful! The staff was so friendly, too! You can't go wrong here!" —Yelper Amanda K.

15. Mi Patria Ecuadorian Restaurant, West Des Moines, Iowa

Tia H. / Via

"Chicken empanadas: wowza. They had a crispy, flaky crust filled with savory chicken and veggies. These reminded me of a hand-held chicken pot pie, and are a MUST-ORDER!

"Mi Patria platter: This is perfect for date nights, family dinners, or first-timers. You get one platter of meat to share, which includes pulled meats, steak, chicken, etc. Then you each get a plate of sides including rice, hominy, an egg, beans, and plantains. It's the best way to experience a bunch of different meats, and we really enjoyed the experience of really sharing a meal together. There's plenty of food, too! We had plenty to take home. I highly recommend giving Mi Patria a try!" —Yelper Gabrielle S.

16. Gabby's Peruvian Restaurant & Catering, Wichita, Kansas

Mary N. / Via

"This place has excellent, authentic food! I drove across town to eat here and it was worth the trip. When you walk inside, it has a very nice ambiance with touches of South American culture. The staff was very friendly and attentive. The wait was not long, either. I chose the lomo saltado with the yuca fries, which came with two tasty dipping sauces, and it was delicious! I would love to come back! I also had tres leches cake for dessert. It was very yummy!" —Yelper Aaron R.

17. Yummy Pollo, Louisville, Kentucky

Randell L. / Via

"Yummy Pollo lives up to its name! The chicken is delicious! I came here for Saturday lunch with friends and we each got the lunch special of a quarter chicken with an extra piece and two sides. It was a ton of food! The sides were great, and I had read lots of reviews on the cilantro lime rice and chickpeas, so I choose those. My lunchmates got the pasta salad, fried rice, yuca fries, and potato salad. Everyone had trouble deciding their favorite as it was all so good.

The dipping sauces are made fresh daily and you can tell. For $10 you get a ton of delicious food — we will be back!" —Yelper Ashley E.

18. Manolito, New Orleans, Louisiana

Cathy C. / Via

"I think this is my new favorite place in New Orleans. The food is unreal. The croquettes and arepas make me so happy. I love this food so much. The drinks are also delicious. I've been here twice in the last week and it's been worth every penny and every moment of my time. I told myself I'd overstuff so I would get over it and not come back. I don't think that's gonna work because I overstuffed myself tonight and am already thinking about when I can come back next week." —Yelper Rachael A.

19. Luis's Arepera & Grill, Portland, Maine

Courty C. / Via

"This spot is so authentic and the owners are SO nice! My husband and I stopped in at 6:50 p.m. last night not knowing that they close at 7 p.m. We figured we were too late and they opened the door and said come on in! We ordered an arepa, chicken bowl, fried plantains, and an empanada. Because they were closing up, the owner gave us some extra empanadas on the house!! The beef empanadas were my favorite. Their guacamole is made from heaven. The chicken bowl was HUGE and had a delicious salad, rice, chicken, and beans! The shredded chicken arepa is a must-try." —Yelper Rachel D.

20. Fiesta Mexicana, Rosedale, Maryland

Pooja T. / Via

"This is hands down the best authentic Mexico City food in Baltimore. It feels like your auntie's kitchen. The owner is super friendly and happily shares stories from his life if you catch him. Bring some Modelos and a bottle of mezcal and stay a while. Order queso fundido, el Nido, enchiladas, mushroom tostadas, and one of each taco. Save room for fried dough dessert, and practice your Spanish with the lovely and talented chefs if you dare. I love this place." —Yelper Jessica B.

21. Santiago Family Restaurant, Westfield, Massachusetts

Susan R. / Via

"This is an absolute hidden gem in Westfield, Massachusetts. As soon as we sat down, the place became very busy. They have a small menu but are extensive on the Latin cuisine. I ordered the stuffed potato balls for an appetizer and mofongo with seafood, roasted pork, rice, and beans. It was absolutely delicious and authentic. It was worth the wait. We are definitely making it a must to stop here during our next road trip." —Yelper Ben L.

22. Las Tortugas Taqueria Market, Utica, Michigan

Jennifer Y. / Via

"I looooove tacos. I've been frequenting Las Tortugas for quite some time and I'm disappointed in myself for not writing a review sooner. Shame on me. I have to say that Las Tortugas provides the local community with superior authentic Mexican foods. I am a huge fan of their tacos, but I've also filled my belly with their other offerings, like burritos and tortas. All of the food served here is great. I've had a lot of tacos, but Las Tortugas gets me every time with their simplicity. I enjoy the carnitas, chicken, chorizo, and shredded beef. The shredded beef is probably my favorite. The beef is very tender and thinly shaven. The thing I enjoy most about these tacos is the fact that they pack a lot of meat into the small tortilla. They top that meat with cilantro and onions — so simple, yet so incredibly delicious. If you want some extremely good tacos or any other extremely delicious Mexican cuisine, come to Las Tortugas." —Yelper Brian S.

23. Cahill Bistro, Edina, Minnesota

Kedar K. / Via

"Cahill Bistro serves up delightful Latin American fusion cuisine in a charming and refined restaurant setting. The place was actually a bit swankier than I would've imagined — not uncomfortably or pretentiously so, but quite elegant. It was pretty chill when we arrived on a Saturday for brunch, with just one other table seated. Not sure how busy it gets for dinner. The food is just as refined as the ambiance. Our dishes were artfully crafted and fancifully plated, fine-dining style. The portion sizes were a bit smaller versus what you might get elsewhere, though still enough to satisfy unless you have a large appetite. And the flavors were delicious. If you'd like a charming and relaxed bistro with some delicious Latin American eats, pay a visit to Cahill!" —Yelper Kevin B.

24. Burrito Zone & Tamales, Diberville, Mississippi

Michelle K. / Via

"THIS IS A MILLION TIMES BETTER than ANY chain 'build your own burrito'–type restaurant. The burritos are legit. It's literally the best thing when you want a giant, cheesy, overstuffed burrito. I always get the steak option, and the pieces are perfect in size and not overly chewy like I have experienced at other places. The guac is the best, and definitely worth the extra charge. We will be customers forever and will always tell people to try this place! I LOVE YOU BURRITO ZONE!" —Yelper Krista F.

25. Malinche Mexican Culinary Experience, Ellisville, Missouri

Natalie B. / Via

"I am just wowed by this place. The food, service, and quality are beyond comparison. I suggest you take all that you know about Mexican food and throw it out of the door because the food here is nothing like the typical Mexican dish. The drinks were stellar and the small plates were so delicious. I loved the chicken chimichanga–type dish, and I thought the shrimp was yummy. We also tried the steak, which was served with bone marrow for extra flavor. Also on the table was a chicken leg dish and pork tacos. Everything was plated beautifully and served with a smile. The portions are quite small for the price, so order multiples." —Yelper Tulina S.

26. El Vaquero Taqueria, Helena, Montana

Scott I. / Via

"Am I really in Helena, Montana? Yep. But my mouth just transported me to Mexico, and I didn't have to hop on a plane. This small restaurant is family-owned and -operated and is a must-stop when visiting the state capital. I ordered the Patron taco salad with chile Colorado. It was huge and sooo yummy. My family ordered the tacos, chorizo chowder, and carnitas plate. Everything was amazingly yummy. And my mouth is longing for more tacos while writing this review. Originally from Mexico City by way of Los Angeles, this family brings a little more culture to Helena that I think is necessary. I will be stopping here every single time that I can. Keep the pillowy tortillas warm for me!" —Yelper Cassidy L.

27. Los Jalapeños, Lexington, Nebraska

Qu K. / Via

"This place is an amazing spot to visit on a long drive! it is a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant in a small town and it did not disappoint! They have a quesadilla that can really make your long drive fantastic. They have a very authentic menu. I would definitely take a trip just to come here for another quesadilla." —Yelper Brad K.

28. Bajamar Seafood & Tacos, Las Vegas, Nevada

Nelson Q. / Via

"This place has the best seafood tacos in Vegas and is arguably one of the top seafood taco spots in the US! ... The inside is pretty tiny with maybe four tables and a bar area so I'd imagine the weekends get packed. On my first visit, we asked the waitress for her favorites and she recommended the octopus taco. I had one of those along with a spicy shrimp taco. Both were AMAZING! The spicy mayo sauce was the best part, and the seafood was very fresh. I could literally eat this every day. Their menu also features tostadas and seafood soups. I can't wait to come back and try more. This is a must-visit for any seafood lover!" —Yelper Erika N.

29. California Burritos, Nashua, New Hampshire

Chris P. / Via

"This is a small Mexican place, but the food is very delicious and flavorful. I tried the horchata and it was absolutely delicious. It is slightly sweet with a cinnamon flavor. I highly recommend it. The tacos are nice and flavorful. They are naturally spicy. Both the beef and chicken tacos were good. You can add mango or pineapple salsa to the taco, but I thought the pineapple salsa was far more delicious than the mango salsa. The carne asada fries were good too. They came in a large quantity, so you need more than two people to finish that many fries. I also tried the pupusas. Those are really good as well and can be stuffed with beans, pork, or cheese, or any combination of those three. Overall, everything they had was amazing." —Yelper Sho R.

30. Sazon Latino Restaurant, Boonton, New Jersey

Paul E. / Via

"This place is always packed at lunchtime. The place isn't much, just a counter and some tables, but the food does the talking. They serve great lunch platters with chicken or beef, or empanadas with rice, beans, veggies, and whatever you want. It tastes like Spanish home cooking and it's so good. The roasted chicken comes as a huge portion and falls off the bone. With sides, it's less than $10 — you can't beat that. The owner is super nice and always appreciative of his customers. This is a great local business!" —Yelper Nicole S.

31. El Chile Toreado, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Kevin J. / Via

"This is my favorite meal I've had while in Santa Fe. I had four tacos for lunch. They let me choose a different filling for each one, so I picked al pastor, picadillo, carne asada, and carnitas. All were really good, but the carnitas were by far the best!!!! The carnitas taco was full of flavor and the fried meat had a nice, crispy texture.

My coworker said the al pastor was his favorite. They have a toppings bar so you can top them however you want. The green sauce was slightly spicy, but had good flavor. The corn tortillas were very soft and delicious. I hate grocery store corn tortillas, but I loved these." —Yelper Alicia M.

32. I Am Nacho Mama, Hicksville, New York

Marie C. / Via

"The tacos were amazing!!! The pork was tender, moist, and flavorful — I am Cuban so we know pork. The Mexican corn was great as a side!! I got the Holy Trinity tacos — pork, chicken, and steak tacos — and all were very, very good. My wife had the chicken bowl in a hot pot and she loved it. The owner came by and introduced herself to us while her husband was behind the counter. I will be going back for the empanadas and roasted pork dish for sure." —Yelper Joe S.

33. Savorez, Wilmington, North Carolina

Heather P. / Via

"My goodness, this place has some delicious Latin food! I didn't even have time to take a photo of it. We stopped by for dinner during our stay in Wilmington. I ordered the vegan rellenos, which had a nice little kick from the peppers, but also had a sweet and savory flavor with it as well. I'm not sure what the orange sauce was on it, but it was very good. My other friends ordered the arroz con pollo and Solterita salad, which they said were great as well!" —Yelper Vincent T.

34. Tacos Trompo, Fargo, North Dakota

Tom S. / Via

"Wow, this little place is awesome. I wanted to try one of everything but settled on an al pastor taco and the steak alambres. I was happy to see the taco come out just like God intended: seasoned, marinated pork with pepper and roasted pineapple. Too many places ruin a great al pastor with the Americanized toppings like lettuce and cheese. The taco was presented in an amazing corn tortilla. It looked so great I even forgot to take a photo. The taste was as amazing as the look. These truly are the kind of tacos you would buy off the street in central Mexico." —Yelper Dave G.

35. Guerra's Krazy Taco, Springfield, Ohio

John M. / Via

"Guerra's is my spot. I live 200 miles away but have family in Springfield, so when I'm in town, I get some Krazy Tacos!!! During my last visit I had the brisket, pork belly, and el Toro Rojo — they were awesome!! I really loved the flavor of the brisket and the spicy goodness of the Toro Rojo. Their on-tap beer selection is top-notch, and they're always rotating new and delicious beer from around the country. Felix and the crew make some of the best tacos I can find, and make sure every visit is an enjoyable time for customers. Last but not least, their mellow, casual setting mixed with good music creates a comfortable ambiance that I can't get enough of! Get to Guerra's ASAP!!!" —Yelper William W.

36. The Mayan Taqueria and Cantina, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Cheri Y. / Via

"I saw that this place had a five-star rating and thought, yeah right. There is no way that anywhere is *THAT* good. I guess I have to eat my words because it is that good — better than good. We started with an order of chips and queso. Yes, it costs money. Yes, it is worth every single penny. This is not the junk they serve you for free. This is thick, rich, and flavorful. It's served with warm tortilla chips and we devoured it in the short amount of time it took for our food to arrive. I went with three tacos: the asada, carnitas, and barbacoa. I haven't been super impressed with previous street tacos that I've had in Oklahoma City and these just blew every other taco out of the water." —Yelper Katie G.

37. Tehuana Oaxacan Cuisine, Portland, Oregon

Tiva F. / Via

"I've been coming here for years and the food is consistently delicious! It's the best Mexican food in Portland. Everything is fresh, hot, and tastes exactly the same, which is amazing! My go-to order is the chipotle pork taco. Their chipotle pork is slow-cooked all day, imparting incredible flavor to the meat, which is tender with a hint of smoke from the chipotle peppers. Tehuana Oaxaca makes authentic Mexican street tacos, which means one homemade corn tortilla with lots of flavorful meat, topped with chopped onion and cilantro, served with grilled jalapeños and onion, a lime wedge, and sliced radish. It's simple, but the taste is out of this world!

"The chicken mole enchiladas are also top-notch. The mole sauce is rich and decadent. They could and should bottle and sell it. I've never had any mole sauce this good. Also, the burritos are so big that I make two dinners or three lunches from one. At $8, it's a steal." —Yelper Kim G.

38. Chellas Arepa Kitchen, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Erika U. / Via

"While on vacation it is always hard to find the local gems off the beaten path and this place is just that. We arrived with a party of 25 and the staff did not fail to accommodate my family. Everything was perfect and we could not have asked for better service or meal. I ordered the arepa pernil, which was stuffed with succulent pulled pork, black beans, plantains, and cheese on a freshly grilled arepa. The house-made chimichurri and Peruvian hot sauce are must-tries and elevate the meal to another level. The worst part about this place is the five-and-a-half-hour drive I will have to make to return." —Yelper Ryan H.

39. Los Andes Restaurant, Providence, Rhode Island

Jennifer W. / Via

"Why are you reading reviews when you could be eating at Los Andes right now?! Los Andes has to be my favorite special occasion joint in Providence. The food is killer, the drinks are phenomenal (try the sangria!), and the service is always good. I've tried a handful of things on the menu, but I keep going back to the chaufa aeropuerto. The pork belly melts in your mouth, and I always end up bringing enough home for two more meals. My two biggest pieces of advice: Make reservations, and save room for dessert!" —Yelper Dixie S.

40. Tacos Nayarit, Columbia, South Carolina

Rick T. / Via

"I went here for lunch on the way to a business meeting. This is a small restaurant in the middle of nowhere and once inside, it did not look like anything special. I ordered three tacos with soft corn shells. They made the shells fresh and they were the best I have ever had. The shrimp, pork, and beef were good as well, but those tortillas — yummmmy!! We got there as they were opening the shop, but within 30 minutes, there was a line reaching the door. It seems like this is a local gem. I don't know why someone would be in this area normally, but if you are within 10 miles of this place, make a detour and check them out. The taste is great and the price is too." —Yelper Jose P.

41. El Columpio, Mitchell, South Dakota

Karen W. / Via

"What a find in South Dakota! I ordered my favorite, the chile relleno, and it's one of the best I've ever had! Then I tried a chicken tamale and it was also very tasty! My husband had shrimp mango tacos and they were very delicious, and we would definitely order them again. My husband was excited to get the sangria soda pop! There are also several dessert choices, but my husband tried the caramel chimichanga and he was not disappointed!" —Yelper Bev K.

42. Nick's Grill, Pulaski, Tennessee

Clayton B. / Via

"We saw this place on Yelp and decided to try it. The food was great! It's right off I-65 and very small, easy to miss in front of a motel. The tacos al pastor were excellent — as good as any I've had in Mexico! They came as three big tacos with lots of meat and great flavor. We also tried the chicken gyro, which was also excellent and as authentic as chicken gyro can be. The place is very clean and has a few tables to sit at. They have a sauce bar that has several sauces the owner made himself. I highly recommend this place!" —Dean W.

43. Tommy Tamale Market & Cafe, Grapevine, Texas

Annie N. / Via

"I expected a lot from this place, and it blew even those lofty expectations out of the water. I have now visited twice and know it's no fluke — everything is so good. I always get the same thing: the large tamale pie — which is essentially a bed of Fritos, chili, and queso — topped with one or two tamales of your choice and smothered in cheese. I always get one pork and one beef tamale. I don't know who came up with this combo, but it is unbelievably delicious. And the size is amazing; for me, it's easily two meals. All for $9! What a great deal. The small size, just for reference, is $7. And the staff is so friendly and nice. When you walk in and eat, you feel like family. I totally understand why so many people come back again and again. If you don't try this place, you will not know what you're missing! Gotta do it!" —Yelper Jason W.

44. Tacos La Pasadita, Green River, Utah

Lone B. / Via

"We might have driven 970 miles in one day for this place! I discovered this on a trip to Moab three years ago and have dreamed about it ever since! I love the 'converted gas station' feel, the outdoor seating, and the kind workers! Order anything on the menu — just close your eyes and you can't go wrong! The must is a vampiro — a corn tortilla quesadilla with cheese and your choice of meat! I love the carne asada, al pastor, and barbacoa! All the meats are tender with great richness and bursting flavor! Top it as you like with limes, homemade green and red salsas, and fresh cucumbers or onions from the indoor salsa bar! I couldn't believe the hundreds of five-star ratings, but they're well-deserved! I also love the expanded indoor air-conditioned seating, but we opted to sit outside to watch the thunderstorms in the distance!" —Yelper Connie C.

45. Three Stones, Brattleboro, Vermont

Candace P. / Via

"What a fantastic surprise to taste such delicious Mayan food while vacationing in Vermont. We started with an a la carte order of one of their THREE types of homemade tortillas. We had to try the panucho, as we had never heard of it before! The menu explained it as a traditional tortilla made for festivals that is stuffed with beans, pan-fried, and topped with pulled chicken and pickled onions. It was outstanding! I had the chicken tamale and my boyfriend had the special of the night which was enchiladas. Both were hearty portions served with rice and beans and a salad. They were delicious! As spice lovers, we were in heaven!" —Yelper Sol C.

46. Bocata Latín Grill, Richmond, Virginia

David N. / Via

"I was craving Venezuelan food so I dragged my family to Bocata Latín Grill and I am so glad I did; they all ended up raving about the food at the end of lunch.

We ordered a pabellón empanada (beef, plantains, and black beans), a cheese empanada, an order of tostones, an order of tequeños, and a beef arepa. Everything we ordered was absolutely delicious! The arepas were far better than the ones I've had in South America or in any Venezuelan restaurant in the US. Overall, the pabellón empanada was my family's favorite. The difference in texture and flavor combination of sweet plantains with beef is so good. Don't think twice, just try it! I can't wait to go back!" —Yelper Rebecca K.

47. Pita's Taqueria, Enumclaw, Washington

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"I called in an order for lunch today — a taco plate, fajita burrito, and ranchito burrito. The place is 10 minutes away from us and the order was pretty much ready by the time we got there. It is a hole in the wall, but man, this place is amazing. The taco plate was so good, the meat was flavorful, and the corn tortillas seemed like they were homemade. The green and red salsas were so delish, but I especially loved the red one because of the charred flavor. The burritos were huge!!! I love the ranchito, especially the grilled fresh jalapeños in it. I will definitely order here again." —Yelper Roscelle S.

48. Benitos Place, Washington, DC

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"Benitos Place is a Honduran restaurant just outside of Logan Circle. While there are some Mexican and Salvadoran dishes on the menu, this is a Honduran-focused restaurant. I've been here several times and have really enjoyed everything I've tried. I've had the pupusa, baleadas, tacos Hondurenos, and pozole verde. The baleadas are delicious and the fluffy flour tortillas are great. The tacos Hondurenos are crisp and filling. The pupusa is tasty, but the pozole verde is my favorite. It is rich, thick, and delicious, with plenty of pork and hominy. The service is so fantastic. Everyone is friendly and happy to answer any questions. Benitos Place is usually busy and even though it's small, you can usually find a table. I love Benitos Place and I always look forward to visiting." —Yelper Lia M.

49. El Gran Sabor, Elkins, West Virginia

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"Ok, I never expected to find something like this in Elkins, West Virginia! Located in an old house, this Venezuelan restaurant is a must-try. I tried a variety of things on purpose to see if this was legit Venezuelan food — it's legit! Everything they make is substantial, tasty, and filling." —Yelper David H.

50. Taqueria Guadalajara, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Landon P. / Via

"This place has excellent and authentic Mexican food. I was impressed by the flavor the food had because honestly, when I think of exceptional Mexican food, Wisconsin would not be on the top of my list. This place changed my opinion of that. I had the carne asada tacos with rice and beans. The meat was perfect and juicy, not like the dried-out little pieces that you find at other restaurants. The tortillas tasted fresh and they were made with yellow corn, which is hard to find in restaurants in my opinion. Even in Mexico, they use white corn, but the yellow corn tortillas here were delicious. I am extremely picky about Mexican rice since it is usually just colored with tomato sauce and doesn't really have any flavor. However, this had a lot of flavor and I loved it. The beans were great as well. I definitely see why this place has five stars consistently — it's absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend this place for lunch or dinner anytime." —Yelper Compass-Rose X.

51. The Coop, Gillette, Wyoming

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"I am so thankful that I discovered this place during my work travels. This place is amazing. The chicken is cooked to perfection. I ordered the half chicken, peppers, guacamole, and green beans. All of them were a knockout! The amazing waitress told me that she craves the green beans when she is not working and I can totally understand why! They are delicious. When the waitress warns you that the grilled serranos are hot, believe her. I love heat, but I had to eat these slowly. I look forward to coming back and eating here EVERY time I visit!" —Yelper Tricia B.

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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