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    26 Reusable Items That You'll Never Get Tired Of Using

    Machine-washable bamboo paper towels that work just as well, if not better, as their single-use equivalent? Yes, you're welcome, bank account.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of reusable mesh produce bags that function as great carriers for fruits and vehicles for veggies. Plus, these just work a lot better than the flimsy plastic ones that you find in grocery stores and can never seem to pry open...

    White mesh bag with colorful accents filled with lemons

    2. A set of easy-to-clean, multi-use, silicone lid covers so you can ditch the plastic wrap when you're trying to cover and prevent food splatters in the microwave. These are also perfect for storing a bowl of leftovers in the fridge and even stopping a pot from boiling over!

    Yellow, orange, green, red, and light blue lid covers

    3. A set of nonslip, reusable fiberglass chopsticks you can reach for the next time you order in sushi or dumplings. The day has finally come to confidently check off "no utensils" at checkout.

    A split image of a set of black chopsticks on a blue bowl with a close up of the ornate colorful designs on the sticks

    4. Heavy-duty, eco-friendly, reusable bamboo towels, because buying and re-buying packs of Bounty can get $$$ — and this is a no-brainer since one roll equals six month's worth of regular paper ones. Oh, and did I mention that these wonders are...machine-washable!?!

    Model's hand's holding a small watermelon in bamboo towel under running water

    5. A four-pack of easy-to-clean coffee filters for Keurigs so you can get your morning caffeine fix in a more environmentally-friendly way. These puppies are reusable, refillable, and the best part? You can enjoy your *own* favorite roasts that might not be available in K-Cups.

    A reviewer's photo of four purple K-cups in front of a Keurig

    6. A rainbow pack of silicone, reusable cupcake liners made without the need to grease the pan or spritz any cooking oil. And? Since these are nonstick, you don't have to spend time nibbling every little last bit of muffin from the wrapper... and eventually end up with bits of wax paper in your mouth... (Anyone else? No? Just me? OK, I'll see myself out.)

    A reviewer's hand holding a stack of multi-colored cupcake liners

    7. Extra-long reusable silicone drinking straws, because might we be right in thinking that you prefer your straws to be sustainable, sturdy, and not of the disintegrates-in-your-ice-coffee variety?

    8. Lightweight reusable grocery bags that fold into a pouch — so you can throw it into your handbag, do a quick unexpected trip to Trader Joe's, and not have to keep accumulating brown bags under your kitchen sink.

    9. Biodegradable bamboo makeup remover pads if you feel like you're endlessly repurchasing cotton pads. These lessen waste, are perfect for sensitive skin, and will assist in the removal of even waterproof mascara — because Panda's are cute and all, but waking up looking like one is not.

    Reviewer's photos of round white makeup remover pads held in hand and against face for scale

    10. Or! A lazy-person approved MakeUp Eraser cloth that's reusable, machine washable, and puts an end to the use of wasteful wipes. And! It couldn't be simpler to swipe off foundation and lippy — all you need is this magic wipe and *water*.

    BuzzFeed employee showing how well the towel removes a full face of makeup

    11. A four-pack of reusable mop pads that'll replace those one-time use (aka wasteful) refills for fancy appliances. Sub these washable bb's in for a sparkling clean floor.

    A reviewer's photo of a purple mop handle with the green cleaning pad attached

    12. A double-sided pet hair remover brush to stop the shed everywhere from your couch, carpets, beds, and worst of all... your black leggings! OMG and! You don't need to remove the fuzz from these by hand, because it comes with a self-cleaning base that you just dip the brush in and *poof* it's ready to use again.

    A reviewer's two cats looking at all the hair the blue and white brush picked up

    13. A Lola reusable menstrual cup that's designed to live up to 10(!) years(!). This personal care invention is soft and squidgy on the outside for easy insertion, but is strong enough to provide leak-free protection for up to 12 hours.

    14. A leakproof reusable Stasher bag for an eco-conscious way to store snacks, veggies, marinate meats... and these will even survive in the freezer to keep treats ice cold.

    15. Stainless-steel whiskey stone ice cubes that will allow your Scotch to remain chilled and crisp-tasting — without diluting it like regular ol' water-based cubes would!

    16. Reusable instant heat packs to phase out the use of non-recyclable hand warmers. These toasty bb's can warm your hands or body for up to two hours (largest size only). Once they've cooled down, simply pop them in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes to ~recharge~.

    Two sets of three different sized heat packs in green and orange

    17. Sturdy, see-through reusable wall hooks that can keep pots, pans, wall decorations, even hats up on display. They easily stick on and peel off of a range of surfaces like wood, tile, ceramic, metal, and plastic. Plus, they ensure household items won't hog counter space.

    Heavy metal pots and pans hanging from reusable wall hooks

    18. A durable, waxed-canvas, plastic-free lunch bag, otherwise known as the trendiest and most eco-conscious way to brown bag it. And reviewers mention that this is leak-proof — spilled soup an' all!

    A model carrying a brown canvas lunch bag

    19. A double-insulated travel mug composed of durable, BPA-free plastic to keep your morning cup o' joe piping hot or ice cold, depending on how you take it! No spills, and it's microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

    Reviewer's photo of a white coffee mug with a purple sleeve

    20. A Rocketbook smart reusable 32-page notebook, aka the reusable gadget that alleviates the need to use tons of paper. This'll also save you from scouring through pads trying to track down the notes you took two weeks ago, since you can scan them to your device as soon as you're done writing and clear the page to start again.

    21. An AmazonBasics high-capacity rechargeable batteries *with* charger, because you've already banged the side of the TV remote and swiveled around the current batteries inside enough times to know they need replacing. Ditch those dodgy ones and swap 'em for these guys that can be juiced and re-juiced up to 100 times!

    Eight lime green and gray colored Amazon rechargeable AA batteries and a black charger

    22. An eight-pack of durable, waterproof, and UV-resistant rubber twist ties that'll quickly diminish your use of plastic. So long, single-use cables and zip ties, you no longer have a place in my house anymore!

    Side-by-side image of yellow twist ties on fishing rods and multi-colored twist ties around electronic cables

    23. Wool dryer balls that reduce the time it takes to dry laundry (less electricity) and eliminate the need for dryer sheets (less waste). And to think, I had given up on my towels ever being fully dry — but when these are thrown in with them, they draw all the moisture out. Genius.

    A basket full of six white wooly dryer balls

    24. A pack of cutesy reusable food pouches designed with BPA-free, puncture-resistant materials. They're ideal for saving money, reducing waste, oh, and of course... serving, storing, and transporting homemade baby food, sans mess!

    25. Reusable *and* washable beeswax food wraps so you can bask in sustainability, because these are made from organic cotton infused with beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. We love the the Earth here, and these keep all sorts of foods fresh without the need for any single-use plastics. And can be used for up to a year, too!

    Three different sized bowls and food items wrapped in light yellow beeswax paper

    26. A monthly dry-erase magnetic calendar that'll make you forget all about those wasteful, and quite frankly, ugly paper ones. This can be used over and over again to keep all the family on top of their to-dos.

    A blank white calender with floral designs on a refrigerator

    On we go to living a life more sustainable!

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