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    47 Problem-Solving Products For *Every* Area Of Your Home

    Some serious game-changers in cleaning and organization await you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A grout pen if your tiles have become so unsightly you've forgotten what color the lines are that's separating them. (Spoiler: they're white!) You'll feel instantly gratified with how well this brightens up floors in your bathroom, backsplashes in the kitchen, or literally wherever tiles live in your home.

    Before shot of tiles with brown grout vs after shot white grout

    2. A miraculous pumice stone to restore your hope if you thought deep cleaning your stained toilet was a lost cause. Simply wet the stone, gently scrub, and gross rings of horror, be gone!

    Before and after image of dirty stained toilet and completely clean toilet after using the pumice stone

    3. Keurig cleaning cups if you're someone like me who didn't realize a coffeemaker needed to be descaled — turns out, it DOES. Just pop in one of the pods as you would a coffee cup, and proceed to be amazed (read: horrified) at the amount of residue that trickles into your cup of morning joe.

    4. A complete cooktop cleaning kit to finally get rid of those dried-on grease stains from the Bolognese sauce that overflowed two months ago.

    Reviewer before and after shot of white stovetop with burned on stains vs sparkling clean stovetop after using cleaning kit

    5. Or oven liners to get ahead of unavoidable spills come dinnertime. These'll prevent stove top and oven messes, so you can give your arms a much deserved rest after prepping all those meals for the whole fam.

    6. A cutlery drawer organizer that will *cue hallelujah music* tidy up your once nightmarish kitchen drawers — and finally arrange silverware in a picture-worthy set up, so you can open and close drawers with ease.

    Reviewer photo of cutlery neatly organized

    7. A pack of hanging vacuum bags if your fashion tastes are best described as "too many clothes for the amount of wardrobe real estate I have." These space-savers have airtight seals that will make even bulky winter coats flat as a pancake — and they can be hung neatly in your closet instead of folded and stuffed into a regular ol' vacuum bag.

    8. A laptop rising stand since the time has finally come to ~elevate~ your WFH setup. Ta-to to the days of sitting stooped over your laptop for hours on end, now your screen can finally meet your eye level!

    A laptop set on the rising stand

    9. A glass desktop dry erase board to optimize your workspace and save you from hoarding (and losing) a bajillion sticky note reminders. It even comes with a hidden storage drawer so you can *appear* to be keeping everything organized, even if your schedule might not be.

    The dry erase board with the words "Isn't this fabulous?!!!" written out on it

    10. A convenient cable management sleeve if you've ever feared the forest of wires beneath your home office desk. This zippable cover conceals unsightly cables (and transforms areas where you'd usually keep a lot of electronics!) for a less hazardous home environment.

    11. A drain snake to avoid a call to your plumber and ~satisfyingly~ clean out the creatures you never knew existed in your bathroom pipes.

    12. Foaming tablets if your garbage disposal really hasn't been tended to, like, ever. These will do the trick to deeply cleanse the underside of the splashguard and the interior side walls.

    13. A fragrant candle that emits a delicious year-round scent to eliminate funky smells from lurking around your home. Think: A ~delightfully~ potent fish dinner taken down by notes of warm hazelnut and yummy vanilla.

    Hazelnut and coffee scented candle

    14. A basket caddy because a shower helper that looks this sophisticated, holds your most-used products, and prevents clutter from your tub and shower edges? The definition of a godsend, if you ask me.

    shower caddy hung in shower with bottles inside

    15. Affresh dishwasher tablets if you've never thought to clean the appliance that does your least favorite chore for you. These dissolve residue buildup and blast away foul odors to get your machine cleaning dishes like it used to.

    16. And some for your washing machine, because laundry day doesn't have to stink. These fast-acting tablets eradicate funky smells and nasty buildup from the edges of the drum in just a couple of cycles.

    17. A collection of cotton storage bins to arrange your bath and bed essentials in a neat and distinct way that won't lead to an avalanche of linens toppling over you every time you open the closet. These flip open from the front as well to save you from rummaging to the bottom of the pile, *and* you can label them!

    18. Cute and customizable spice labels if minimalist packaging in Sans Serif fonts has you heart-eyed. This is an affordable and aesthetically pleasing way to clean up that overrun spice drawer *and* with these on display, you'll finally be able to distinguish the parsley from the oregano.

    Three jars of spices with the labels parsley, garlic powder, and crushed red pepper

    19. An expandable shelf organizer to clean the clutter in that kitchen cupboard that's bursting with mugs, bowls, glassware, whatever else you've managed to stuff in there. Because the time to Marie Kondo your cabinet is now... ahh, would you just look at that swoon-worthy organization!

    20. An aesthetically timeless storage bed which lifts up instead of having drawers that pull out — the perfect solution if your bed happens to be wedged in a tight, awkward spot. Plus, it compensates for the lack of closet space you might be experiencing if you have a city-based apartment (#me).

    21. A two-in-one keyboard and screen cleaner because that snack you eat every single day while you work definitely leaves some crumbs in your laptop — and it's finally time to take care of it.

    22. A sheet of stick-on sound dampeners so you don't have to worry about opening and closing kitchen cabinets quietly if you're a morning person and your roommate is a chronic snoozer.

    23. A dishwasher magnet for a simple yet effective way for everyone in your household to *finally* determine if they can grab a clean spoon to eat their late-night ice cream.

    Magnet on dishwasher

    24. A set of shelf bins that'll transform your chaotic mess of groceries into a fridge worthy of making an appearance on MTV's Cribs. Plus, you'll actually be able to see what you're stocked up on, so you don't end up piling in doubles of the things you forgot you bought last week.

    Reviewer photo showing the inside of a fridge organized using the bins

    25. And some fridge organization labels to take your organization to whole new HGTV level. These babies will give your food storage a glamorous (and totally easy to achieve) makeover. Just pick from a plethora of fonts, sizes, and color options that'll make you gasp with joy every time you reach for the milk.

    26. A large two-toned basket to give your throw blankets a tidy, trendy place to live. Because that plastic laundry basket they're currently laying in should go back to where it belongs — in the laundry room.

    The two-toned brown and cream basket

    27. A wood repair kit that will revive furniture and fixtures you thought were beyond help. These handy little markers perfectly touch up pet scratches and shoe scuffs that have gone untreated to reveal wood that looks brand spankin' new.

    28. A coat rack and storage shelf to bring style, convenience, and order to a usually chaotic entryway — otherwise known as an extension of the closet space you were promised but never given.

    The coat rack

    29. A roomy rotating makeup organizer for the beauty expert who could really use some help in tidying up their collection of products that helps them achieve their no-makeup, makeup look.

    30. A carpet cleaner that will reverse years of sticky soda spills, pet stains, and shoe markings. This Hoover even comes with a cleaning solution to tackle tough messes and leave your carpet sparkling clear from discolorations.

    Before and after shot of stained carpet vs stain-free carpet

    31. A set of ~luxe~ velvet slip covers to update your drab, worn-in sitting area with a living room glow up that is a lot more affordable than buying a brand-new couch. And it couldn't be easier for a DIY newb since you just slide these babies over your seating area and secure them with nonslip straps.

    32. A green-tea infused memory foam mattress topper if your bed has lumps and bumps in all the wrong places, this comfy solve has reviewers boasting of its suitability for side- and back-sleepers alike. Because at the end of the day, a restful night's sleep is everyone's ~cup of tea~.

    The light green topper on a mattress

    33. Howard Products wood polisher to wipe away years of water rings, scratches, and scuffs from surfaces you thought were beyond repair. This stuff tackles tough stains and acts as a conditioner to reveal a brighter grain and texture on your beloved furniture and floors.

    Reviewer image of stained wood without use of polish and clean wood with use of polish

    34. An electrical cord box that has a faux wood top and white base to seamlessly camouflage itself within your living room and hide unsightly wires. (Because we know you're sick of seeing the ivy of cables that run from your TV down the sides of the wall.)

    35. Light dimming sheets because that annoying LED beaming from your TV, computer charger, and just about every power outlet in your bedroom has been keeping you up at night for the past 10 years. It's finally time to block it out once and for all.

    36. A disgustingly satisfying set of Sticky Stake insect traps that will make pesky gnats, thrips, and fruit flies think twice about coming anywhere near your precious collection of plant babies.

    37. A TubShroom to cancel showering with a pool of water beneath your feet. This little tool ~neatly~ captures hair and product residue so your drains remain unclogged. And, according to reviewers, it's super duper easy to clean.

    The tubshroom with hair surrounding it

    38. Blind dusters with microfiber sleeves because, sure, having your windows dressed with decorative blinds is nice, but did you know that area is a total magnet for not-so-cute dust bunnies?! With one quick swipe, you'll remove allergy-causing particles faster than old you would sneeze and exclaim "bless you!" to thin air.

    39. A pet-grooming glove brush that'll not only have your fluffiest pals looking like they just stepped out of the groomers, but also help with any shedding problems around your home.