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    23 Affordable Little Things To Help You Smile Even On Your Grumpiest Day

    *Buys five sets of dachshund-shaped ice trays*

    1. This adorable kitty cat wine rack that'll look purrrfect on your tabletop. But in all honesty, that cat is literally me after a long day.

    2. A silicone ice tray that pops out mini frozen dachshunds so you can sip an ice cold drink with a smile. Every dog has its day, but this is sure to make you feel like a real wiener.

    3. This deck of cards because they'll actually make you think twice about drinking alone tonight. Invite some friends over, pull out this card game, and be prepared to drunk-cackle all night as you complete the prompts.

    4. Or a deck of encouragement cards with sweet little reminders that'll instantly brighten your mood. It'll be hard, but challenge yourself to read *just one* card a day so you can have something adorable to look forward to seven days a week.

    5. This freakin' cute llama mug — it'll make all the drama seem to melt away while you sip. Can you taste the good vibes yet?

    6. These pack of six cactus tealight candles to light the way through any prickly situation. Keep calm and light one of these squeal-worthy candles.

    7. An adorable Groot plant holder to liven up your desk or coffee table. Don't worry, even if you aren't a Guardians of the Galaxy fan, this planter will really grow on you. *Badum tss*

    8. A pair of (almost) fresh-out-the-oven bread slippers so you can slip into comfort no matter how crumby your day was. You'll really knead to keep these handy!

    9. A ~mythical~ Nessie bookmark so you *won't* have to search far and wide for the page where you left off. Plus, how can you look at this and NOT smile????

    10. This super pretty reversible sequin pillow cover that you'll want to run your hand across for hours on end — and in the process forget about why you were upset in the first place.

    11. An easy-to-use cactus humidifier to help you rid the air of any bad vibes. Bonus: this is one succulent you won't have to worry about killing.

    12. This mango-scented shea sugar scrub that'll lift your spirits while it lifts away your dead skin cells. Trust me, you won't want to shower any other way after you give this scrub a try.

    13. This plush-looking avocado heating and cooling pad for some much-needed R&R. Not only is it the CUTEST DANG THING I've ever seen, but it's also filled with buckwheat and lavender for a soothing effect.

    14. A feline-shaped glass teacup that'll transform you into one cool cat the more you sip. It also includes an infuser so you can brew your favorite tea while you feel yourself getting less and less grumpy.

    15. This squishable, squeezable edamame keychain you'll have no choice but to smile at when it pops out an itty bitty surprise. If you had planned on moping around all day, think again.

    16. An inflatable mini tube guy that'll make you squeal with joy as you take a trip down memory lane. Growing up, there was nothing more exciting than going to the car wash with your parents and watching these guys wave around in the breeze.

    17. This GORGEOUS holographic peel-off mask that'll help you forget the days woes while leaving you with ultra soft, glowy skin. So if you need me, I'll just be right over here adding, like, five of these to my cart.

    18. A set of colorful macaron storage boxes because they'll warm your heart every time you open one up. Store your pretty little things in this pretty little thing!

    19. This canister of Godiva hot cocoa mix to warm you from the inside out with its milk chocolatey goodness. Your tastebuds and your heart will be smiling.

    20. A ~cheeky~ bathroom sign that'll make you (and guests who use your toilet) laugh your ass(es) off. The sign lightens the mood while you lighten your bowels.

    21. These bars of wine, beer, and whiskey soap so you can *finally* live out your dream of bathing in a bottle of Merlot. And the relaxing lather will leave you grinning from ear to ear all day.

    22. This One Line a Day memory journal that'll help you write the frustrations out of your system — and also capture all the highlights.

    23. And a set of cat pens because they'll leave any kitty lover swooning. One quick glance and these pens will render you powerless to the extreme cuteness.

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