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    42 Small And Affordable Ways To Level Up Your Living Area

    Tips, tricks, and inspo to make your living space the best room in the house.

    1. First thing's first, wanna know the easiest way to inject your space with a brand-new atmosphere? Switch up the lighting. To go from stark white to ambient as heck, try out some warming Edison bulbs — these bbs are dimmable and illuminate with a comforting ~vintage glow~.

    Four Edison bulbs lit up

    2. And complete the look with something that can complement any existing decor aesthetic — but also upgrade the look of a room instantly — like a chic set of matching gold lamps that come with a sleek base and arched design. Translation: This is the easiest way to trick people into thinking you got a degree in interior design, sans student debt.

    The arched gold lamps

    3. Organize books that are piling up and gathering an abundance of dust with a bookcase that optimizes bare corners and fits flush against a wall. Even if your collection isn't filled with great American classics by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it still deserves to be displayed atop something that complements the vintage glamor of Gatsby.

    The five-level shelf

    4. And if you're struggling with *how* to organize said books, might we suggest arranging by color? This method is super simple yet totally droolworthy since you can group novels based on their hue of the rainbow. The result = instant Pinterestworthy glam.

    books organized by color

    5. Transform that area (re: under your coffee table, side shelves...I could go on) that's become a catchall for your mismatched household items with shelf organizers. The surefire way to categorize, declutter, and hide mess.

    6. Swap out plain ol' plastic light switch plates with new quirky covers that'll bring a smile to your face every time you go to flick the switch. AKA a truly low-effort, high-impact, happy upgrade.

    The brass-colored cactus light switch cover

    7. Elevate your plant babes and allow them to flourish from new, eye-catching heights with something like a floating five-tier shelf — guaranteed to make you the envy of all your other plant parent pals. You can share this space with other tchotchkes, too.

    the corner floating shelf

    8. And if you didn't develop a green thumb during the year that shall not be named, opt for a faux plant to add a pop of color to your space. We're particularly loving this rubber guy since it's nestled in a woven pot and doesn't require a weekly phone reminder that says it needs to be watered.

    The rubber plant

    9. Completely renovate your boring ol' floors and transform them into a piece of artwork with a roll of vinyl tile stickers. And once you're done, chances are you'll want to take a top-down pic of it...hmm, let's see...pretty much immediately. These are just chef's kiss if you've ever desired an artsy mosaic look in your abode.

    the white and black diamond design tiles

    10. If you're looking to zhuzh up your blank white walls but want something fancier than a tapestry, an artificial hanging eucalyptus bundle is a great place to start. It's less of a commitment than a lick of paint and a delightful way to add some life to your space.

    11. Give your home a facelift in a flash with some peel-and-stick wallpaper, we particularly love this vintage country life–themed design. You can use this stuff anywhere from walls to furniture to make your place your very own DIY dream home.

    12. If you loOoOve the look of glimmering flames but hate the responsibility of blowing out candles, adorn your abode with some flameless flickering ones. These have a birchbark effect, too, which'll emit all the cozy vibes to give your home a warm, woodsy glow.

    reviewer image of the candles lit up

    13. And if you want to really kick it up a notch, you can plonk them in some rustic cage lanterns à la that fancy upstate Airbnb you once stayed at. These can be placed on coffee tables or beside your fireplace for an instantly admirable finish.

    the metal cage lanterns

    14. Short on space? No prob. Fans of multitasking home goods rejoice because you can squeeze a chic and compact floor-lamp-end-table combo into any nook of a room. This attractive feature will brighten up dark corners while *also* allowing you to plop your beverage of choice beside you as you catch up on 90-Day Fiancé.

    the lamp next to a couch

    15. Or infuse your den with some sophisticated yet moody lighting with a wireless library light that'll make every evening feel like a ~night at the museum~.

    16. Speaking of which, you can sprinkle some elegánce on your go-to lounge spot with a decorative Van Gogh–inspired pillow cover. This belongs in the art gallery that is now your living room.

    The yellow almond blossom Van Gogh-inspired pillow

    17. Or alternatively, throw a sweet velvet cover (or two) on your chaise lounge. The available colors and textures are guaranteed to cheer up any seating (or snoozing) area in an *instant*.

    reviewer's couch with the bright and colorful solid velvet cushions

    18. Mask the eyesore that also keeps your home warm and toasty with a stylish DIY radiator cover, aka a handmade console table (complete with trendy hairpin legs). A perfect place to display candles and picture frames, plus a great way optimize your living area without taking up too much floor space.

    the wooden console table

    19. If you're looking to seamlessly touch up scratches and scuffs to reveal wood that looks brand spankin' new — without actually having to purchase something that's brand spankin' new — a wood repair kit will...ta-da...revive furniture and floors that you thought were beyond help.

    20. Create a warm and snuggly environment with a candle that emits a delicious year-round scent that outdoes any seasonal fragrance that came before it.

    Hazelnut and coffee scented candle

    21. Game nights and dinner parties are great, but not if you don't have enough seating for your guests. Supplement your larger furniture with an additional chair option that triples up as a footrest, storage solution, *and* side table so it can be used even when you're not hosting. Think: a velour ottoman that has a removable, flippable lid. We simply adore a multitasking home good that's equally as drop-dead gorge.

    22. Add some yummy softness and texture to a neutral-toned couch with a cotton polka-dot blanket you can cocoon yourself inside of for every movie marathon henceforth.

    The blush-colored blanket

    23. Roll up said throws and give them a tidy, trendy place to live. If you're into neutrals, opt for something that's on the lighter side in terms of color, like this two-toned basket with handles to round out your clean aesthetic. Because that plastic laundry basket they're currently laying in should go back to where it belongs — in the laundry room.

    the basket

    24. Or set off snuggle season and the look of the rest of your space with a wooden, antique-inspired blanket chest. Worth the splurge since it can also be used as additional seating!

    the brown wooden distressed looking chest

    25. Instead of forking out for a brand-new couch, update your drab, worn-in sitting area with a set of ~luxe~ velvet slipcovers. This living room glow up is so affordable it hurts, and it couldn't be easier for a DIY newb since you just slide these babies over and secure them with nonslip straps.

    26. Opt to hang a light layer or wall mount with natural wood wall hooks that are so neutral and chic, they'll go with every single living room vibe. Hello, dramatic difference to your environment at a not-so-dramatic price!

    27. Hide unsightly wires and the forest of cables that run from your TV down the sides of the wall with in an electrical cord box. This particular style has a faux-wood top and white base which seamlessly camouflages itself within your home.

    28. Searching for a way to breathe new life into your entertaining space? Breezy sheer curtains that have a unique ombré design are a fantastic way to add a touch of sophistication and a pinch of color (while also allowing you to finally ditch those heavy linen ones that were put in by your landlord).

    Brown ombre curtains

    29. Make use of vertical space by neatly displaying your beloved novels, succulents, or any other knickknacks you cherish, atop some gorgeously minimal multipurpose wooden floating shelves. TL;DR: You can place these in any room that's not really performing in floor or storage space.

    The wooden shelves

    30. Instead of opting to online shop and totally replace your belongings, reinvent the look of your current furniture with gold metal feet. Ingenious, easy, and the best way to ~elevate~ and give your TV console or couch a new life.

    31. Add pizzazz to your cold wooden floor and sneakily disguise unsightly scuffs that have probably lived in your home rent-free for years with a gorgeously distressed vintage-looking area rug. Pro tip: Balance out your space by placing this as centrally as possible among your other furniture.

    reviewer image of the grey and off-white rug

    32. You could even create your own funky DIY accent rug! Simply rummage through your wardrobe, pick out some tees that you haven't worn in *checks calendar* nine years, and weave 'em together to make something similar to the masterpiece below.

    33. For some, dining and living areas are combined in one big room. To feel like you have some separation, update your overheads with something demure and charming like cage pendant lights. These are fab placed over dining tables as they bring focus to an area, plus they're an easy way to make an upgrade without breaking the bank (even though it might look like you did).

    The hanging cage pendant lights

    34. Revamp the room you spend most of your down time in with an accent wall of easy-to-apply peel 'n' stick wallpaper — because those sad white walls are screaming out for change.

    35. Create your own gallery wall with art that's worthy of being framed in a gold set. Because those pictures you've been meaning to hang are gathering dust and boring ol' white frames just won't do.

    Reviewer image of their gallery wall using the gold frames

    36. And if you're having trepidations about how to lay out said frames (because I can't hang things in a straight line for the life of me let alone create an Instaworthy arrangement!), make a template with some paper and painter's tape.

    37. Make watermarks think twice about going anywhere near your precious coffee table with *luxe* marble coasters that have gold foil edges. This fancy set looks totally splurge-worthy, but in reality costs less than $20.

    The marble coasters with gold foil trim

    38. Toss out the dull cardboard tissue box that isn't doing any favors for your living area and instead ~house~ your Kleenex in a cute box cover. You'll want to have this close by the next time you watch a real tearjerker (aka any commercial that involves animals).

    Reviewer image showing the white tissue box with a tissue coming out of the chimney

    39. Need an additional a spot to place your vino or laptop on when you're working overtime from your couch — but don't want to pull out an ugly TV tray? Accessorize the arm of your sitting area with a chic and convenient faux-marble side table, it discreetly slides under furniture to save space and looks straight outta Architectural Digest.

    The faux marble and brass C-shaped table

    40. Save yourself the aggravation of calling out to thin air when you've misplaced your TV remote with a stylish, rotating faux-leather organizer. This will neatly and elegantly store the device that has a million names (doodad being a personal fave).

    41. Everyone loves a bar cart, but some of us aren't gifted with the square footage to house such a thing. Instead, fashion a tabletop bar with an ornate vanity tray that can accommodate your preferred libations. Honestly, affordable luxury never looked so good!

    The vanity tray with glassware and a bottle of alcohol sitting on it

    42. And think about creating an accent wall inspired by a moment in a time to really set the mood. It doesn't have to be anything overcomplicated, for instance an Art Deco–inspired style with palm leaf stencils will douse your lounge in old Hollywood glamor. As with any design, an accent wall is guaranteed to be the pièce de résistance of your new ~salon~.

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