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What's The Most Awkward Interaction You've Ever Had With A Celebrity?

Things are about to get cringey.

Admit it: We've all daydreamed about meeting our favorite celebrity. We'd be photo-ready for the selfie that'll end up on Instagram, and we might even successfully score a hug. But sometimes that big moment doesn't go quite as planned.

Maybe you finally got to the front of the line for an Ariana Grande meet-and-greet and were going in for a hug when you accidentally sneeze-farted right in front of her.

Or perhaps you still haven't lived down the day you grabbed your Starbucks order off the counter, turned, and accidentally spilled your latte on none other than Rihanna.

Or maybe the worst day of your life was undoubtedly when you were posing for a photo with Noah Centineo and just as he pulled away, your hoop earring got caught on the zipper of his jacket.

So spill the deets on your most awkward celebrity interaction in the comments below! If you have photos, upload them via Dropbox. You might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.