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Airbnb Hosts, Tell Us Your Tips For Being A Five-Star Host

From check-in to check-out, share your tips for making the experience worthy of a five-star rating.

Being an Airbnb host often means doing a lot of behind-the-scenes leg work to make sure your guests have the ~best~ possible experience. It's so much work that striving for five-star reviews isn't enough — you also have to avoid getting ratings lower than that.

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So, Airbnb hosts of the BuzzFeed Community, tell us your tips for being the best possible host.

Maybe offering in-depth information about the neighborhood, activities, and places to eat always makes your guests feel more prepared for their visit.

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Or perhaps you like to leave some snacks and bevs out for your guests to enjoy throughout their stay — coffee, tea, cookies, or fruit can seriously go a long way.

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Maybe you're sure to supply a ton of sanitizing wipes and extra masks to ensure that your guests have a COVID-safe stay.

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Orrr, perhaps you go out of your way to clip coupons and provide your guests with ample ways to save money on local attractions.

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Comment below with your tips for being an amazing Airbnb host. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.