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    Updated on Apr 1, 2019. Posted on Mar 31, 2019

    21 Things '90s Kids Used To Use Everyday But Haven't Thought About In Years

    Kids today have emojis; '90s kids had marker stamps.

    1. These pencils that always gave us a perfectly pointy tip without ever needing to be sharpened.

    @cody4king / Via

    But if you accidentally lost one of those tiny lead pieces, you were screwed.

    2. Pencil grips that were more like squishy toys than tools.

    @andy_poison / @lean_latiwish / Via

    Best uses included: rolling them up into tiny "doughnuts" and throwing them at your friends when your teacher wasn't looking.

    3. Markers with built-in stamp tips were basically the emojis of the '90s.

    @newlyedgar / Via

    It was difficult to actually color with them, but there was nothing a few orange stars and pink hearts couldn't make prettier.

    4. Fun-shaped erasers that brightened up any pencil box.

    @mi_kitschyfinds / Via

    The real challenge was fishing them all out of the bottom of your backpack at the end of the week.

    5. These toppers that transformed a boring pencil into a magic wand right before your eyes.

    @zand0 / Via

    If you didn't already have them, you could still join the cool kids in buying, like, a million of them at the book fair.

    6. These tin lunchboxes that were as indestructible as they were cool.

    @twin_vintage / Via

    Who needed those fancy, shmancy fabric lunch bags with a zillion compartments, anyway?

    7. These plastic scissors that could barely cut paper but still managed to nip your fingers EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

    @artsycraftsy_omma / Via

    Who knows what would've happened to us if we had been trusted with grown-up scissors.

    8. That 64-pack of crayons with a built-in sharpener that automatically made you the king or queen of the classroom.

    @choppy_burke / @katieannlane4 / Via

    🎵My crayons bring all the kids to the yard and I'm like, "They're better than yours." 🎵

    9. Feather pens that were the ultimate distraction, er, I mean, writing utensil.

    @jillyloves / Via

    Who else had to constantly fight the urge to pluck the feathers off their pens?

    10. These pencil boxes were the only way to contain your obsession with pens and pineapple-shaped erasers.

    Amazon / Via

    Even though they were super durable, we somehow still found a reason to get a new one in a different color every school year.

    11. Stationery sets that easily turned you from a second grader into a second grader who meant business.

    @toyboxmagic / Via

    There was absolutely no reason to have a mini notepad, but it seemed like something a very grown-up kid would have.

    12. Scented markers that were as highly coveted as a bottle of Chanel No. 5.

    @coffeeandajuicebox / Via

    But if you were really on-trend, you also owned scented erasers and those scratch-and-sniff stickers that your parents told you were completely unnecessary.

    13. A Trapper Keeper so you wouldn't end up with dog ears on all your handouts and papers.

    @findvintagenostalgia / Via

    Okay, let's be real here: We mostly just bought them for their fun designs.

    14. This exact monochromatic geometry set that EVERYONE seemed to have.

    @mirrie_creates / Via

    Teacher: Please have a protractor ready to use in class.

    Parents: *Buys the whole damn kit*

    15. These bendy pencils to practice your balloon animal–making skills.

    @timeywimeys / Via

    Name a better way to make note-taking fun. I'll wait.

    16. A cartoon character lunch thermos that looked suspiciously like this.

    @somangie / Via

    Bonus points if you ever accidentally dropped your thermos with your food in it in front of the entire cafeteria.

    17. Milky Pens that always gave you that perfect pop of pastel color.

    @social_yule / Via

    But teachers always appreciated it if we didn't hand in assignments written in lilac-colored ink.

    18. These exact eraser caps that NEEDED to be on EVERY pencil you owned.

    @wheezyyyyy / Via

    The pencil with the green cap was for science class, the one with the red cap was for math, and the one with the pink cap was for English.

    19. These Lip Smacker lip balms that everyone owned AT LEAST five of.

    @cutedafuq / Via

    We all showed off our collections on the playground as though they were Pokémon cards.

    20. Fabric book covers for the sole purpose of making our textbooks look prettier.

    @greenisnotjustacolor / Via

    Owning the prettiest book covers was an actual competition.

    21. Finally, the crown jewel of any '90s kid's backpack: gel pens.

    @wanderingmogwai / @teachingfancactusly / Via

    The worst part was waiting long enough for the ink to dry lest you ended up with smudge marks all over your paper — but other than that, who wouldn't want to see a rainbow every time they turned a page in their notebook???

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