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    33 Affordable Things You Might Buy Over And Over Again Because They're Just *That* Good At Their Jobs

    And they all cost less than $16, too.

    1. A pack of double-tipped pointed cotton swaps so you can make a more precise fix when it comes to smudged eyeliner or overlined lipstick.

    2. This spackle kit for filling in any unsightly holes you've made in the walls from trying to hang family photos up around the house, only to take them down and totally rearrange them.

    3. This nail polish topcoat from Essie so you can have multiple long-lasting manis without footing a hefty salon bill.

    4. These Bottle Bright cleaning tablets, since the day has come when baking soda and vinegar have *actually* let you down, and you just can't seem to remove the stains and gunk from your water bottles and travel mugs.

    5. A pack of Pacifica underarm deodorant wipes for when you need a quick refresh but don't have access to a shower — like when you have just 10 minutes to get from the gym to your office for an early-morning meeting.

    6. A pack of Avarelle Acne Cover Patches because they're more effective at reducing inflammation than just a dab of toothpaste on your zit.

    7. This super-handy aromatherapy migraine stick that can actually help alleviate your headaches before they get worse.

    8. A tube of anti-blister foot balm because we all have a pair of shoes or two that we just *adore* but never wear because they eat the skin off the backs of our feet every time we put 'em on.

    9. This highly rated purple shampoo so you can maintain your blonde hair or highlights (affordably) at home instead of booking a salon appointment every couple of weeks.

    10. An itty-bitty spatula because you waste sooooo much foundation and moisturizer when you just trash an empty bottle without scraping down the sides and bottom. This lil' guy makes it super easy to get every last drop (for very little money!!!), so you may actually want to buy one for everyone you know.

    11. This jewelry cleaning stick to practically turn back time and restore all your gems to the sparkle they had when you first got them.

    12. A bottle of all-natural dry shampoo because you've run out of the house in the mornings with that slick-hair look far too many times to count, and you're officially making it your mission to have fresher-looking locks (even when you haven't had time to wash them).

    13. A super-cute terra-cotta bear that (magically???) softens hard, lumpy brown sugar, thus saving you from deeming an entire jar of it unusable and throwing it away. PS: You may wanna gift it to all your relatives!

    14. These drain snakes to wriggle their way down sink and tub drains to remove any hair and *shudder* gunk that's been creating blockages — all thanks to their textured edges.

    15. A roller stamp because it makes taking an extra step to protect yourself from identity theft sooooo simple. It'll black out any identifying information from old letters, bills, and receipts before you toss 'em.

    16. This anti-dandruff shampoo, formulated with ketoconazole (an ingredient that kills dandruff by binding to your hair's natural protein) to keep persistent itchy flakes at bay.

    17. A bottle of NYX makeup setting spray because it's here to ease your smooth-makeup woes and grant you a fresh look that stays locked in place all day long.

    18. And these natural green tea oil-blotting sheets to rid your face of the excess grease it may accumulate throughout your day.

    19. A jar of O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream because this ultra-concentrated cream locks in moisture and prevents your skin from becoming too dry. In other words, you may finally be able to cure the rough, dry cracks on your fingers.

    20. An enzyme-based laundry spot remover so you can really give those tough-to-remove spots, spills, and stains your very best shot. You'll never want to go another day wondering if your favorite shirt will ever make a comeback from those annoying yellow armpit stains.

    21. Or this wine stain–remover spray you'll really wanna keep around if you somehow always end up spilling your pinot noir on your favorite blanket while watching The Bachelor (I mean, who could blame you?).

    22. These Bioré blackhead removal strips because they'll have you literally holding your blackheads in your hands in about 10 minutes flat.

    23. A pumice cleaning stone to help you banish the calcium, lime, and hard-water stains that just keep showing up no matter how much you scrub. Your toilet bowl will look like new, and your relatives may actually beg you to buy them a stone or two.

    24. This nonabrasive, bleach-free cleaning and polishing powder that'll power through all *kinds* of grime in your life, including the gunk on the cookware you just aren't ready yet to replace.

    25. An Iron Out spray gel for tackling tough rust stains that have started making your shower area seem unsightly. Reviewers say it dissolves rust in just a few spritzes.

    26. This dishwasher cleaner and disinfectant to remove lime scale, rust, grease, and other nasty buildups you may not have realized your dishwasher can collect. Plus, giving your dishwasher a much needed refresh can give you cleaner dishes.

    27. And a pack of washing machine cleaner tablets so you can start throwing your clothes into a ~sparkly clean~, residue-free washer that might honestly look brand spanking new.

    28. This cruelty-free lengthening mascara to give your short, barely there lashes the boost you've been searching for. It's lightweight, won't transfer, doesn't smudge, and lasts all day.

    29. A clear eyebrow gel that'll give you a nearly invisible hold and ensure that not a single unruly eyebrow hair is out of place.

    30. The one and only Mike's Hot Honey, because trust me when I say you'll wanna eat this stuff with almost everything. Personally, my favorite way to enjoy this is to drizzle it over potato chips.

    31. Or a bottle of Everything but the Bagel seasoning so you can instantly take breakfast to a whole new (delicious) level. You can sprinkle it on avocado toast, bagels, eggs, and more!

    32. The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask because it'll help take care of your acne and dark-spot woes while deep-cleaning your skin.

    33. A safe-to-swallow antibacterial toothpaste that'll prevent plaque buildup and keep your dog's breath smelling fresh, thanks to the ~vanilla mint~ scent.

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