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    34 Cheap Little Doohickeys That May Surprise You With How Well They Work

    And they're all under $20.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI โ€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. These five-blade herb scissors to help you prepare ingredients for dinner in what may feel like a fraction of the time it usually takes.

    2. A handy little knife sharpener that'll sharpen up blunt blades so you don't have to toss the knife set you've had for 10 years.

    3. A jewelry clasp so you can finally solve the age-old issue of tangled chains every time you layer your necklaces.

    4. This car vent dip clip that'll conveniently hold your honey mustard sauce so you can dip those chicken nuggets without accidentally spilling everything in your car.

    5. Or! A dip clip you can attach to the side of your plate for a fun, mess-free way to dip your tater tots while you chill on the couch.

    6. This tiny spatula that'll actually help you scrape out the very last of your foundation and skincare products so you can go an extra week or two before you really have to buy more.

    7. An itty-bitty safety cutter so you can slit open packaging and cut coupons at basically the speed of light. It's small enough to keep one in every room of the house so you never have to walk all the way downstairs for a pair of scissors.

    8. A magnetic key holder that'll have you on ~cloud nine~ when it provides you with easy access to your keys and other magnetic morning essentials โ€” no more fumbling around to figure out where you placed 'em!

    9. This ice cube tray with a spill-proof silicone lid so you can store the tray at any angle in your already-cramped freezer.

    10. This 11-function stainless steel multi-tool that you can keep in your wallet because *of course* you'll need a butterfly wrench when you don't have one on you.

    11. A versatile clip to keep your bag off of gross, wet bathroom floors, or prevent your bag from falling off the back of your car seat's headrest when you make a sharp turn. Honestly, you can use this baby on grocery carts, stall doors, tables, chairs, and in other public places.

    12. These Reusable K-cup pods so you can stop spending money on expensive single-serving plastic pods. Plus, these make it possible for you to quickly brew your favorite coffee or whatever grounds you happen to already have on hand.

    13. A four-blade chopping device that'll separate, cut, and mash meats and vegetables with minimal effort.

    14. This dishwasher magnet you can rotate to stop yourself (and your roommates) from accidentally putting dirty dishes on a rack with all clean dishes.

    15. An adjustable silicone pie shield because it'll prevent your pie crusts from burning before your pie is even baked โ€” and it's more efficient and less wasteful than tin foil.

    16. This avocado slicing tool so you can cut, pit, and slice your avocados with just one convenient utensil.

    17. A BPA-free microwave egg cooker that'll help you whip up an egg-cellent snack or breakfast without having to wash a ton of dishes in the process.

    18. This silicone handle cover because it'll create a layer of protection between your hand and a hot pan handle without the bulk of an oven mitt.

    19. A TubShroom that seems small but does a mighty fine job of catching any hair that may try to escape down the drain and clog your bathtub.

    20. These shower curtain holders because you're tired of how your shower curtain leaks water out of the bath area to the floor (aka, not doing the job it was made to do).

    21. A pack of toothpaste squeezers with built-in stands so you can actually get the very last of your toothpaste without struggling to push it all out yourself.

    22. This framing tool that'll help you measure, level, and mark while you hang photo frames and other pieces of decor around your home.

    23. An easy grip jar opener so you can pretty much effortlessly remove stubborn bottle and jar caps without hurting your hand.

    24. This nail polish holder that'll actually make it possible for you to apply a fresh coat or do a quick touch-up pretty much anywhere, even if you don't have a flat surface to place the nail polish bottle on.

    25. A jewelry cleaning stick to restore the shine to all your gems so you don't have to spend a ton of money (or time!) getting your jewelry professionally cleaned.

    26. These magnetic eyeglass holders that attach to your shirt and give you a safe place to keep your glasses when you're on the go โ€” because we've all slipped our glasses into our back pockets only to accidentally sit on them.

    27. A bottle-emptying kit so you can feel like a total winner when you actually get the very last drop out of all your favorite condiments and lotions without having to bang the bottle against a wall.

    28. This fabric shaver because it'll help you revamp your old couch cushions so you can go another couple of years before you really have to replace them.

    29. A super cute silicone bear that actually softens hard, lumpy brown sugar so you won't have to run to the store at the last minute to buy more for the cookies you wanted to bake that night.

    30. This drain clog remover because it easily snakes its way through your drain to remove any hair and gunk blocking up your sink or shower, all thanks to its textured edges.

    31. A dryer vent cleaning kit and brush that you can attach to a drill to remove any lint build-up and, thus, prevent a potential fire. Added bonus: Your clothes can actually dry faster when you remove that extra lint!

    32. These laundry detergent caddies because they make dispensing liquid from super bulky, heavy detergent bottles way more convenient. Plus, they catch any excess dripping, which keeps your laundry area mess-free.

    33. A ceiling fan pull chain that you never think you need until you accidentally turn on the fan when you really meant to turn on the light, and vice versa.

    34. And this roller stamp because it'll black out any identifying information from old letters, bills, and receipts before you toss 'em. In other words, it's probably one of the simplest ways to protect yourself from identity theft.

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