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    19 Awkward Celebrity Encounters That'll Give You Second-Hand Embarrassment

    "I was so shocked to see one of my musical idols walk past me, and all I could do was wave to him. It was Stevie Wonder."

    We recently asked BuzzFeed Community members to share their most awkward celebrity interactions. Here are the most cringeworthy submissions:

    1. These friends basically stalked Taylor Swift at Target.

    2. This person straight-up called Eddie Murphy "Donkey."

    3. This person basically ran down Justin Bieber with a shopping cart.

    4. These people shit-talked Charlie Puth and immediately regretted it.

    5. This person snorkeled straight into Bruce Thomas's crotch.

    6. This person waved at Stevie Wonder.

    7. This girl literally crashed and burned right in front of Leonardo DiCaprio.

    8. And this girl got a little too photo-happy around him.

    9. This person had a major coffee dilemma right in front of Chris Noth.

    10. This person's interaction with Matthew McConaughey could only be described as confusing.

    11. This person completely swerved Charlie Bewley.

    12. This person accidentally trashed Colbie Caillait’s music to her mom.

    13. This worker wasn't allowed to let Dave Matthews use the bathroom.

    14. This person's attempt at playing it cool around Elijah Wood actually did more harm than good.

    15. This person certainly got a memorable photo with Hailey Bieber.

    16. This person dug up one of Lauren Conrad's old feuds.

    17. This person collided with Betsey Johnson.

    18. This Starbucks customer almost stole Maren Morris's sandwich.

    19. And finally, this person accidentally used Bob Barker's famous TV show catchphrase against him.

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