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What's The Most Awkward Thing That Ever Happened To You In High School?

We've all had that one awkward experience that tops them all.

Whether you attended high school in the '90s or graduated just last year, we can all agree that high school had its ups and downs — and no one was immune to the inevitable awkward moments that still make us cringe just thinking about them.

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Maybe you went to the bathroom but were in such a rush to make it to first period that you walked out with the hem of your skirt tucked into your underwear...and didn't notice until lunchtime.

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Or perhaps you got up to give a presentation for class, but were so nervous that you projectile vomited onto the entire first row of seats.

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Or maybe you went to volleyball tryouts after having a bad burrito for lunch, and had explosive diarrhea in front of everyone.

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So what's the most awkward thing that happened to you in high school? Tell us and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.